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"Xiaobei! Listen to me. The Black Tiger Gang is not something that we should mess with! We are going to be hurt really badly if we stay here and continue to mess with them!"

Wu continued nervously, "Moreover, this is the east side of the city! This is where the Black Tiger Gang's headquarters are located! Dongfang Hong is here leading his gang! Basically, they are the kind of people who are more than willing to murder and destroy to gain profit! Even the policemen are afraid of them!"

"Alright… You can go first if you want… Black Tiger Gang is just a small gang… I doubt they can do anything to me…" Chen took a chair from somewhere and sat right in front of his shop.

"Er…" Wu stunned before he rolled his eyes at Chen. In the end, Chen did not even take in any advice from Wu. He failed to understand why was Chen not afraid of a terrifying gang like the Black Tiger Gang.

"I'm not going if you are not going! If we are to die, I choose to die together with you!" Wu gritted and said.

"Damn! Are you going to die for me because of love? I'm not gay!" Chen grinned and laughed evilly.

"Get out from here! This is not a good time to joke around! I can see that you are really good at combat! But, can you defeat the two most powerful defenders of Black Tiger Gang? Can you defeat Dongfang Hong?"

"Wow! So, there are defenders and Dongfang Hong in Black Tiger Gang! They definitely sound pretty powerful! But, I really like to fight with powerful people! Let's not jump to conclusions first! I might be able to defeat them easily!" Chen laughed.

Wu frowned and said, "They are the infamously powerful defenders in Green Vine City! Black Tiger Gang got to where they are today because of their ruthless violence! You will die in second if they come here to fight with you personally!"

"Hehe…" Chen laughed condescendingly, took out his cellphone and started to play with it, his head bowed down. He logged in to his Weibo and uploaded a few pictures of First Love Peach. He included a caption beneath the pictures as well; First Love Peach! I will be selling it to you guys soon!!! Time: Within three days! Location: Ten fruit shops at *** road *** number…) Price: It's really expensive!

The quiet fan club became really active all of a sudden after Chen updated his status.

[Wow! My Bro Bei is online again! And, he bears us great news! The First Love Peach that we were really looking forward to is finally available!]

[Bro Bei! Can you be more specific about the day? Ah, I don't care anymore! I'm going to stay in front of the fruit shop every day for twenty-four hours! I cannot miss the First Love Peach!]

[Seems like the price is really mysterious… But! I'm going to use all the money that I received from my Red Envelope to buy the First Love Peach!]

[Since Bro Bei and Goddess Lan are promoting this First Love Peach, I'm more than willing to spend all the money that I have to buy First Love Peach!]

[Buy! Buy! Buy!]

Chen had around three hundred and thirty-three thousand fans! Most of them were rather active as well! Thus, the comments kept pouring in like a waterfall. Soon, the news spread to the whole Green Vine City. It was more efficient than the advertisements on TV! It was due to the huge increment of Chen's charm during his trip to Emperor's Yan tomb. The number of his fans grew slowly to three hundred and thirty-five thousand!

That was just the beginning! Another wave of people will join Chen's base during the launch of First Love Peach!

Besides that, First Love Peach was really delicious. By that time, every single one of Chen's fans would definitely rate it five stars in Weibo! It was practically impossible for Chen not to be famous! Ten minutes later, Chen's cell phone started to ring non-stop. All those people from the upper society started to call in to preorder the First Love Peaches from Chen! Some of them wanted to preorder a ton of First Love Peaches. Some of them wanted to preorder two tonnes of First Love Peach! There were even people who wanted to buy the whole forest of First Love Peach!

However, all of them were rejected by Chen. He told them, "You guys have to line up if you guys want to buy the First Love Peach! Everyone is equal in front of the First Love Peach!"

All those people from upper society were speechless when Chen told them about the rules of buying First Love Peaches! No matter who it was, everyone only had one first love. So, for those who want to taste the sweetness of First Love Peach, they must work hard to get it. There was nothing that those people from upper society could do now except to come early and line up in front of Chen's shop during the launching day.

"Here they come! Xiaobei… A lot of gangsters are coming at us… We are doomed! Blame my stupid mouth! We are going to die this time…" Wu cried out when Chen was indulging in his plans.


Chen lifted up his head and saw at least a hundred gangsters surrounding his shop. The leader was a middle-aged man with an eye patch. He looked like he was in his forties. Judging from his angry look, he looked exactly like those sect leaders in the movies! On the other hand, the blonde guy was closely following behind the eye-patched guy like a loyal dog.

"Who is that guy?" Chen kept away his cellphone and asked calmly.

"One Eye Dragon; Ma Sanbao! He is the left hand of Black Tiger Gang! His combat power is only slightly lower than Dongfang Hong! He is famous for his temper in Green Vine City! Kids will cry when they hear his name!" Wu said nervously.

"Quick question... You're not a kid, are you?" said Chen. 

"No. I'm not…" We replied whilst a cold sweat dripped from his chin. 

"Why do you look like you are going to cry soon?" Chen said mockingly.

"I… There are hundreds of people coming at us! It's only normal for me to freak out! Also, I have not married Lan Mengchen yet! I don't want to die here!"

"Man! Do you believe that I'm going to give you a tight slap now? Open your eyes and watch me! I'm going to let you know why Lan chose me over you!" Chen scolded jokingly and sat him down on the chair.

"Psst! Mengchen mentioned that the both of you are only good friends! She did not choose you! You are one thick faced monster!" Wu said angrily.

"Then, should I be the one sitting here and watching you fight those guys?" Chen smiled and said.

"I…" Wu gulped a mouthful of saliva. His temper was gone, immediately.

"Just sit tight and watch me!" Chen tapped Wu's shoulder and walked towards the gangsters.

"Sanbao Bro! That is the son of the bitch that I mentioned to you just now!"

The blonde guy pointed at Chen and taunted him, "He is the one that beat us up! He wanted to collect protection fees from Black Tiger Gang as well! In other words, he just slapped the face of Black Tiger Gang! This bastard is getting way over his head!"

"Motherf*cker! All of you here! Go and beat him up and drag him here! I want to teach him how to become a better human being!"

Ma swung his hand to signal the "troops". He was not keen on fighting Chen personally.

Five to six muscular men started to charge at Chen after Ma laid out the order. Judging from the size of their bodies and the way they moved, Chen knew that they were more powerful than the followers of the blonde guy. Ma believed that six of his followers were more than enough to defeat Chen!

"Son of the bitch! Die now!"

They threw their punches and kicks at Chen.

"You guys don't even know what death is!"

Chen said calmly, "All these muscular guys were not worthy!"

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