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Everyone from Black Gang felt as if lightning had just struck them. They were dizzy, and both of their eyes turned black. The weak-hearted ones were the first to faint on the spot!

"This… How is this even possible? That bastard just drew the card with the biggest value casually! I don't believe it… This is not possible…"

"I am so doom… I'm so done… I've lost everything I had…"

"Not only did I give up everything I had! I lent money from loan sharks as well! I'm going to die!"

"That Ace of Spade is more enough to make all of us lose everything we have!"

"Boss! Do not make the transaction! We have to play dirty now! You cannot let the money flow into his account!"

"That's right! We can do whatever we want since this is international waters!"

"The money belongs to us! Nobody can take it away from us!"

Everyone was shouting hysterically after losing everything. They did not mind breaking all the Jianghu's rules since all their money was on a stake!

"You guys are a bunch f*ckers! That is such a shameful thing to do! You guys are not real men!" Xiaoyao frowned and scolded them. She looked like a furious little lion. Looks like she was ready to beat them up! On the other hand, the Fire Boss and Third Elder were extremely mad as well. However, Chen waved at them to tell that they should remain calm.


In the next second, Qiu bent down started to vomit a stream of blood! His white outfit had turned red like a bloody tampon! It was pretty terrifying! Gu and Dongfang Hong's faces were completely twisted up. It was as if someone had just forced them to eat a pile of warm shit! They were experiencing the most frustrating moment in their life! All three of them wished that they were spare of the need to transfer the money to Chen.

In order to prevent Chen from playing any dirty tricks, they had installed a set of electronic gambling system inside the casino. They did not expect their brilliant idea to backfire like that!


The system identified that Chen had the card with the highest value. One billion and eight hundred million was transferred to Chen's account automatically.

"Damn! This is not bad! This gambling system is so advanced! I really like it! I have the money in my account now!" Chen looked at his cell phone happily. Previously, he was worried about his bank account. After the bet, he had just earned nine hundred million within second! One card, and Chen's wealth had increased to two billion and eight hundred million!

"Do you have the money in your bank account?"

Xiaoyao was all lit up when she saw the smile on Chen's face. She said, "Luckily this fat f*ck is a man of his words! If not, I'm going to jump at him and beat him up!"

"Awesome! My brother! Only Bro Bei has the balls to play such scary game! And, he won!" The Fire Boss looked at Chen with his eyes and mouth wide opened. He just stared at Chen like a crazy fan.

Third Elder and the five old core members were extremely shocked as well. They kept on nodding their heads and complimented, "This Xiaobei is really something! I can't believe that he could still remain calm under such insane circumstances! He has the potential to do something really big in the future! Old men like us can never be compared to him anymore!"

Suddenly, the members of Black Gang stood up, prepared to kill Chen.

"Motherf*cker! How dare you take our money?! None of you guys are going to leave this cruise alive!"

"Kill them all! Chop them into pieces!"

"Chen Xiabei! I'm going to cut you a thousand times!"

Chen and his allies were surrounded by five hundred Black Gang's members. Third Elder and the five old core members were completely startled. They did not know what to do anymore. On the other hand, the Fire Boss had prepared his heart to die in this gang war earlier, but he was still stunned by the life-threatening situation. Even the fearless Xiaoyao started to tremble in the face of that small army. A sense of nervousness could be seen in her soulful eyes.

Part of their enemies were gang bosses, and part of them were elite fighters from different gangs! One should not underestimate their combat power. Not even Xiaoyao was confident enough to defeat all of them at the same time. However, Chen still managed to remain calm at this moment. He was sitting down at where he sat earlier and observed everyone.

"Idiots! Did you guys leave your brains at home?"

Chen continued to say mockingly, "You guys are not my sons! You guys will not get a single cent from me even one of you here manages to kill me! You guys really need to use your brain to think of something to get back your money!"


Everyone became quiet after hearing Chen's statement. Well, the money was in Chen's account. None of them here knew the password to access his account. It would only be wasteful to kill him. Those who lost everything would remain broke after killing Chen.

"Everyone! If that's the case, we should continue gambling if we want to get our money back!"

Qiu gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice, "I hope that those who still have money can chip in again! All of us are in the same boat now! We are going to win together this time! This is our only chance as well!"

"Our boss is right! We have to take back our money! That is our hard-earned money!" Gu was trying really hard to convince the crowd.

"Let me be the first one to chip in! Let's transfer the money to our boss' account! This Chen Xiaobei has used up his luck! It's impossible for him to be so lucky again!" Dongfang Hong said and started to transfer the money to Qiu's account.

It was pretty obvious that the three of them were the biggest losers. Thus, they were going to gamble with Chen one last time by convincing everyone to chip in again! People were always greedy. After some time, people started to transfer money into Qiu's account, because everyone wanted to get back what they lost! On the other hand, Chen was checking his cellphone. He could not care less about them.

He received a few messages from the Red Envelope Group while the money was being transferred to his account. The chat group was flowing endlessly when Chen tapped it open.

Laotzu: Welcome the members of Chanism!!!

Jade Emperor: Welcome! Welcome!

PagodBearing Heavenly King: Welcome! Welcome!

"The members of Chanism is here! Seems like the Primeval Lord of Heaven is going to announce the mission!" Chen couldn't move his attention away from his cellphone's screen.

[Jiang Ziya, Shen Gongpao, Tu Xingshun, Lei Zhenzi has been added to the chat group!]

These are the most popular members of Chanism! They are really famous among the League of Gods!" Chen was really excited.

[Guang Chenzi, Huanglong Zhenren, Taiyi Zhenren, Cihang Daoren, Yuding Zhenren has been added to the char group!]

"These are the twelve Golden Deities from Chanism! They are extremely powerful!" Chen was getting more and more excited.

[Randeng Daoren, Nanji Xianweng, Yun Zhongzi has been added into the chat group!]

"Damn! Their ranking is almost similar to the Heavenly Saint! They are the vice principles of a school! The next deity is…" Chen gulped and thought.

[The Primeval Lord of Heaven has been added to the chat group!]

Translator's note

1. Jiang Ziya: Jiang Ziya, also known by several other names, was a Chinese noble who helped kings Wen and Wu of Zhou overthrow the Shang in ancient China.

2. Shen Gongpao: Shen Gongbao is a major character featured within the famed classic Chinese novel Investiture of the Gods. Shen Gongbao is a disciple of Primeval Lord of Heaven.

3. Tu Xingshun: Has the ability to move freely in the ground. His weapon of choice is steel rod.

4. Lei Zhenzi: Leizhenzi is a celestial being that had been created by a certain great thunderstorm at Mount Swallow.

5. Guangchengzi is the student of Primeval Lord of Heaven, who is the co-founder of Branch Chan of Taoism.

6. Randeng Daoren: His role originated from Dipankara Buddha of Buddhist lore, who was a past enlightened being before the time of Gautama Buddha.

7. Nanji Xianweng: The God of Longevity

8. Yun Zhongzi: Yunzhongzi is a renowned immortal of the Jade Column Cave atop Mount South End.

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