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Chen: But...? What? Don't keep me waiting! 

NeZha: But, I don't know what good is in it for you exactly. (Sticking tongue out) You'll have to wait for The Primeval Lord of Heaven to announce it!

Chen: Erm… What a bummer…

NeZha: Now, they are working on making the bridge to planet earth. You should be able to receive the news in a few days. Plus, I will definitely notify you when The Primeval Lord of Heaven comes into the group.

Chen: Alright… I will wait… Oh right… Do you know who is interested in coming to earth to work on this mission?

NeZha: I will definitely be the first one to register to work on this mission! Also, I heard that Sister Chang'e is interested in coming as well! If she is coming, Bajie will definitely come along with her! Then, Bajie's friends like Yanwang, Bull Head, Horse Face, Black and White Officers of Impermanence will definitely tag along too! They are coming to earth to search for good food!

Chen: Erm… Okay. I'll have to stop you right there! I'm afraid my heart can't take it anymore!

"NeZha and Chang'e can blend into the human world easily after changing their outfits. But, how the hell are those weird looking deities going to blend into the human crowd? So, a creature with pig face is going to stand on my left, and a blue-faced guy with a dark aura is going to stand on my right! Also, a bunch of small-time ghosts is going to follow behind me! Man! This is insane!" Chen thought. He was filled with goosebumps when he imagined the scene.

NeZha: God Chen, don't you worry about this problem! I just told you that those deities or weird looking chat group members are no different from ordinary human being once they come to earth. They will be transformed into normal looking humans. Their abilities and merit points will be sealed off temporarily!

Chen: That sounds about right! (Wiping off sweat)

NeZha: I'm going to leave first if there's nothing else you want to ask me! In order to welcome The Primeval Lord of Heaven coming to our chat group, the members of Chanism are going to flood the chat group with Red Envelopes! I'm going to prepare the items that I want to give out during the welcoming event!

Chen: Off you go… Don't steal your dad's item this time. He might beat you up for real this time!

NeZha: I'm not going to steal his items anymore. (Sticking tongue out)

Chen kept his cellphone. His current mood was rather complicated, but he did not dwell on it for too long. A legend once said that; life is like being raped by others, if you can't fight it, you will have to learn to enjoy it!

"Chang'e Goddess! Sister Zhinv! Seven Goddesses! Silver Fox… Let the storms come harder at me! Wahahaha…" Chen grinned. He was laughing evilly when he thought about the things that he could do. Being able to meet up with those goddesses was what ordinary people would always dream of!


The sound of blades flying echoed in the dark.


Chen's quick reflexes allowed him to lift up his hand and catch a black Shuriken between his fingers.

"This is... Japanese?"

Chen turned around and saw a man in a pitch-black outfit moving swiftly in the small forest on the roadside.

"It seems like you have a death wish!"

Chen charged into the forest without a second thought!

"That bastard is fast!"

The Japanese guy shouted in Japanese for aid, "Shankou San! Ambush him now!"

"This is too fast for you? You have not seen my real speed!"

Chen smiled coldly and ignored the guy named Shankou! He used his Lightning Steps to move around in the forest like a phantom. Soon, Chen caught up to the Japanese guy that ambushed him a few seconds later!




Three arrows were shot at the path that Chen was headed in. However, all three arrows had failed to hit Chen. The arrows were fast, but Chen was faster.

"Oh God! What kind of speed is that?"

A shout could be heard from the top of the tree on Chen's left. The guy that shot at Chen was hiding on the top of the tree.

He shouted loudly to remind his partner, "Sanshi Kun! Be careful…"


A loud muffled sound broke the silence. Chen landed a heavy punch on Sanshi. The force of the punch was powerful enough to send him flying. He stopped after breaking a small tree that was as thick as two arms-length. He became unconscious after that.

"Sanshi Kun! F*ck! Chen Xiaobei! Die now!" Shankou shouted loudly and angrily from the tree. He aimed at Chen's head with his God's Arm Crossbow. The crossbow was a Chinese special cold weapon! According to the record from an ancient book, the crossbow could shoot as far as two hundred and forty steps! The bolts fired by this crossbow could penetrate a tree trunk as deep as half a bolt. It was equivalent to three hundred and seventy meters, and as deep as thirty centimeters! Its destructive power was probably far more powerful than any modern gun!


An arrow ripped open the cold air and created a sharp noise! Not even the most powerful deity could save the person if this arrow strikes on the person's head!

"Weak ass weapon!"

Chen was fearless. He raised his arm and said, "Sword! Go!"


A bloody red ray charged at the incoming arrow. Then, the arrow was split in half and fell to the ground.

"Oh my God… What the hell is that?" Shankou screamed in fear. At the same time, he felt something flying past his shoulder.


He was stunned. Initially, he did not feel anything unusual. In the next second, he was completely petrified.



His right arm was cut off and fell to the ground. Blood started to shoot out from his shoulder like a fountain. The excruciating pain caused him to fall from the tree. A bloody mist peppered across the night sky. Shankou did not know what was it that took his arm off. Such fear of the unknown was the worst kind of fear!

"Tell me now! Who sent you here to assassinate me?"

Chen walked towards Shankou slowly and glared at him like a king that stood at the top of the world.

"I will never tell you! Never!"

Shankou's face turned pale. He pressed on his wound and bit down the pain. The distortion on his face, along with the determination he held, showed Chen that his enemy would never reveal any information. 

"Hehe… Not too long ago, I met a guy that called himself the real man of Japan! He was really proud of his samurai spirit!"

Chen laughed coldly, took out a silver needle and continued to say, "Take a guess here. Do you think that I will get the answer that I want after I poke this needle into your body? Are you sure you want to give it a try?"

Needless to ask, Chen was holding the Needle of Damnation!


Shankou took a deep breath. He knew clearly that it was impossible for him to return alive today.


Shankou jaw moved a little. Next second, a mouthful of black blood started to flow out from his mouth. Not long after that, his head dropped down. There was no life in his eyes any longer. 

"Eh? So, he is a legendary fighter with the Kamikaze spirit!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and laughed condescendingly, "Do you really think I can't get what I want after you suicide? Naïve!"

Chen walked toward the unconscious Sanshi.

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