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The chat group was dead silent. No one dared say another word. Chen could only imagine that everyone was standing by to snatch the Red Envelope that had been given out by the Primeval Lord of Heaven! After all, the old man was the ruler of Three Realms. Not to mention being very bossy as well. In order to keep a good image, he would definitely give out a massive Red Envelope! Even the Grand Supreme Lord Laotzu and Jade Emperor wanted to try their luck as well. One could definitely imagine the value of the item inside the Red Envelope.

"I must snatch that Red Envelope! My Sifu has always been good to me! I want to make him proud!" Other than the desire of wanting the valuable items inside the Red Envelope, Chen wanted to repay everything that his Sifu did to him. He got into an extremely focused mode. Both of his thumbs were extremely stiff. He was ready to tap on his screen anytime soon! At that moment, Chen could feel their air around him was frozen! He could also hear the sound of his heartbeat, crystal clear. It was the moment!

"Oi! Asshole Xiaobei! What the hell are you doing?"

All of a sudden, Xiaoyao walked to Chen and tapped on Chen's shoulder with her hands.


Chen's thumbs tapped on his cellphone's screen out of reflex!

"Murong Xiaoyao!!!"

Chen was extremely furious. It was a crucial moment for Chen. A small mistake could cause all the effort that Chen had put in to become wasted!

"All I did was tap you on the shoulder! Why are you getting mad?" Xiaoyao was upset. She had never seen Chen so angry.

"I…" Just as Chen was about to throw a tantrum, a miracle happened!


[Congratulations! You have snatched a Red Envelope from the Primeval Lord of Heaven! You have received a Twelve Wings Golden Cicada Baby! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]

"Damn! Murong Xiaoyao!" Chen was so excited that he jumped up from his seat.

"What the hell happened to you? Did you consume the wrong medication this morning? One second ago, you were angry, and now, you are smiling like an idiot!" Xiaoyao was freaked out.


Without a second thought, Chen held Xiaoyao's head and planted a kiss on her pretty face.

"You just did me a great favor!"

Chen let go of Xiaoyao and started to jump around happily while holding his cellphone. All he wanted to do then was to look for a mic and sing into it to express his happiness.

"You… You are an asshole… No man has kissed me before… I'm so angry right now!" Xiaoyao was so angry that she stomped on the ground. Suddenly, she found five hundred pairs of eyes staring at her. Her face turned red immediately and quickly returned to Third Elder with her face covered like a shy wife.

"Xiaobei! What happened to you? Why are you so happy?" The third Elder asked curiously. All five hundred people nodded their heads as well. They wanted to ask the same question as well.

"Haha! I just snatched a very important Red Envelope! I'm so freaking happy right now!" Chen said while jumping around. He looked just a kid who just got his new toy. Everyone was stunned after hearing Chen's answer.

"I think there is something wrong with this kid! He was not even that happy when he received nine hundred million just now! Now, he has gone crazy after snatching a Red Envelope! He'd also landed a kick on Dongfang Hong just because he interrupted Chen from snatching his Red Envelope! Is that even necessary?!" Everyone thought. No one knew Chen's deepest secret and the feeling that he experienced now!

Money could not be used to buy the item inside the Red Envelope! He would not give away this item, even if someone offered him all the money in this world! That Red Envelope also symbolized the war between Jieism and Chanism. Chen could not stand idly by after seeing his Jieism being bullied by Chanism. Let alone Dongfang Hong; he would even kill any human being or deity that tried to stop him from snatching the Red Envelope just now! The most important matter was that Chen had just slapped the Primeval Lord of Heaven and Chanism as a normal mortal! That was definitely something that no one had done before! That was why Chen was so happy and excited.

"I need to get back to the chat group right now! I want to act cool! I want to continue slapping their faces! Wahahaha…" Chen calmed himself down and went into the chat group immediately. It was chaos in the group!

God Erlang: What the hell?! God Chen again! The Eight Diagram of Godly Prediction was snatched by him earlier! The Scripture of Heaven and Earth was seized by him as well! You got all the valuable item!

Yanwang: Now, he got another valuable item from the Primeval Lord of Heaven! Come to think about it! He even got all the Red Envelopes from all three saints from Three Qing!

Bull Demon King: Brother! How are we going to snatch Red Envelope when you take all the luck to yourself!

Chen: You guys might not believe what I'm about to say! I did not want to snatch this Red Envelope at all! All I wanted to do was to land a slap on Lei Zhenzi! However, my hands refused to obey… I just tapped on the screen and oh! I still managed to slap Lei's face! (Cool emoji)

Lei Zhenzi: Chen Xiaobei! Stop showing off here! (Glaring)

Chen: Lei Zhenzi! If I'm not mistaken, your grandmaster and Sifu are at the same level. So, you should call me Master Chen! Now, where are your manners? Should I spank your ass?

Lei Zhenzi: I dare you to spank my ass! Do you believe that I will reward you a thunderful course of meal? (Threaten)

Chen: Damn! Where is the respect I deserve? Primeval Lord of Heaven, help! Lei Zhenzi wants to kill me!

Lei Zhenzi: I… (Stunned)

Primeval Lord of Heaven: Lei Zhenzi, stop fooling around! What did I teach you? Where are your basic manners? Do not embarrass Chanism here!

It was pretty obvious that the old man was getting nervous. Chanism's face had been completely humiliated after Chen mentioned that he wanted to slap Lei's face. Soon, the whole incident would grow bigger and bigger.

Lei Zhenzi: I know I'm at fault. Now, I am begging for your forgiveness; my grandmaster!

Primeval Lord of Heaven: Xiaobei, you should be more forgiving, since you are considered an elder to Lei Zhenzi. Am I right?

Chen: Of course! I just want him to apologize to me!

At that moment, Lei was extremely frustrated. However, he had no choice but to apologize to Chen since this whole thing was going to affect the face of Chanism.

Lei Zhenzi: Master Xiaobei, I was at fault just now. Please forgive me.

Chen: This will not happen if you played nice just now! Why did you have to act cocky in front of me? My hobby is slapping cocky guy's faces! You are a real idiot! You shouldn't have done that to me.

Lei Zhenzi: (Speechless and crying)

Chen: Oh right! What the hell is that twelve wings creature? Why did the almighty Primeval Lord of Heaven put an insect inside the Red Envelope and send it to us? 

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