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Wu was shocked. Initially, the gangsters from Black Tiger Gang were going to collect protection fees from Chen. However, the tables had turned when Chen was the one collecting protection fees from them! That was, by far, the most "cockiest" act Wu had ever seen. 

"Go and withdraw money for me right now since you have already made up your mind!" Chen lifted up his feet from Ma's face.

"Withdrawing money is too damn troublesome! May I wire the money to you instead? Tell me your account number, and I shall transfer the money to you right now!" Ma said softly. However, he looked like he was planning something bad under Chen's nose. He wanted to check out Chen's name while doing the transfer. That way, he could act against him soon enough! Chen noticed Ma acting weird. Still, he chose not to expose him. He told his account number to Ma immediately.

"You… You… You…" Ma was extremely shocked after he made the transfer. It was as if Chen had turned into a powerful demon after figuring out Chen's name. His eyes were filled with fear.

"You are Chen Xiaobei?" Ma finally came up with the courage to ask the question. It only then did he knew why Chen looked so familiar to him. Chen Xiaobei never got involved in any gang-related matter yet his name was extremely famous in Green Vine City's underground world!

He defeated Xiao Tianma!

He destroyed the Beast Fight Colosseum!

He killed Xiang Lengfeng!

He bitch slapped Qiu Hairui!

Finally, he was the one who helped the Fire Boss become the big boss of the underground world, right now!

It was then, the name Chen Xiaobei had become a legend! For those who had not heard about the name; Chen Xiaobei was not worthy to make a living in Jianghu! That was not exaggerating at all! Those hundreds of gangsters behind Ma froze after they knew the person that defeated their boss was Chen! It was as if Chen was a God to them! All of them were gulping non-stop! Their legs went soft as well. They were almost going to kneel down in front of Chen.


Che landed another slap on Ma and scolded, "Who the hell are you?! Do you really think that you are worthy enough to call out my name?!"

"I… I…"

Ma was stunned for a few seconds. Then, he said fearfully, "You… You are Bro Bei?"

Qiu Hairui and Dongfang Hong were in bad shape right now because of Chen. So, Ma was really not worth calling Chen's full name!

"Hmph! Cut the bullshit! Pay me the protection fees right now! If not, I will destroy your Black Tiger Gang right f*cking now!" Chen said furiously.

"Yes… Yes… Yes…"

Ma was so freaked out that he almost peed himself.

"I should have paid up immediately if I knew the person that I'm dealing with is Bro Bei! You see! This is all a big misunderstanding!"

"Hmph! Judging from your time, have you finally come to your sense to pay me the protection fees?" Chen grinned.

"More than willing… More than willing… As long as Bro Bei is not angry at us anymore… I will pay the protection fees to you right away…" Ma nodded non-stop.

"Okay… Since you insist! I'm going to ask two million from you guys now!" Chen shrugged and said casually.


Ma almost vomited after hearing Chen's demand.

"What? Two million? It's not like I'm insisting!"

"Eh?" Chen glared at Ma and lifted up his hand to the mid-air.

"No! No! No! I will pay up… I will pay…" Ma was freaked out. He entered the figure that Chen had demanded on his cell phone immediately.


Chen received a message notifying that two million had been transferred to his account.

"Alright. It seems like you are a pretty reasonable guy! Now! Get the hell out of my sight now!"

Chen waved his hands to indicate that Ma had his permission to leave this place.

"Okay… Bye Bro Bei! Bye Bro Bei!" Ma nodded and brought his followers and fled the place right away.

"Oh right! Please bank in the same amount of money to me next month! It is not necessary for you to come to me personally! You can just bank it into my account! I don't want to see you f*ck face anymore!" Chen shouted loudly from the back.


Ma lost his balance and fell on the floor. He had finally realized that the two million that he had sent Chen just now was the protection fees for a single month! That was almost all his current savings! Fear was all he could feel then. Complaints? He would rather swallow them whole then voicing it out! 

"Boss…The most important thing is we are still alive… We can…" The blonde guy quickly ran over to Ma and helped him up.


Ma landed a slap on the blonde guy before he could finish his words.

"Motherf*cker! You stupid f*cker, you made him angry! I had to take the fall for it!"

Ma shouted angrily, "Come and kick and step him together!"

A bunch of gangsters and charged at the blonde guy and started to kick and beat him up. Ma got up and made a call immediately.

"Boss… Chen Xiaobei is here in our territory… Our gang might get destroyed if we don't kill this Chen Xiaobei right now!"

Chen locked up his shop and brought the shell-shocked Wu for dinner. After that. Chen sent Wu home to let him slowly recover from the shock that he received just now. Then, Chen headed to North Mountain Mansion to tell Xiaoyao about the incident at Emperor Yan's tomb.

Well, Chen had to modify the story slightly to make it more believable. He did not tell her about the involvement of Poseidon and Luo, because he did not want to drag Xiaoyao into the pile of deep.

"You asshole, Chen Xiaobei! How dare you go and raid the tomb without me?!"

Xiaoyao was so angry and frustrated after hearing Chen's version of the story. She interrogated Chen, "Tell me now! Why did you leave me alone here?!"

"I just told you that it was really dangerous!" 

"Hmph! You are actually pretty sweet! I'm glad that my safety is your primary concern!" Xiaoyao pursed her lips, and she was not that angry anymore.

"Don't be so narcissistic, please! I will fear for my own safety if I bring you along with me! You are super careless! Also, you are a troublemaker! I'm not brave enough to bring you with me!"

Chen rolled his eyes.

"What did you just say?! Are you looking for some beating?!" Xiaoyao got really angry. She lifted up her fist and wanted to beat Chen up.

"I think you are the one looking for some beating! Have you forgotten me spanking your ass last time?" Chen swung his hands in the air and said mockingly.

"You… Asshole!" Xiaoyao quickly unclenched her fists, covered up her ass and ran away from Chen. She did not dare to not play nice in front of Chen. Not even her own father has spanked her ass before. Chen was the first one on the earth to have spanked her ass! She got no choice but to run away from Chen since she could never defeat Chen.

"It's for your own good! You are going to be taken advantage of if you don't cure your princess-like disease now!" said Chen with an upright stature. 

"Pfft! Don't try to make up some lame excuse! I will definitely beat you up when I'm more powerful than you!" Xiaoyao's face was all puffed up like a mad little lioness.

"I'm not trying to make up any lame excuses!"

Then, Chen continued to say seriously, "As a traditional Chinese doctor, I can tell you that getting angry all the time is not good for your health! Especially for a woman like you!"

"Lie! Please continue to lie in front of me!" Xiaoyao didn't believe in Chen at all.

"Look down if you don't believe in me!" Chen said.

"What's there?"

Xiaoyao looked down and said puzzledly, "I don't see anything at all!"

"My point exactly!"

Chen grinned.

"Girls with bad tempers are normally flat chested! What do you expect to have? F cups?"

"Asshole Xiaobei!!!!!! I'm going to kill you!!!!!!!"

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