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Primeval Lord of Heaven was the one who rules the heavens! After the war of League of Gods, the Primeval Lord of Heaven became the deity with the highest ranking in the heavens! He was extremely powerful, which makes his disciples far superior compared to other deities. In other words, most of them were pretty arrogant. None of them said a single word after the other deities welcomed and greeted them.

After some time, the Primeval Lord of Heaven finally sent his message to the group, asking everyone to be quiet.

Primeval Lord of Heaven: The road is still long for us to go! Our three realms have always been peaceful after the war! Seeing that everyone is doing nothing every day, I'm afraid that sooner or later all of you will defy the true meaning of becoming a deity!

Primeval Lord of Heaven: So! I'm going to announce the details of this Three Realms Mission! Everyone should take this opportunity to train yourself at the lost land! First, it can help with your Heart of Tao! Secondly, you can recruit more disciples!

Primeval Lord of Heaven: For those who can recruit three million disciples, I will reward that person with thousand years' worth of training! Do not miss this golden opportunity!

The details of this mission have been circulating in the group since two days ago. Thus, everyone was very quiet. There was no one who dared interrupt the Primeval Lord of Heaven.

Primeval Lord of Heaven: Xiaobei! Are you there?

Chen: Yes! How can I help you, Primeval Lord of Heaven?

Primeval Lord of Heaven: The location of this mission is the lost land, which is earth. It is your home. Are you willing to look after the deities who travel to earth, until they complete the mission?

Chen: Yes…

"Am I allowed to say no when everyone is looking at me?"

Chen rolled his eyes and thought. It was not that Chen did not want to help his friends, but the way the Primeval Lord of Heaven had asked Chen for help was like forcing him to swallow the favor down to his throat. Initially, he had thought Primeval Lord of Heaven was a well-respected deity. He had never expected the Primeval Lord of Heaven to be another dictator who refused to care about others! Chen was very disappointed in the Primeval Lord of Heaven. Chen's Sifu was the Prime of Tongtian. So, he did not really like Primeval Lord of Heaven from the very beginning. The rulers of the Three Realms might be different if the old man did not ask for the three Heaven Saints to attack the Prime of Tongtian!

Primeval Lord of Heaven: Alright! That's it, since you agree with it!

After waiting for half a minute, Primeval Lord of Heaven did not say anything anymore. Chen was furious. He thought, "Am I going to get anything after helping those deities? Can't you give me something nice and useful? F*ck! You call yourself the Primeval Lord of Heaven? I think you are the God of Stinginess!"

NeZha mentioned that Primeval Lord of Heaven was going to give Chen something for helping those deities. He had been really looking forward to it. It was no wonder Chen got so mad about it. After putting some thought into it, Chen realized that Primeval Lord of Heaven chose not to give him anything on purpose because his Sifu was the Prime of Tongtian. What a narrow-minded bastard! After some time, the Primeval Lord of Heaven finally sent another message to the group.

Primeval Lord of Heaven: I heard that snatching Red Envelope is a trendy thing to do in this chat group! Since today is the day of Chanism entering this chat group, I decided that I'm going to give out a big Red Envelope! After that, you guys can flood the chat group with your Red Envelopes!

Everyone got really hyped after Primeval Lord of Heaven made the statement.

The Jade Emperor: Primeval Lord of Heaven is going to give out Red Envelopes!!! Everyone, get ready!!! (Shouted)

God Erlang: I'm always ready! (Hyped)

Yanwang: My fingers are ready!

Bull Demon King: I will be the one that snatches the Primeval Lord of Heaven's Red Envelope! Recently, I've been training the movement speed of my hands! (Gritted)

Others: It's mine… It's mine…

Laotzu: Hehe… The Primeval Lord of Heaven is the leader of the Three Qings! I can guarantee that the item in his Red Envelope is extremely valuable! It is no wonder that everyone is so damn excited! After all, there's only one person can snatch that Red Envelope! It's all going to be about luck!

Lei Zhenzi: Anyone here can snatch this Red Envelope! I just hope the people from Jieism will not get it!

The whole group turned silent after Lei made the statement. Jieism was led by the Prime of Tongtian, and Chanism was led by Primeval Lord of Heaven. Both of them once fought against each other during the war. Chanism ruled over the Three Realms. Things might seem pretty peaceful on the surface, but Jieism and Chanism were still fighting against each other in the shadows. Everyone knew about it but nobody would dare talk about it openly. Only the Grand Supreme Lord Laotzu was qualified to act as a peacemaker between the Prime of Tongtian and Primeval Lord of Heaven.

Laotzu: Cough…

Primeval Lord of Heaven: Lei Zhenzi! What did you just say?! Things are really peaceful now! I'm going to punish you by copying the Ultimate Yuqin True Thunder Scripture ten times!

Lei Zhenzi: I know I'm at fault! I'm willing to accept the punishment! Thank you so much for punishing me! (Three excited emojis)

"F*ck! I can see everything clearly finally! This old man is trying to suppress our Jieism! That Ultimate Yuqin True Thunder Scripture must be some kind of high-leveled scripture! It sounds like a punishment, but it is a reward actually! In other words, he just agreed with the statement made by Lei Zhenzi!" Chen thought.

Chen gripped his cellphone and thought, "The position of Jieism is going to be shaken if everyone does what Lei just did! Damn this Primeval Lord of Heaven!"

"Chen Xiaobei! We have enough money to gamble with you again! Put your damn cell phone down and gamble with us!"

Dongfang Hong shouted suddenly. He walked over to Chen and made to grab his cellphone.

"Son of a bitch! Are you deaf?! I want you to put down your damn cell phone!"


Chen landed a kick on Dongfang Hong before he could finish his words. Dongfang Hong was trying to mess with Chen when Chen was extremely mad. It was no different from suicide.


With the help of the Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training, Chen's combat power had been boosted to seven thousand and six hundred! That immense force sent Dongfang Hong into the crowd like a cannon. His head was tilted to the side when he landed. Then, he puked a mouthful of blood. His ribcage was completely shattered. Finally, he passed out without saying a single word.

"Chen Xiaobei! How dare you hurt him?! You do not want to mess with the Black Gang!"

"Chen Xiaobei! You are too damn arrogant! This is the international waters! I'm going to chop you into pieces and feed them to the fishes!"

"You have to give us a proper compensation! If not, we will not let you off the hook easily!"

Members of the Black Gang were triggered. They shouted at Chen like a group of vicious wolves.

"Shut the f*ck up! Hold on right there!" Chen shouted fearlessly. His powerful presence managed to silence every single Black Gang's members! All of them were so freaked out that none of them dare take a deep breath. At the moment, Chen was like a reaper to them. The trembling fear crept into their bodies without any mercy.

Chen had no time to tend to the meaningless fight. He moved all his attention back to his cellphone and thought, "I need to snatch that Red Envelope! I have to make my Sifu proud! I'm going to trigger that Primeval Lord of Heaven!"

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