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During the charity dinner, Murong Tian had announced that he was going to leave his daughter in Chen's care. Thus, most of Murong Tian's followers knew and heard about Chen. All of them acted politely towards Chen. All except for the middle-aged guy with a suit and tie. He chose to ignore Chen completely. In other words, he was disobeying Murong Tian's order, indirectly. Could the guy be planning something bad? Chen made his first deduction towards this guy. But, none of them noticed this small but prominent move in this critical situation.

"Let me go in quickly!" Xiaoyao was the kind of girl who would care a lot for those close to her. Her eyes were getting teary. So, she quickly ran into the ICU room.

"You are not allowed to go in!"

The guy with a suit and tie stopped Chen from going inside.

"Who are you?" Chen asked coldly.

"Hmph! Have you heard of the name; Gu Caozhuo?! It seems like, Chen Xiaobei was just another idiot enjoying his undeserving fame!"

Chen could feel the hostility. Naturally, he had to defend himself, "Hehe… At least I have fame! Not like a nobody like you! What is your name again? I have never even heard of your name!"

"You…" Gu was really angry.

Those who knew Murong Tian in Green Vine Underground World must have heard of Gu Caozhuo! He was a respectable guy. However, Chen had treated him like some kind of passerby on the street. That was why Gu was so furious.

"Bro Bei! You are still young. It's totally understandable if you have not heard of Gu Caozhuo before. He was the one Master Tian appointed to take over the faction! Generally, he was known by the name Little Master Tian!"

"We are all from the same side. Peace is better than anything else in this world. We should not let this small misunderstanding affect our relationship!"

Those elite followers quickly came to make peace between Chen and Gu.

However, Gu chose not to make peace with Chen. He continued to say coldly, "I have never considered his bastard to be on our side!"

Chen squinted and started to analyze Gu. From the surface alone, he was definitely a selfish guy. He was actually being really cautious and envious of Chen! Soon, Chen figured out the reason why this guy acted so hostile towards him. The reason was Murong Tian had not asked him to take care of Xiaoyao. Instead, he had asked Chen to take care of his daughter.

Gu was envious that Murong Tian trusted Chen more than him. He was worried that Murong Tian might ask Chen to replace him.

"Please! You are an Uncle who is close to forty years old! Why are you behaving like a jealous girlfriend?!" Chen twitched his mouth and laughed.

"What the hell did you just say? Since when was I envious of you?!"

Chen managed to voice out Gu's thoughts with one line. Thus, he was really embarrassed and angry.

"I, Gu Caozhuo have all the power in this world! I can anything I want with the power that I have! Why would I envious of you! That must be some kind of joke!"

"I think you just overreacted! It seems like I just stepped on your tail!" Chen smiled.

"I…" Gu was shocked. He just realized that the way he acted was reflecting his very insecurities.

Then, people started to talk about Gu's behavior. He got more embarrassed after that.

"What the hell are you guys still doing here? Come in quick!" Xiaoyao said hastily.

"Okay! I'm coming in now!"

Gu responded. He turned around and talked to Chen coldly, "Kid! You have no right to go in! Stay here and wait…"

Before Gu could finish his sentence, Xiaoyao said, "Uncle Gu. Please don't come in first. Wait outside here. The third Elder wants to talk to Chen privately!"


Gu was even more embarrassed than before! He was so frustrated that his face turned green.

"Damn! Is this the legendary face slapping moment? Piak! Piak! Piak! This is really satisfying for me!" Chen said mockingly. Then, he walked past Gu and entered the ICU room.


Gu looked like someone had just forced him to eat a pile of shit. His hatred and envy towards Chen only grew deeper and deeper. He was already planning to kill Chen.

Upon entering the ICU room, Chen finally met Xiaoyao's Third Elder! He was an old man who was close to seventy years old. He had been bedridden for quite some time. There was a lot of advanced equipment connected to him to monitor his vitals. The equipment would alert the doctors if anything took a turn.

"You are Chen Xiaobei I presume?" Third Elder said softly. His voice was weak.

"Right. I'm Chen Xiaobei. How may I address you?" Chen asked politely.

"Let me do the introduction."

Xiaoyao saw that the Third Elder was having a hard time speaking. She decided to do the talking instead, "Third Elder is my father's good friend and mentor! Half of my father's achievements in Green Vine City are thanks to Third Elder!"

"Lady Xiaoyao… You are exaggerating it… Your father is really talented… I just did my best to help your father…" Third Elder's position was extremely high in Green Vine's Underground World. His humility had surpassed Gu's ego by miles and miles. Unfortunately, Third Elder was getting older and older. His sickness was making him suffer as well. If not, Murong Tian would definitely have not handed his throne over to Gu.

"What I can learn from you, Third Elder? I'm all ears." Chen said seriously.

"I'm not qualified to teach you anything… I just want to let you know the current situation in Green Vine Underground World…"

Then, Third Elder started to say slowly and softly, "The people that you saw outside and inside the hospital are only twenty percent of Murong Tian's followers… Do you know where have the rest of eighty percent followers gone to?"

"If I'm not mistaken, they are now in other factions! Now, they are our enemy!" Chen said.

"You are right…"

Third Elder nodded and said severely, "Someone told me that Qiu Hairui was recruiting people everywhere! He intends to come up with a new faction to eliminate you! At the same time, he wants to absorb all the other factions as well. His ultimate goal was to become the king of Green Vine Underground World!"

"Hmph! This retard has a really wild ambition!"

Chen was not affected by the news that he received at all. He even felt like laughing.

"Third Elder, you don't have to worry about it at all! Qiu is moving as I have planned!"

"What? This is your plan?" Third Elder said shockingly.


Chen nodded and continued to say, "I can eliminate this little Qiu Hairui anytime I want to! The reason he lives today was that I want him to recruit all the rogue members before I eradicate his faction! Then, we do not need to worry about this problem anymore!"

"Oh, my God… I'm very impressed that you can come up with an idea like this… It seems like the youngsters are catching up to the older generation…" The Third Elder was extremely shocked after hearing Chen's plan. Chen would be the king of Green Vine City if this plan worked! However, Chen might die if this plan failed! Chen definitely had some real balls! Compared to Qiu Hairui's plan, Chen was more ambitious than him!

*Breathing painfully*

Third Elder was not well, to begin with. His condition had worsened after getting overly excited. At the same time, the equipment that connected to him started beeping with alarms. Gu quickly rushed into the ICU room. Soon, the doctor arrived too.

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