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Kamikaze Fighters were well-known for their steel-mind and the decision to die in critical circumstances. It was impossible for normal people to extract any information from a Kamikaze Fighter! However, it was an easy task for Chen. He opened up his treasure chest and withdrew the Dreamcatcher Bell. Originally, this item belonged to the White Officer of Impermanence. It could be used to force people that were unconscious to speak out their deepest secrets.



Sanshi's body became really stiff and hard after Chen rang the Dreamcatcher Bell. At that moment, he looked exactly like a zombie.

"Tell me now. Who sent you guys here? Meichuan Organization? Or the woman named Yinmu?" Chen asked coldly. Chen only had two enemies in Japan, and they were Meichuan Neiku and Demonic Fox. So, it was fairly easy to guess who was behind all this.

"Meichuan Zhizhang is the one that sent us here to kill you…" Sanshi answered robotically.

"Zhizhang? (Chinese pun; it means retard) I like this name…"

Chen laughed evilly and continued to ask, "Who is this Meichuan Zhizhang?"

"He is the father of Meichuan Neiku… Also, he is the leader of Meichuan family as well… And, he is the CEO of Meichuan Organization…" Shankou said.

"Hehe… Exactly what I thought!"

Chen shrugged and continued to ask, "Other than sending you two weaklings coming here to assassinate me… Did Meichuan Zhizhang have other plans in his mind?"

That was the question that Chen wanted to ask. Meichuan Organization was a big organization. Chen's death would only be a small part of something bigger. As the legend says; know your enemies, and you can win the war! Thus, Chen was going to squeeze him dry by asking all kind of questions.

"Other than sending us to assassinate you… Mr. Meichuan Zhizhang has placed a bounty on you at the International Assassin Organization! Those who can kill you successfully will be rewarded ten million! There will be tonnes of international assassins coming to look for you…"

"International assassins? Are they good?" Chen asked curiously. Chen has not set foot in the field of assassins.

"Ten million US Dollar can only hire a D level assassin…Their combat power is around five thousand… Also, people like them possess some kind of special abilities…To ordinary people, they are no different than reapers…" Shankou said.

"Reapers? I think they are just a bunch of useless dead dogs! Only five thousand combat power! Come at me, and I will kill them all!"

Chen rolled his eyes and continued to ask, "Where is your cell phone? How can I contact Meichuan Zhizhang?"

"My cell phone is in my front pocket… Look for the name; Big Boss. He is Meichuan Zhizhang…" Shankou said. Then, Chen bent down and took out the cell phone from Shankou's front pocket.


A deep husky voice could be heard from the other side of the phone.

"How was it? Did you guys manage to complete the mission that I gave you guys?"

"We have completed the mission!" Chen changed his voice to Shankou's voice and said.

"What? You guys actually completed the mission?"

Meichuan was extremely shocked. Then, he shouted excitedly, "I did not expect this operation to be completed so easily! Finally, I managed to avenge my Neiku! It seems like God is on my side! Great! This is great! Awesome!"

"What should we do next?" Chen asked.

"Did you have to ask!"

Meichuan shouted viciously, "Chop off Chen's head and bring it back to me! I want to use his head as a tribute to Neiku! Then, I will put Chen's body into the meat grinding machine and feed him to the dogs! Please remember to record the video and show me!"

"F*ck you, retarded fool!"

Chen rolled his eyes. He reverted to his voice and scolded, "Do you really think I'm dead? Did you want to chop off my head as well? Feed me to the dogs? Dream on!"

"You… Who are you…?" Meichuan said fearfully.

"I'm Chen Xiaobei! I'm the one that killed your useless son!"

Chen grinned.

"Did you know that I destroyed your son's pride and glory before I killed him? Basically, he's a dead eunuch now!"

"What… You… How dare you use such cruel method to kill my son…?"

Chen could hear that Meichuan sounded really sad and furious. He could imagine him puking blood on the other side of the phone.

"This is cruel? There is something else that I should mention!"

Chen continued to say, "I slapped him thirty times after I destroyed his balls! Do you want to know my current combat power? Do you know how powerful my slaps are?"

"Spill it! You son of the bitch!" Meichuan shouted hysterically.

"You want to know? I'm not going to tell you!"

Chen smiled coldly and went on to say, "All you need to know is that your son's head flew away when I delivered my thirtieth slap on him! Erm… It was like hitting a ball with a baseball bat! It flew quite a distance!"

"You… You son of the bitch… Blarggh… Cough…" The sound of puking blood could be heard from the other side of the phone. After that, Chen heard Meichuan fell down and started coughing as well.

What Chen told Meichuan had destroyed him completely. He had almost died of anger.

"I killed your son because he wanted to kill my family and friends! He deserved to die!"

Chen went on to say coldly, "As for you, I did not want to kill you, initially. Now, I have changed my mind! I'm going to destroy your Meichuan Organization when I travel to Japan! I'm going to chop off your head as well!"

"I dare you to come to Japan! I double dare you, motherf*cker!!!"

Meuchuan continued to shout angrily, "I will f*cking eat your meat and drink your blood once you step foot in Japan! The Meichuan family is your mortal enemy right now!"

"Don't you worry! I will definitely come to Japan! Let me give you a heads up first! Surround yourself with more cavalry! You will not be able to take my anger!" Chen finished up his last sentence and threw the cellphone back at Shankou.

Chen took out the Body Dissolving Poison and dropped a few drops of it on Sanshi and Shankou. Sanshi was already dead, thus, his body dissolved really fast. 

On the other hand, Shankou was awoken by the extreme pain. He had to watch his body being dissolved slowly. He quickly bit the poison capsule inside his mouth without any hesitation! He just wanted to be free from the pain that he was suffering as soon as possible.

Chen exited the forest and drove home after the bodies disintegrated.

"From this moment onwards, I need someone to protect my mom and dad twenty-four hours every day! International assassins… I want all of you to tremble in front of me!" Chen narrowed his eyes and floored it.

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