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Chen made a call to Xiangyu as he was driving. Xiangyu was already waiting for Chen at the school gate when Chen arrived at the school gates.

"Bro Bei! Right here!"

Xiangyu waved at Chen. She ran towards Chen with a cute backpack that bounced about on her back.


[Cultivation: Pinnacle Phase of True Nirvana. Health: 11000. Combat power: 50000!]

Chen checked Xiangyu's cultivation on purpose. Her cultivation and combat power were definitely not comparable to Xiangyu. However, his health has almost caught up to Xiangyu's health. Chen had managed to increase his health to ten thousand within a short period of time! That was a total of four thousand and three hundred amount of health! On the other hand, Xiangyu managed to gain only one thousand health.

Chen was pretty proud when he found out that his training was more effective than Xiangyu's training.

"Why are you smiling like an idiot?" Xiangyu asked curiously.

Chen smiled, "Recently, I modified your body enhancement skill. The effects are pretty damn good!"

"Modified? How is that even possible…"

Xiangyu was shocked. 

"My Emperor Health Ultimate Enhancement Skill is the best body enhancement skill in this world. How did you make it better?"

"It's hard to explain right now. I'm going to share my secret with you when I have the time…" Chen grinned and said. He was looking forward to Xiangyu's reaction when she saw the modified version of her body enhancement skill.

"Okay… I shall wait… Let's get back to the serious business!"

Xiangyu continued to say earnestly, "Can you really help me redeem my soul for the second time? Do you want to wait any longer?"

"I don't have to wait any longer…The number of my fans or disciples have reached six hundred thousand! I'm pretty sure that I have used up my charm!"

"How about your luck? Don't you want to utilize it fully?" Xiangyu frowned. Chen would have to spend all his merit points to redeem Xiangyu and Wenyuan's souls. Thus, Xiangyu did not want Chen to suffer such heavy losses.

"I can't really figure out this luck thing. I don't even know the best time to use it. The operation is kind of dangerous, this time. I'm not worried, myself! However, I'm bringing a lady and some senior citizens with me this time. I don't want anything bad to happen to them! I feel extremely worried if you are not there to help me!"

"How about this?! I can leave Wenyuan's body first. My soul will follow you around! You can redeem my soul anytime you want when you need my help! If you do not need my help; I can rather wait a little longer. I don't want you to throw away your luck without fully utilizing it!" Xiangyu said seriously.

"Okay! Sounds like a plan to me! You can hide first. I will call you my secret weapon! All the enemies will be flabbergasted when you show up! Hehehe…" Chen grinned.

"Alright! That's the plan! I'm going to cut off my breath first!" Without a second thought, Xiangyu closed his eyes and started the process. Cutting off one's breath was a special way of suiciding. People who died that way would not cause any physical or internal harm to the body. It was just like how Emperor Yan suicided. Soon, Xiangyu was dead.

"Bro Bei! I'm out!"

After that, an illusion that was as big as the size of a fist came out from Wenyuan's body. It transformed into a tall and handsome man. His tone was firm. The armor that he wore made him a true king! He was small, but his powerful presence was still able to fill the air!

"Alright. You should head inside the Spirit Cage first. You would not need to make a trip to the underworld realm." Chen quickly took out the Spirit Cage from his treasure chest. Normally, a spirit would be rejected by the law of nature in the human realm. It was important to look for a safe place for the spirit to stay. For example, possess someone, or be attached to some Yin items. After Xiangyu's spirit made a special connection with the Spirit Cage, he was allowed to stay beside Chen, like Wenyuan's spirit.

"Wow! This uncle is really handsome!" Wenyuan flew out excitedly and opened up her pretty eyes to stare at Xiangyu.

"Little pumpkin! You can return to your original body really soon!" Xiangyu pointed at the dead body at the co-driver seat.

"This… Is this true?"

Wenyuan was shocked. Then, she said excitedly, "Oh God! Finally, I can be reborn soon! I can finally join the entertainment industry to become a superstar!"

"However, I know clearly that Xiaobei Master is the one who saved me from hell! My Xiaobei Master is the most handsome man in this universe! I belong to him forever! Nothing can separate me from him!" Wenyuan was flying around Chen like a fairy while talking. Her gratitude towards Chen was certainly genuine!

After that, Chen kept Wenyuan's body into the treasure chest and drove to the east harbor. It was boarding time, and there a lot of people were gathered at the harbor. There were around two hundred bosses from the Black Gang who were ready to board the cruise. Also, each one of them had brought one or two loyal followers with them. In total, there were five hundred people from Black Gang on the cruise liner! Luckily, the boat was large enough. If not, it would not have been able to fit so many people at the same time!

Qiu Hairui, Dongfang Hong, and Gu Chaozuo stood at the bow to oversee the situation. From afar, Murong Xiaoyao, Fire Boss, and Third Elder were walking towards the boat. Five old core members of the faction followed them. In total, Chen brought eight people with him. As compared to the Black Gang, Chen's team was completely outnumbered.

"Asshole Xiaobei! What the hell are you planning? We are going to die once we step foot on this cruise!" Xiaoyao frowned.

She was really worried. On the other hand, Fire Boss and the five old core members were extremely worried as well. Eight people against five hundred people would definitely put fear into any normal person.

However, the Third Elder was calm. He said calmly, "Don't you guys worry. Xiaobei is not the kind of person who would fight a war without a good plan! I believe that he will not disappoint us!"

"Asshole Xiaobei… I am going to count on you this time…" Xiaoyao pursed her lips and said. There was nothing that she could do except to put all her hopes on Chen.

"He's here! Bro Bei is here!" The Fire Boss pointed and shouted loudly.

All of a sudden, everyone, including the people from Black Gang switched their attention over to Chen. A black Bugatti Veyron drove up to the harbor like a phantom. Chen parked his car in front of the crowd. Then, Xiaoyao and the rest of the people started to gather around Chen's car.

On the other hand, members from Black Gang shadowed Qiu and walked towards Chen like a storm!

"I'm really sorry for keeping you guys waiting!"

Chen came out from his car and said happily, "You guys are really friendly! Are you guys here to welcome me?!"

After seeing Chen, members of the Black Gang were looking around to check out for the people that came with Chen. However, Chen did not bring anyone with him. He came alone. Everyone from the Black Gang was extremely shocked.

Even Qiu could not believe what he just saw. He said, "Mr. Chen, you came here alone?!"

"I'm here to enjoy myself! I'm not here to fight! Why should I bring so many people with me?"

Chen smiled, "Let get onboard! I've never been on a luxurious cruise liner before!"

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