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"Shit! The doctors have already tried to save Third Elder for multiple times! It seems like Third Elder is not going to live through the night!"

"There are very few people can live after being sent to the ICU! We should prepare for the worst! Let's send our Third Elder to the path to heaven with all the glory he deserves!"

"Third Elder's sickness was not stable at all! It has dragged on for over three years! I don't think any human can sure his sickness anymore… I hope he can ascend to heaven in peace…"

"Sigh… Master Tian left us first… Now, Third Elder is going to leave us as well… It appears that our faction is fated to be destroyed…"

All the elite members were very upset. To them, Third Elder was the most respectable person in their lives. After Murong Tian left them, Third Elder was the reason they had chosen to stay loyal to the faction. Things would turn around as the group of faithful faction members were going to go their own ways after Third Elder passed away.

Inside the ICU room.

A group of doctors left the room after a few minutes of doing their best to save Third Elder's life. Only the leading doctor remained in the room.

"Doctor Wong! How's Third Elder's condition?" Gu asked abruptly.

On the surface, the guy was pretending to care about Third Elder. However, the truth was far from it. He was actually looking forward to the death of Third Elder.

With Third Elder gone, he would be able to officially assume command of the entire gang.

"We have tried our best to save him… According to the data from our equipment, he can live for another three hours, at best…" Doctor Wong took off his mask, shook his head and said.

"How can this be?! How…"

Despite the tone of disappointment on the surface, Gu was, happy.

"Third Elder…"



Xiaoyao eyes were teary. She ran to the side of the bed, held on to Third Elder's arm and started to cry.

"My girl… Don't cry… It's okay… Life, death and sickness are part of our lives…" The third Elder was really calm. He even tried to console Xiaoyao.

"Third Elder's state of mind is really admirable… Unfortunately, his sickness is so bad that it is beyond salvation… Not even God can save him right now…"

Doctor Wong sighed heavily.

"F*ck you!"

Chen did not say a single word throughout the whole treatment. It was only then he suddenly shouted angrily, "Wong Shihao! You crook! Don't bullshit here, please! You're not too far off from committing murder out of inaction here!"

"How… How come you are here?"

Wong was busy to notice Chen at all. At then, his anger was triggered to the max when he saw Chen in the room. He could still remember the face slapping incident that happened not too long ago. His hatred for Chen was genuine. 

"Do you have any evidence to show that I'm a crook? You have no right to accuse me of killing people! Apologize to me right now! If not I'm going to bring this incident to court!" Wong shouted angrily.

"Chen Xiaobei! You are the one that is talking shit around here!"

Gu was siding with Doctor Wong. He said, "Doctor Wong is the most respectable and reputable doctor in Green Vine City! There are no good doctors in Green Vine City if he is a crook! You better apologize right now! I'm more than willing to testify for Doctor Wong to sue your ass!"

"Both of you! Shut up right now!"

At that moment, Xiaoyao stood up with tear marks on her face. She glared at Gu and Wong furiously. She might look sweet, but her wrath was not something that one should mess around with! Gu was not as fine. All he did was frown and shut his mouth. On the other hand, Wong was terrified by her. He almost fell to the ground.

"Chen Xiaobei! Do you have any solid evidence to accuse Doctor Wong of being a crook?" Xiaoyao asked seriously.

"That idiot mentioned that Third Elder could only live for another three hours at best! I'd say Third Elder can live for another three to five years at least! Is this evidence good enough?" Chen asked.

"What?! How is this even possible?"

Everyone was shocked when Chen made the statement. The difference between three hours and three years is huge! All the people in the room had a hard time believing in Chen. Even Xiaoyao did not know how to reply anymore.

The third Elder shook his head and smiled bitterly, "Xiaobei… You don't have to console me anymore… I know better than anyone about the condition of my body… Cough…"

"Okay… I'm not going to say anything more… I can promise you that you can check out from this hospital today if you place your trust in me! If you can't trust me, just forget everything that I've just said to you!" Chen said with a calm face. However, he sounded really confident and powerful.

"Bastard! Please go to another place to pull your lying act!"

Wong continued to shout angrily, "You were just lucky when you healed Boss Wu last time! This time, things are not going to be the same anymore! Third Elder's sickness is not some normal sickness that can be easily healed! Lightning might strike you if you continue to talk shit here!"

Gu started to shout as Chen as well, "Doctor Wong is an expert in this area! His iatrology thesis was published and received awards in this country! Even the Green Vine Hospital always invites him over to give lectures to the doctors over there! How dare a lying bastard like you say that Third Elder can check out from this hospital today when Doctor Wong said that Third Elder's sickness is beyond salvation! Do you really think you can just bullshit around here?!"

Wong was getting more and more proud after hearing Gu's compliment. He was looking forward to Chen's reply.

"Expert? I think he is an expert at killing people!"

Chen narrowed his eyebrows together and pointed at the doctor.

"The reason Doctor Wong cannot do anything about Third Elder's sickness is that he is utterly useless! Gu said that I'm talking shit is because he is a dumb ass! You two jokers can stop showing off in front of me!"


Gu and Wong's faces turned red immediately.

Wong was furious.

"How dare you say I'm useless? Tell me, how are you going to treat him?"

"Acupuncture is the key when it comes to traditional approach in curing others. I'm pretty confident that Third Elder can leave this bed after I treat him! Then, I will give him some traditional Chinese medicine to prevent the sickness from knocking his door again in three to five years!" Chen said confidently.

"This is absurd! Do you really think your traditional way of curing Third Elder can work?"

"Recently, there were a lot of mistakes made by doctors like you! The way those doctors that go for traditional approach cannot be compared with the advanced technology from western countries! Also, those herbs are utterly useless as compared to the newly developed medicine! You are going to kill Third Elder if you insist on curing him with your useless methods!" Wong retorted.

"You are absolutely right!"

Gu continued to say, "The traditional way of curing others is bound to cost someone's life sooner or later! It should be banned in this country! I used to study overseas for five years! The doctor in western countries considered the Chinese traditional way of curing others is equivalent to witchcraft! The government in our country should abandon it! The modern way of healing others is the real science!"

"What the hell did you just said? I would have slapped you both for idolizing western culture if Third Elder isn't here!"

Chen continued to scold them angrily, "The Chinese traditional way of curing others has thousands of years of history! It is our national treasure! Do you know why our Chinese traditional way of curing others is falling apart? It's because of people like you guys! There was a saying; a man without a spine is no different from a traitor! Both of you are exactly that kind of people! I think two of you have spent too much time in western bullshit!"

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