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"Some other day. It's getting late."

Chen sent Xiaoyao back to her mansion. He knew what Xiaoyao wanted, and he knew not to say yes.

"Eh? What happened to you? I'm letting you take advantage of me," Xiaoyao blinked her eyes as she was overwhelmed by disbelief. 

"I'm an asshole of culture! No matter what, I'm not interested in taking advantage of a flat chested lady like you! Am I right?" Chen clicked his tongue and grinned.

"Damn it! I'm not a flat chested lady!" Xiaoyao puffed her cheeks.

"Alright. I'm going to stop teasing you. I have something I still need to deal with tonight. I can promise you that your charsiew paus are going for an upgrade as long as you agree to let me help you!"

"Hmph! I thought that you are really good at medicinal skill?! How big are they going to get? B cups…?" Xiaoyao said.

"Haha… How big do you want it to be? As big as basketballs?" Chen chuckled at the thought of it.

"Basketball? That is too big… I don't think I can walk or train myself properly after that…" Xiaoyao said innocently. Just when she was dwelling in her thoughts, she realized that Chen's smile was stretching further up to his ears. 

"Asshole! Die now! Are you playing with me?! I'm not going to talk to you anymore!" Xiaoyao's face turned red immediately. She got down the car when it stopped and ran to her mansion.

"My cute pumpkin…"

Chen's smile returned to normal whilst staring at Xiaoyao's elegant back. After driving for some distance, Chen stopped his car at the roadside and took out his cellphone to check on the Red Envelope Group. Everyone was spamming in the group earlier. That was why Chen had to reject Xiaoyao's embarrassed request.

Bull Demon King: Have you heard about it? The Primeval Lord of Heaven is going to announce a new Three Realms Mission soon! (Shocking)

Hangman: I heard about it! I know everyone can participate in this mission! The person that completes the mission will receive thousands of years worth of training! (Looking forward)

Spider Demon: Oh God! Thousands of years of training?! This is so awesome!"

Skeletal Queen: That right! To demons like us, a thousand years worth of training is something really huge! Anyone knows the details of that mission? I have to register as a participant!

Hong Haier: I heard the Primeval Lord of Heaven is going to send the participant to a lost land called earth!

Bull Demon King: What? To the lost land? That place has no Spiritual Qi at all! Only idiots will go to a place like that! How did you acquire this piece of information? Is it reliable?

Hong Haier: NeZha was the one who told me about it! NeZha's Sifu is one of the Twelve Golden Deities; Taiyi Zhenren from the Chan Teaching! The Primeval Lord of Heaven had a meeting with them! Is this source reliable enough for you?

Bull Demon King: That… That's weird… Did NeZha tell you why Primeval Lord of Heaven wants to send us to the lost land?

Hong Haier: NeZha told me that the Primeval Lord of Heaven wanted us to recruit three million disciples! The mission is complete once he receives three million disciples!

Hangman: Damn it! I thought this mission is going to be an opportunity for ghosts and demons like us to upgrade our cultivation! In the end, this is just another mission that is designed for deities!

Spider Demon: Yea… We are going to leave now… I will be really grateful if our appearances do not freak out those human beings! Let alone recruiting disciples!

Skeletal Queen: Sigh… Chanism is the one that won the Fengshen war! Our days will be better if the Prime of Tongtian is the one who won that war…

Spider Demon: Shut your mouth! Nowadays, Renism, Chanism, and Jieism are a family now! You are going to get yourself in trouble if you continue to make statements like that! (Nervous)

Chen was thrown after seeing the messages in the chat group. Primeval Lord of Heaven, The Prime of Tongtian, and The Grand Supreme Lord Laotzu were known as the Three Qing! They were the three most powerful deities in Taoism! The three deities were most well-known deities among Seven Heaven Saints! During the war among the League of Gods, the Grand Supreme Lord Laotzu chose to stay hidden. The Primeval Lord of Heaven led Chanism to fight Jieism that was led by The Prime of Tongtian! In the end, the Primeval Lord of Heaven had to ask the Grand Supreme Lord Laotzu and two more saints from the western side; Zhunti and Jieyin to work together to destroy the Godkiller Formation. Finally, the Primeval Lord of Heaven won the League of Gods War! He became the ruler of heaven and the Three Realms! Also, he was the leader of the Three Qings! Chen had a hard time to believe the Primeval Lord of Heaven being interested in Earth!

"This is going to be so intense…" Chen was really shocked.

Planet earth was filled with people and buildings. Those deities were going to destroy it easily. Hundreds of buildings would be destroyed when Monkey King swung his Jingu Bang! Thousands of people would be squashed when Bull Demon King transformed into a huge creature! No one would be able to put out the Sanmei Fire spat out by Hong Haier!

What kind of mission was this?

It was like monsters invading planet earth! Not even the Superman could stop them!

"I cannot let this happen… Let me ask my Sifu about this mission… After all, planet earth is my home…" Chen gulped and quickly sent a message to The Prime of Tongtian. However, Chen did not get a reply even after waiting for a few minutes.

Chen decided to send a text message to NeZha as well. It seemed like NeZha was pretty free. Chen received an instant reply from him.

NeZha: God Chen! How can I help you? (Acting cute)

Chen: Everyone is talking about the Three Realms Mission in the group. I want to ask you something about that mission! Is the detail of that mission real? After all, planet earth is my home… (Sweating)

NeZha: It's true! In a few days, the Primeval Lord of Heaven is going to announce this mission in the chat group! Also, this mission is closely related to you!

Chen: Erm… Closely related to me? Tell me now! (Nervous)

NeZha: Planet earth is your home! Thus, you have to protect those deities that go to planet earth!

Chen: Me? (Sweating like waterfall) This must be a joke! My cultivation is really weak! I'm already having a hard time protecting myself! How am I going to protect those deities?

NeZha: This mission is really unique. Those deities that go to planet earth are forbidden from using their magical power! They are not allowed to carry their merit points with them as well! Thus, they are no different from ordinary human beings when they land on planet earth! So, you are going to be their guide, since they are not familiar with earth!

Chen: Are you sure that this mission is not a trap? How and when are they going to recruit three million disciples when they are not allowed to use their abilities and carry their merit points?

NeZha: Actually, it's not as difficult as you think! God Chen, you already own three hundred and fifty thousand disciples!

Chen: Huh? Three hundred and fifty thousand disciples? Why am I not aware of it?

Were disciples equivalent to fans?

The number of people in Chen's fans club was three hundred and fifty thousand!

NeZha: Now, you are not a deity yet! Thus, you can't sense it. The power of your worshippers is extremely useful when you become a real deity!

Chen: Becoming a deity? That's a long journey… I just want to know if I'm going to receive anything good if I agree to look after those deities?

NeZha: Yes! But…

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