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Other than those traitors, a lot of big gangs had joined forces with the Black Gang as well. Dongfang Hong from the Black Tiger Gang was the biggest gang that led by example.

"I'm going to announce the first ever mission of Black Gang! The target of this mission is pretty apparent!" Qiu squinted his eyes and looked at everyone like a leader.

"We are going to kill Chen Xiaobei this time!"

Dongfang Hong stood up and shouted, "I have to settle some unfinished business with that son of the bitch! At the same time, he is the biggest enemy of Black Gang as well! He is going to be a big threat to us if we don't kill him now!" 

"Also, we need to kill that Murong Xiaoyao and Third Elder!

Gu stood up and said viciously, "These two people are still pretty influential in the Jianghu! They are capable of recruiting people to their gang whenever they want! They are going to block our path to wealth if we don't kill them now!"

"Both of you are right! This is the goal of our mission!"

Qiu nodded, narrowed his eyes and said, "We can do whatever we want to them when our cruiseliner sails to the international waters! Also, they have no escape routes as well! They are going to be dead meat!"

"Leader! I have a suggestion!"

Gu said, "Can we get our hands on the money from the Xiaoyao Charity Foundation before we kill them? There is around four hundred and sixty million left in its account! Our Black Gang is going to be more powerful if we acquire that amount of money!"

Everyone was shocked after hearing the statement made by Gu.

"Oh my God! That stupid charity foundation is just too damn rich!"

"What the hell! Four hundred and sixty million! I don't think I would get so much, even if I work for ten generations continuously!"

"I think I can smile in my sleep if I get my hands on this money!" 

They were big bosses, but they did not possess that much money. The richest one only had over ten million in their account. Thus, the demon of greed had possessed them after they heard the amount of money in the charity foundation.

"Hehe… I had put some thought into it before you mentioned it! Also, I did a deep investigation on them as well!"

Qiu smiled and continued to say, "My friends from the bank have updated me with the latest news! He told me that Chen has around nine hundred million in his account! The money in Xiaoyao Charity Foundation can hardly stand up to that!"

"What?! Nine hundred million?!"

"Oh my God! How did that kid earn so much money?! That is absolutely terrifying!"

"This is absolutely outrageous! I have managed a gang in Jianghu for more than twenty years! I don't even have nine million with me! That son of the bitch is really something!"

"Nine hundred million! That's twice the amount of money of Xiaoyao Charity Foundation! I do not have to worry about the rest of my life if I can get my hands on that amount of money!"

Everyone was extremely shocked after hearing the amount of money that Chen had in his account. The flame of greed almost spewed out of their eyes. Dongfang Hong and Gu Chaozuo were the richest gang members among the crowd. Their faces were statues of shock.

Dongfang Hong quickly asked, "I'm pretty sure our leader has already thought of a good way to get our hands on the money, since he has already investigated this Chen Xiaobei! Please tell us quick!"

"Hehe… Have you guys forgotten that this operation is going to happen on the cruise?" Qiu narrowed his eyebrows.

"Oh right! I almost forgot that the cruise itself is a licensed, international, gambling vessel!"

"We are going to trick that son of the bitch into gambling with us! Then, we are going to win all his money! We will kill him after that!"

"Take all the money and kill him! Man! This is so exciting! Hahaha…"

"Our leader is the smartest guy on this planet earth! He already has everything planned out perfectly! Too good! Too damn smart!"

Everyone in the Baole Club was not exactly good citizens of Green Vine City. The vicious plan made all of them really excited.

"But, how are we going to make sure that we are going to win? What if that bastard's luck is really good on that day?" Gu asked a good question, all of a sudden.

"Hehe… Don't you worry… I already hired someone to help us from Las Vegas! We will definitely not lose!" Qiu smiled confidently.

"If that's the case, I'm going to volunteer myself to kill all the enemies! I'm going to leave the gambling matters to our leader!"

Gu continued to say viciously, "I have hired some friends from North Europe! I'm pretty sure that they can defeat Murong Xiaoyao easily!"

Dongfang Hong refused to be outdone by Gu. He said, "I hired a family elite from Dragon City to kill Chen Xiaobei as well! Chen Xiaobei is my prey! No one is allowed to kill him except me!"

"Very well! I'm really happy to see both of you are equipped with murderous intent!" Qiu grinned.

"You guys better kill all of them! I do not want to pay a huge price just to get Mr. Ghost to kill them for me!" Qiu thought secretly.

"Alright! That is the rough idea. Let's get into the details!"

Qiu continued, "Since everyone wants to take Chen's money, you guys have to chip in on the gambling! That bastard is really smart! He will not allow us to play tricks on him! Everyone, please chip in! You guys will get your hands on his money once we beat him! The more you chip in, the greater the return!"

"No problem! We are more than willing to chip in!"

"I'm going to put everything I have in this gambling! All in! I'm going earn like a tycoon!"

"Me too! Take my money! I can transfer it to you right now!" 

"Take mine… Take mine…"

Time flew and the day of boarding the cruise came.


Chen exhaled out a stream of white smoke. Its afterimage lingered in the air for quite some time. For the past fifty hours, Chen had been training non-stop without resting. With the help of the new skill that he created and the Spiritual Qi provided by the Duskdawn, Chen health had increased tremendously.


[Cultivation: Early phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 10000. Combat power: 5700!]

"My health has finally reached ten thousand! This is so awesome and exciting! Now, it is impossible for the opponents who are at my level to hurt me, since my defense has increased greatly!" Chen said excitedly.

At then, Chen was capable of defeating those who were one level above him! Actually, it was practically impossible to be done by people who practiced martial arts! There was a common saying; practicing martial arts is like climbing up the stairs of heaven! Breaking into a whole new level was harder than reaching the sky! Only a small portion of people in Jianghu could pull off something like he just did! Normally, they were prodigies! The treasures of the most powerful factions in Jianghu! People like them were powerful enough to change the course of history! It was no wonder that Chen was so happy to become a part of this small portion of prodigies! Of course, Chen still had a long way to go!

The biggest problem that he had to conquer right now was the lack of Spiritual Qi around him! It was the key to speed training! His training would not be able to carry on if he were unable to find another source of Spiritual Qi!

"There is still a small amount of Spiritual Qi in Duskdawn. I should stop using it and preserve it instead. After all, this is a gift from Elder Cao. It will be terrible if the ring cracks when the Spiritual Qi within it runs out!"

Chen kept the Duskdawn into the treasure chest and headed to school. He had one last important thing to do before boarding the cruise!

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