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Chen kept away his cellphone and withdrew the Great Priest Beans from his treasure chest. Those beans were twinkling like stars in the sky. After that, cold winds started to brew in the atmosphere. Hundreds of evil spirits flew out from the Hundred Ghosts Formation and entered the Great Priest Beans.




Those small Great Priest Beans started to crack, expand and turn into human forms. Seconds later, soldiers in iron armor started to climb out of the ground. They became Chen's absolute loyal soldiers!

"Go and pluck all the peaches from the tree. Please be careful! Be gentle! Do not cause any damage to my peaches!" Chen ordered casually. He then sat on the ground with his legs crossed and started to scroll through his Weibo. With the help of hundreds of Ghost Soldiers, Chen did not need to do anything at all. He could save strength and time. The most important thing was that his secret on the island will be kept safe!

Half an hour later, all the peaches had been plucked. They were ready to be loaded up on the speed boat and be delivered to the other side of the island. Chen the contacted the logistic company to deliver all these peaches to his shops. There were around three million peaches after a rough calculation. If a peach could be sold for nine hundred and ninety-eight, then, Chen would earn a total amount of three hundred million! The only thing Chen needed to do was to sit tight and check the balance of his bank account once the First Love Peaches started selling on the market.

Naturally, Chen did prepare a number of peaches to be given away to his friends. The number of his close friends was rather low; thus, he could just give those peaches away without affecting his income.

After settling his peach business, Chen could finally relaxed and prepared for his training. All of a sudden, Chen's cellphone rang. It was his mom calling him. She said that Yap had been picked up by his family.

Chen hung up the call and tried to figure out what was going on.

"It is most likely that the people from Yap's Family have come to Green Vine City to retrieve the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant! I was expecting Yap to be the bodyguard for my family! I have to rescue him!"

Chen proceeded to call Liu Quanfu. He asked Liu to assign some of his men to protect his family. After that, Chen made a call to Yap.


An unfriendly tone came through the cellphone, "Who the hell are you? Why are you looking for the bastard Yap?"

Judging from the voice, Chen knew that the one who has answered the call was a young man. He had to be around Yap's age.

"I have the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant with me! Tell me your location now! I can deliver the pendant to you as soon as possible!" Chen was direct.

"What?! You have the pendant with you?! Grandpa…" The young man shouted.


Chen was stunned.

Then, he said jokingly, "You are too polite… You have taken me by surprise by calling me your grandpa…"

"F*ck you! I'm not calling you!" the young man shouted.

After that, someone took over the cell phone. An old and stern tone could be heard from the other side of the call.

"Are you sure you have the pendant with you?!"

"I'm sure! Tell me your location now!" Chen said.

"We are at the Shangri-La Hotel! The president suite! You better not play with us! I have a hundred ways to look for you if you are trying to be a smart ass!"

"Don't hurt Yap! I will be there as soon as possible!" Chen said.

"I will not land any punishment on that bastard if the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant is still in tip-top condition!" The old man said and hung up the call after that.

"This old man is too damn arrogant!" Chen rolled his eyes and rushed to Shangri-La Hotel immediately. He could still remember the design of the pendant. He could quickly use the Flame of Transmogrifying to create a normal pendant that looked exactly like Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant.

But, Chen frowned.

"It looks perfect now! But, what should I do about the Spiritual Qi? It's impossible for me to fool them by appearance alone!"

There was a limited amount of Spiritual Qi on earth. That was why the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant was so valuable!

"I think I have to go into the chat group and ask those deities!" Then, Chen took out his cellphone and dove into the Red Envelope chat group immediately.

Chen: Everyone! Can someone tell me how to inject Spiritual Qi into a normal item?

NeZha: Wow! God Chen! You are online! I can tell you how!

Chen: Tell me now, please! I can't wait any longer!

NeZha: All you need is an item called Soul Orb!

Chen: I wouldn't be here if I have this item with me. Where can I get this item?

NeZha: This type of jewelry is a low-level item. Everyone knows how to craft it. Do you know what type of Spiritual Qi you need to inject into the item?

"Oh right! I almost forgot about the attribute of the Qi!" Chen thought.

Chen: I need Yang Fire Spiritual Qi!

NeZha: Hehe… You have come to the right person! My best friend; Hong Haier is trained in Yang Fire Spiritual Qi! Go and look for him!

Chen: Alright! I shall go and talk to him!

Chen scrolled through his friend list and spotted Hong Haier's profile picture seconds later. Hong Haier was as cute as NeZha. His puffy face was literally asking others to pinch it.


Chen's cell phone rang while looking at Hong Haier's profile picture. It was Hong Haier himself who had just sent him a message.

Hong Haier: God Chen! I just saw your message in the chat group. I can give you the Soul Orb for free! But, I need you to do me a favor first!

"Damn! This kid is brilliant! He wants me to help him first, before he gives me the item!" Chen smiled and thought.

Chen: What can I do for you?

Hong Haier: Actually, I want you to help my mom, not me!

Chen: Princess Iron Fan? How can I help her? (Shocking)

Hong Haier: I think you know pretty well about my family! My dad is a playboy! He has a bunch elf lovers! Most of the time, he is not at home! Thus, my mom is really lonely!

Chen: Erm… So, you want me to talk to your mom? But, I'm not that close to her!

Hong Haier: I don't want you to talk to my mom! I want you to help her to solve her sexual needs! Do you understand the feeling of being horny but having no way of unleashing the inner beast?


Chen could literally feel his digestive tract being twisted when he saw NeZha's reply. He almost dropped his precious cellphone as well.

"This is insane!" Chen was stunned. Princess Iron Fan was definitely a beauty, but Chen would never be able to have sex with a friend's wife and sleep easy. However, Hong Haier was the one who had asked for Chen's help. Hong Haier was definitely a super experienced dirty minded kid!

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