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The luxurious cruise liner was titanic. It would have no problem fitting a thousand people. In fact, there were only five hundred plus people were on board. Thus, it had more than enough room. After boarding, Chen acted like a curious old lady; checking everything out on the craft. He did not look nervous at all. On the contrary, he put on a relaxed face, like an ordinary tourist.

On the other hand, Xiaoyao and the rest of the right people were closely following Chen. All of them were extremely worried! Third Elder was the only one who managed to remain calm.

The annual dinner started officially when the cruise set sail! The ballroom within the cruise was spacious. Just like another company's annual dinner, it was set out in buffet style. Everyone was talking happily with each other while eating. Even Qiu came to toasted with Chen a few times. It definitely made them forget that there would be bloodbath happened really soon!

"Asshole Xiaobei! Why are you drinking with that fat f*ck? He almost killed us last time!" Xiaoyao asked angrily.

Chen replied, "Pumpkin, this is the calm before a storm!"

"I have no idea what the hell that means! I'm just not happy to see you toasting with him!" Xiaoyao pursed her lips.

"Have you forgotten what I told you last time?" Chen asked.

"What did you tell me?" Xiaoyao asked as she cocked her head. 

Chen moved close to Xiaoyao and whispered, "Normally, girls with bad tempers have small boobs!"

"You…" Xiaoyao was stunned. Her pretty face turned red immediately. She just wanted to slap Chen right then. The only thing that stopped her from slapping Chen was the breast enlargement massage that Chen had promised her earlier. She was planning to teach Chen a good lesson after Chen helped her to enlarge her breasts.

"Eh? Why is Ms. Murong being as meek as a lamb in front of Bro Bei!"

"Normally, our Ms. Murong is like a volcano waiting to erupt!"

"Seems like Bro Bei had cracked our princess!"

"This is definitely not an easy task! Finally, a man that can suppress our Ms. Murong's temper!"

Those five old core members were talking about Xiaoyao in soft voices. All of them were extremely shocked when they saw the changes in Xiaoyao.

The Third Elder was stroking his goatee and said happily, "Our Boss Tian is really good at spotting a good man! Not only has he found a future spouse for Ms. Murong; he also found a good leader for our faction! What a great move!"

"What future spouse? Third Elder… You are talking nonsense…" Xiaoyao was so shy that her face was as red as a tomato.

"We are on international waters now! The cruise will park here for now!" The Fire Boss reminded Chen and the rest of the people suddenly. He had been monitoring the movement of the cruise. Everyone turned serious. It looked like the fun was over and the storm would be coming anytime soon!

"Everyone! The cruise has parked over international waters. We can start moving to the casino now! Let the real fun begin!" Qiu announced loudly with a mic. Members of Black Gang started to march into the casino in an orderly manner.

"What the hell are they planning to do? Are we really going to gamble with them? Where is the bloodbath? Where is the negotiation? Where is the power play? Where is the weapon?" The Fire Boss and the five old core members were confused.

On the other hand, Xiaoyao said cautiously, "There will be a conspiracy, and it's going to happen during the gambling session!"

"Damn! This is really something! My little pumpkin is finally getting smarter this time!" Chen said with a smile on his face.

"I'm not your little pumpkin! I… I… I'm going to take your shit for now…" Xiaoyao was ready to throw a tantrum. She only managed to calm herself down after thinking about her breasts.

"Xiaobei… How are you going to deal with this conspiracy since you already know that they are going to play tricks on us!" Third Elder asked seriously.

"Don't you worry! I will deal with them in my special way! Gambling is my forte!" Chen said casually.

"Stop boasting! Since when you knew how to gamble?" Xiaoyao rolled her eyes on Chen.

"Actually, I have a secret to tell you guys! Actually! I am! The Universal Gambling Alliance Committee President stationed at Green Vine City!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Everyone rolled their eyes at Chen.

"In other words, my gambling skill is the best in this universe! I don't think that there is anyone on planet earth who has the skill to beat me in gambling!" Chen lifted his chin up and said confidently.

Everyone rolled their eyes again. Picked anyone out of the group and they could swear that their eyes would roll 360 degrees back! 

"Can you stop talking shit! What the hell is the most skillful gambler on this planet earth? I think that you are the most useless gambler on this earth! Xiaoyao said.

"What are you guys talking about? Let's head to the casino! You guys are VIPs today! Everyone is waiting for you guys!" Qiu walked towards them and said with a smile on his face.

"I don't think that we are joining you guys. We don't know anything about gambling! It will be meaningless for us to go there." Chen shook his head and said gravely. Everyone rolled their eyes again after hearing the conversation between Chen and Qiu. A few seconds ago, Chen had just mentioned that he was the most skillful gambler on this planet earth! Yet there he was admitting that he knew nothing about gambling.

"Mr. Chen! You are too humble! We are adult here. I don't believe that you know nothing about gambling!" Qiu said.

"Didn't you hear Ms. Murong say that I'm the most useless gambler on this earth? Are you plotting to take advantage of me in the casino?!" Chen shook and asked.

"How are we going to take advantage of you? Gambling is all about luck! There's a saying; Your luck is excellent if you are new to gambling! We want to let you take our money with that beginner's luck!" Qiu said politely. He was trying really hard to convince Chen to gamble with him.

"Is this true? What if you guys refuse to change my chips for cash later? There's no one for me to complain to!" Chen said cautiously.

"Don't you worry! Today, we are going to use electronic chips instead of the traditional chips! The cash will be deposited into the winner's account once the round is completed!"

"Alright. It seems like you guys are harmless! I shall join you guys! Let me make clear of something first! You guys are not allowed to bully an honest person like me!"

"No! No! We will never do something like that! Mr. Chen, welcome to the casino!" Qiu opened up his arms to welcome Chen. He seemed really friendly from the surface, but he was actually laughing viciously inside his heart, "You are going to lose your pants once you step into the casino! We are going to win over every single cent that you have in your bank account! Hahaha…"

There was a big table at the center of the casino. All the members of the Black Gang were sitting around the table. It made the whole thing look like a professional poker match from the movies. Xiaoyao and the rest of Chen's people sat in the first row. Thus, they could see everything clearly. At the same time, Dongfang Hong and Gu Caozhuo were already sitting down and waiting for Chen. Qiu was sitting beside Chen. It was a four-person gambling match.

"Everyone, shall I start to give out the cards?" A blonde girl with blue eyes walked towards the table and said. Her Mandarin was really fluent. It seemed she was a professional dealer from a big casino!

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