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Chen was furious. He knew better than anyone else that traditional Chinese treatment was really effective and magical, since he had mastered the Compendium of Materia Medica, The King of Medicine's Journal, and Nine Dragon Acupuncture. The three items were the pride and glory of the Chinese people. Chen could understand that ordinary people might not understand the essence of the traditional approach. However, he would never allow anyone to say anything bad about the teachings of those three books.

Wu and Gu were speechless after Chen scolded them. Both of them were high achievers in their own fields. That was the first time they had ever received such a severe scolding from an outsider. Right then, the two of them were more than eager to beat Chen. However, Third Elder interjected abruptly when they were about to jump at Chen.

"You guys don't have to argue over me. I'm willing to let Xiaobei treat me…"

The Third Elder's voice was both soft and weak, yet there was a tone of determination. He wanted Chen to prove his worth.

"I know I'm going to die soon. I will be really grateful if Chen can heal me. I have nothing to lose even if Chen fails …"

"Okay! I will not argue with Chen anymore since Third Elder has already made up his mind! I shall let everyone know about this matter!"

Gu opened up the door and gathered up all the core members. He then announced to everyone that Chen was going to cure the Third Elder.

"How is this even possible? The hospital specialist mentioned that Third Elder could only live for another three hours! Is Chen Xiaobei trying to make our Third Elder suffer more? This must be some kind of joke!"

"You are right. Look at him! He is just a young man! I don't think he is an expert at in medicine, even though he might know a thing or two about curing others!"

"The most important thing is Third Elder's illness is beyond curing! Why can't he let Third Elder leave this world peacefully?"

"Stop messing around! We will not agree to this crap!"

Those core members did not believe in Chen's medicinal skill at all. None of them agree to Chen's proposal.

"Everyone! Quiet down, please! It was Third Elder's wish to let Chen treat him!"

Xiaoyao walked out from the ICU room and said gravely, "At least there is hope now since Chen is willing to try curing Third Elder's illness! It's better than laying on the bed and waiting for the reaper to take him away!"


Everyone was stunned. Then, they nodded and said, "Lady Murong, you are right! But, how sure are you that Chen can cure Third Elder's illness?"

"One hundred percent!" Chen said with his powerful and confident voice.

"Bastard! Where the hell is your humility? Not even the doctors like me who studied overseas would have the gut to say something like this! Do you really think that you are some kind of God?" Wong shouted angrily.

"Actually, I'm a humble person. It's just I'm really confident that the traditional treatments that I learned can definitely be used to cure Third Elder's illness!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and said with an if-not-me-then-who tone, "As a doctor, how are you going to ask your patients to believe in you when you are not confident about your own medicinal skill?"

"I…" Wong was speechless.

The people that stood around them changed their mindset towards Chen immediately. Looking at Chen's confidence level, they felt that Chen's traditional approach might be more effective than the modern approach.

"Since you are so confident about your medicinal skill; are you going to bear the consequences if there's anything bad happens to Third Elder?" 

Gu's tone was weird. It was, as if, he had something planned. 

"I will bear all the consequences! Are you happy now? Get lost!" Chen glared at them coldly. Then, he proceeded to push Gu and Wong out of the ICU room. After that, he slammed the door shut.

"What kind of attitude is that? Such arrogant son of a bitch!" Wong said angrily. On the other hand, Gu was not angry at all. On the contrary, he started to put on an ice-cold smile. To him, it was impossible for Chen to cure Third Elder. He was planning to put the blame to Chen when Third Elder passed away. Everyone would only start to hate Chen. In the end, no one will be able to shake his position as the big boss of the faction.

Inside the ICU room.

Chen put his hands into his pocket, tapped on his cellphone blindly and took out a bottle of Hundred Herbs Potion from his treasure chest.

"Third Elder, please drink this first."

Chen handed it to Third Elder. Chen proceeded to take out the silver needles that he brought along last time.

"Xiaobei! What did you just give me? I feel so alive right now!" Third Elder said in shock.

"Wow! Third Elder looks so much better right now! Is he completely cured? This is such a miracle!" Xiaoyao opened up her beautiful eyes widely and said shockingly.

"This bottle of potion is my secret formula. It will replenish your lost energy. In order to cure your illness, I need to apply acupuncture to you." Chen shook his head humbly.

"So, you do know the art of acupuncture?" Xiaoyao's face turned red immediately. She immediately recalled the breast enlarging favor that Chen had offered her earlier.

"So, this Chen Xiaobei is not lying to me. I wonder how good his acupuncture skill is? Should I ask him to enlarge my breasts after he cures Third Elder?" Xiaoyao thought. Her face was getting redder and redder. On the other hand, Chen went into his ultrfocus mode. 

He opened up his needle pocket and took out a silver needle. Then, he used his finger to move the silver needle. Half a minute later, he finally placed the needle on Third Elder. At then, his acupuncture treatment was completely different.

All he did was poked a needle in Third Elder's chest and never let it go. It was subtle and slow; almost motionless to someone else, yet his fingers were slithering around the needles, moving it. 

"Hot! The needle is burning hot!"

Third Elder did not feel anything in the beginning. Three minutes later, he could the burning sensation flowing from the silver needle into his body.

"Third Elder, please hang on. I'm using my Qi to eliminate your typhotoxin. It will get even hotter soon. I want to make sure this illness does not come knocking on your door anymore!" Chen explained while moving the needle at the same time.

"How do you know that I was diagnosed with typhotoxin?" The third Elder said, startled.

"Traditional Chinese Approach is all about observing, smelling, asking, and touching. One can observe the person's Qi after mastering the art of traditional medicinal skill. That was how I diagnosed your illness."

Then, Chen continued to say calmly, "As for the western approach, I wouldn't say that they are completely useless. They simply rely too much on technology and machine-diagnosis. Without the reports generated by the machine, they are completely blind. It is impossible for them to diagnose any illness without the help of machines!"

"Actually, the typhotoxin that resides in your body is just a flow of stagnant cold Qi! The western approach failed to diagnose it; thus, the doctors told you that it was impossible to be cured!"

"Such a talented young man! I did not expect you to know so much about medicinal skill at your age!" The third Elder was impressed.

"Third Elder, you flatter me…"

Chen's finger's twitched and Chen reminded him, "The silver needle is getting hotter now. Please hang in there!"


Third Elder nodded. Initially, the temperature of the silver needle was still bearable. A few minutes later, the silver needle was as hot as fire.

"Ah… Ouch…" The third Elder was screaming in pain.

Outside the ICU room.

"Why is our Third Elder screaming in pain?! That Chen Xiaobei is a quack!"

Gu took this opportunity to stir up the core members, "Brothers! I will not forgive that Chen Xiaobei if he makes our Third Elder suffer before passing away! I will make him suffer and bury him alive with Third Elder!"

"Gu Caozhuo! Who are you going bury alive?"

At that moment, the door was flung open. Both Third Elder and Chen walked out of the ICU room together with a strong gust of wind. Both of them glared at Gu coldly.

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