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Everything was normal when Chen returned to his home. His parents were asleep. Sirius was lying down in front of the porch. On the other hand, Xiaobai was sleeping like a log on the sofa. Chen was relieved. He figured out that he could not afford to waste his precious time sleeping. Thus, he took out a bottle of Hundred Herbs Potion from his treasure chest to replenish all the lost energy. Then, he went back to his room to learn more about Xiangyu's Emperor Health Ultimate Enhancement Skill! After studying it for a little while, he found out that the skill was not all too complicated.

The skill worked best for talented individuals. It allowed the user to synchronize the muscle and bones together, pushing the body to its maximum capacity and breaking the limit. In the end, the user would be able to strengthen his/her body. Chen was not as talented as Xiangyu, but he had taken Pill of Purification some time ago. Thus, his body was in tip-top condition. In other words, he was more than qualified to learn the skill.

"Let me try it out first!"

Chen had the Scholar Heart with him; thus, he figured out the skill completely in a short period of time. His skin, muscle, veins, and bones had been greatly enhanced. Through a really special technique, Chen was able to push in more energy into his body. The more energy he pushed into his body, the faster he reached his limit.

"Huuu… Man! This training works like a charm!"

Chen was exhausted after his first try on training on this skill. His forehead was flooded with sweat.

"I think I will be completely worn out after ten rounds of training! Twelve to thirteen rounds of training should be my limit… According to Bro Yu, I should use Hundred Herbs Potion to replenish my body once I reach my limit. Then, the strength of my body will go up by a level! No wonder Bro Yu could strengthen Wenyuan's weak body to ten thousand health in only two months! That speed of improvement is crazy!"

"But, I need to train faster than Bro Yu! My enemy will not give me two months to strengthen my body! I hope that I can combine the Emperor's Health Ultimate Enhancement Skill with Emperor Yan's Unwavering Body Fortifying Skill to come up with a brand-new body enhancing skill!"

Chen took out the Duskdawn from his treasure chest, placed in front of him and slowly absorbed its Spiritual Qi. After that, he applied Emperor Yan's Unwavering Body Fortifying Skill. The body enhancing skill was rather unique. It utilized Spiritual Qi to strengthen the body. Chen would be able to speed up the training if there was enough Spiritual Qi around him.

The only thing Chen needed to do right then was to focus on combining those two body-enhancing skills. After some time, Chen succeeded at combining both skills together! Originally, these two skills were not supposed to be able to combine together because several portions clashed. Somehow, Chen managed to solve all those problems and created something new by sheer brute force.

"Success! Now, I can train with both skills at the same time! Awesome!"

Without wasting any time, Chen quickly began his training.

Time flew, and it was morning. Throughout the night, Chen consumed ten bottles of Hundred Herbs Potion. He was also constantly absorbing Spiritual Qi that came from the Duskdawn.


[Cultivation: Early phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 6200. Combat power: 5700!]

"Damn! Extra five hundred health after spending the night enhancing my body! So, I can get one thousand health if I train all day! In four days, I will be able to reach ten thousand health! This training is definitely faster than Bro Yu's training! This is some insane rate of improvement!" Chen was really excited. The only problem left was the amount of Spiritual Qi around him.

At most, the Spiritual Qi from Duskdawn could only last for another four to five days. By then, Chen had to figure out some other way to acquire Spiritual Qi. Well, that would be a problem for a later time. It was morning, and Chen was going to get busy again.

First, he reached out to Yap; a ten thousand combat power servant to protect his family. Of course, Chen had to tell his family that Yap was a friend from school. As his story went, he had to move here due to some personal issues. After coming back from the tomb, Chen's charm had significantly increased. Thus, his lies were getting more and more effective. His parent did not suspect anything.

Chen left Yap at his home and travel to Hearty Island. Wu had already hired all the fruit shop employees for Chen and settled the logistic matters as well. Thus, Chen decided to move all the First Love Peaches to his shops and start selling them tomorrow, early in the morning!

"Haha! Let me post something on my Weibo first!"

Chen was really happy when he took a look at the peaches on his peach trees. He took out his cellphone, captured a few pictures and posted them on his Weibo. He had also included a line of a caption on his pictures; First Love Peach! The official selling time was eight in the morning! One per customer! The selling price for a single peach is 998! First come first serve!

Everyone went crazy after Chen posted this post.

[Damn! Damn! Damn! 998 for one single peach?! Bro Bei! I think that you forgot to put a decimal point in between those numbers! It should be 9.98, right?]

[This price is insane! 998 for a single peach?! Is that a golden peach?!]

[What do you mean by one per customer? What are you going to do with the leftovers?]

[We are really confused! Bro Bei! Please explain!]

His fans were really confused after Chen posted the status. They had no idea what Chen was going to do. Soon, another wave of fans commented on Chen's post.

[So cheap! Only 998 for one peach?! I have eaten this First Love Peach at the charity dinner before! I'm willing to buy it even if the price is 9988!]

[The taste and satisfaction that comes from it are priceless! Money is nothing!]

[Why did you limit our purchase? Bro Bei, please cancel this rule! This is torturous for us! We have the money, but we can't purchase more than one peach!]

It was pretty obvious that the group of people was from the upper society of Green Vine City! They were like walking advertisements for Chen's First Love Peach. They would promote Chen's peaches whenever Chen posted something about it. They were well connected in the society as well. Soon, a chain reaction occurred.

"Damn! The number of my fans started to increase!"

Chen was looking at his cellphone, and the number of his fans was increasing at an unimaginable speed. Soon, Chen's had fifty thousand fans!

"This is the true power of my charm! I feel like I will have sixty thousand fans by tomorrow morning!"

Then, Chen continued to say excitedly, "According to NeZha, these fans are my disciples! Is the Primeval Lord of Heaven going to reward me with thousands of years of training if I successfully recruit three million disciples?"

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