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Chen was not happy that these gangsters had come over to collect protection fees from him before he even started doing his business. Moreover, the people of Black Tiger Gang were Chen's enemies. Thus, Chen was going to show them zero mercy!


Chen extended his punch as well. It collided with the muscular guy's punch in the next second.


The muscular guy screamed in agony. His arm was completely destroyed. It dangled around like jelly. The excruciating pain caused him to roll on the floor.

"Eh? It seems like this kid is pretty powerful!" Ma frowned and considered calling back his goons. Those muscular guys were his elite followers. His power would be greatly reduced when they were defeated during combat. It was extremely hard and time-consuming to train a new batch of elite followers.

"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!"

Before Ma could make up his mind, the rest of his elite followers were screaming in agony and lay on the ground one by one. At then, Chen's combat power was powerful enough to defeat those muscular goons easily! It was like an adult fighting with a bunch of small kids! He managed to defeat them with only one single hit each. Half a minute later, all Ma's muscular goons had been completely defeated! Also, the types of injuries that they suffered would leave scars on their bodies for the rest of their lives!

"F*ck! Damn it!" Ma's face was twisted up. He was regretful of the decision that he made. He would have fought Chen personally if he knew he was going to lose all his elite followers!

"What the f*ck! Xiaobei is so powerful!"

The well-mannered and polite Wu accidentally used vulgar words in his sentence after seeing how Chen fought off those muscular goons.

"I didn't even have time to figure out what was going on, and the whole thing already ended! This is too damn awesome!"

Chen heard Wu's cheer. He quickly took a breather and turned to him. With a smug on his face, he winked. The look on Chen's face was extremely cocky.

"Son of the bitch! How dare you cripple my elite followers! Do you know who I am?" Ma charged at Chen and glared at him furiously. He gritted his teeth.

"Back at you! Do you know who am I?" Chen asked calmly.

"You? Eh? Hold on… You look really familiar… Allow me to think for a while…" Ma scratched his head and felt like he had seen Chen somewhere. However, he could not remember when and where did he last see Chen.

"Your eyes are getting worse… I think your mind is deteriorating as well! I wonder, how the hell did you survive up till now? Chen sighed whilst shaking his head in disapproval. 

"Motherf*cker! How dare you call me a retard? I don't remember who the hell you are! I don't want to remember it! A strong and powerful fist is the iron rule in this Jianghu! Whether you are a king or a God, you will have to kneel in front of me if I'm more powerful than you!" Ma shouted angrily.

He flexed his muscles and charged at Chen like a savage bull.


The next second, Ma felt as if a slap had just landed on his face. He could roughly see that Chen was the one who had slapped him. It was so fast that he could not even see the shadow of the hand. That speed was so fast that it did not seem to be attainable by any human being! That strength did not look like it came from a human either.

A single slap, and Ma felt like a car had just crashed into his face. He was suffering from an extreme headache, and he saw golden stars all around him after the slap. He was sent flying as far as five meters!

"Ouch… Ouch…"

Ma lay on the ground, paralyzed. He was covering his face and squealing like a pig at the same time. Teeth and blood poured out from his mouth. Other than that, he felt like all the bones inside his body were all completely messed up. He could not even muster any strength to stand up. One single small move was enough to trigger pain all over his body.

"Oh my God… Why is Sanbao Bro lying on the floor?"

"It… It seems like that kid knows how to teleport. He just defeated our boss within a second…"

"This is so damn scary! I think his combat power is even higher than our big boss; Dongfang Hong!"

Hundreds of gangsters were completely stunned after seeing their boss being defeated by Chen easily. All of them were trembling with fear. They did not even dare take a deep breath.

"Oh my God! Is this a dream?"

Wu was extremely shocked as well. His mouth was wide open. It was big enough to fit a fist in his mouth. He never excepted the infamous Black Tiger Gang Defender to be defeated by a single slap!

"Too powerful… I don't think I can reach this kind of combat power even if I spend the rest of my life training myself!"

Wu stood there, petrified. He had to admit that Chen was definitely a unique guy. He had a lot of good traits that the other guys did not have. It was no wonder that Lan favored Chen more.

"You guys are so f*cking weak! You couldn't even take one slap from me! You dare say that your fist is the rule here!" Chen clicked his tongue. 

"You… Who the hell are you… Since when did someone like you exist in Green Vine City… Also, you are so damn young… How did you possess such immense power?" Ma looked at Chen terrifyingly. It was as if he was seeing a monster standing in front of him! He had a lot of questions in his mind, but there were no answers to all those questions.

"Who am I? You have to figure it out yourself! I want you to answer me right now! Are you going to pay me two hundred thousand protection fees?" Chen asked mockingly.


Ma was stunned. Of course, he was not willing to pay Chen. He gritted his teeth and said, "Kid! You better let us go now! It will not be so awkward when we meet again next time! After all, I'm a pretty famous and powerful figure in Green Vine City! Plus, I have the whole Black Tiger Gang supporting me! It's not good for both of us if we mess this up!"

"You? You are famous and powerful?"

Chen's face turned cold and walked over to Ma. Then, he placed his foot on Ma's face and said, "I will not ask the same question three times! Are you going to pay me the protection fees or not?"

"Oh God! Who the hell is that kid? Where did he get the balls to step on Ma's face?"

"Too… Too arrogant… That kid is definitely the most arrogant person that I've ever seen!"

"He is so damn powerful! He has all the rights to be arrogant!"

"So, are we going to save our boss?"

"Save your Ass! If you want to die, go on ahead! Don't drag us into this deep shit!"

Those hundreds of gangsters had lost their morale. They would not dare to fight with Chen even if they had hundreds of balls!

"What the f*ck… You guys are true sons of bitches…" Ma was so frustrated that he was going to vomit blood.

"It seems like the pain is not enough to make you pay me the protection fees!"

Chen's glare turned cold and proceeded to insert more strength in his foot and rubbed Ma's face on the concrete road with his feet.

"Pain… This is so damn painful…"

Ma's face ground against the road. No sooner, a wide, long trail of blood was seen on the tar road. 

"I will pay you… I will pay you…" Ma said in agonizing pain. The incident was definitely going to be the most embarrassing thing he has ever faced in his life. Everybody was going to laugh at him when others learned of this incident. Well, a powerful punch was the iron rule in Jianghu. If one could not defeat another person, that person had to surrender and do whatever the other person told him/her to do! Moreover, Ma was considering the possibility of gaining revenge if he lived to fight another day!

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