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"You are not going to pay me the protection fees?!"

The blonde guy glared at Chen and growled, "I will make sure that your business will not be able to operate here if you still refuse to pay me!"

"Are you sure?"

Chen stared at the blonde guy. It seemed like, Chen was going to slap his arrogant face real soon. However, Wu pulled Chen away all of a sudden.

"Xiaobei! Your temper is horrible! Things are going to turn sour on both sides if a fight breaks out!" Wu said softly.

"My temper is bad? Do you want me to talk nicely and logically with that son of the bitch?" Chen rolled his eyes.

"I'm not asking you to talk nicely. Buy, you really shouldn't plan to beat him up!"

We responded.

"There is a way to deal with people like this! Watch and learn! I don't want others to take advantage of you in the future!"

"Erm… Alright… I shall stand beside you and see how you deal with him!"

"Blond hair boss! You better not get over your head here!"

Wu approached him and said. "This is a gift from Wu Family to my friend here! Not only is Mr. Chen my brother but also the benefactor of my family! Basically, you are getting on my family's nerve if you choose to go against Mr. Chen! I can promise you that things will not end well for you if my family decides to go against you!"

It looked like Wu's statement was going to work on them. It was a smart move for him bring up his family's name to avoid further conflict!

"Hehe… Of course! I know I will not survive if your family were to oppose me!"

The blonde guy continued, "But, we will not be able to feed ourselves if we don't go against your family! All my brothers here are waiting to receive protection fees to live by every single day!"

People would die for money and birds would die for food! Those gangsters started to get agitated when they heard that their monthly income was going to be affected. All of them glared at Wu. They looked like they would kill one's family if the person tried to block their paths of getting rich. The situation became really awkward since Wu wanted to show off his way of dealing with this kind of people! However, this bunch of gangsters was not cooperative.

"Fine! We shall see! I want to know how are you guys going to stop me from doing business here?" Wu frowned and said.

"Hehe… We have a lot of creative ways to make your business close down!"

The man crossed his arm arrogantly.

"I can splash your shop with red paint, mixed with shit and pee. Other than that, I can start a fire that is small enough, not to burn down your whole house! Or, I can poison your fruits from time to time as well! Damn! I think I have too many ways to destroy your business! Are you going to guard this place for twenty-four hours every single day?"

"You bastard! Aren't you afraid that I'm going to call the police?" Wu gritted his teeth. 

"Afraid? Afraid my ass! At most, the police will hold me at the detention center for a few days! I will be doing what I'm doing now when they release me! Bite me!"

"I…" Wu could not find the words to respond.

"There's a saying; You would rather offend the boss rather than his annoying followers! Master Wu, I advised you not to mess with followers like us! You and I will be very happy once you pay us the protection fees!" The blonde guy laughed.

"I…" Wu's face turned green. He was really frustrated.

"Don't talk anymore! Let me do the talking this time! Watch me!"

Chen walked towards Wu and said happily, "Watch me. Next time, do the same when you meet another bunch of gangsters!"

"Asshole! Please don't act tough in front of us! I want to see what can you do to us!" The blonde guy shouted arrogantly.


A loud slapping sound echoed in the air. The blonde guy kissed the ground. He puked a mouthful of blood when he opened up his mouth. Teeth followed closely after.

"Oh my God… It's impossible for me to learn what you are doing right now…" Wu was stunned.

"Little blonde guy! From today onwards, you are required to send me two hundred thousand as protection fees every month! If not, you won't be able to live in Green Vine City anymore!" Chen said coldly.

"Motherf*cker! Who do you think you are? How dare you collect protection fees from the member of Black Tiger Gang! Brothers! Go and beat him up now! Cripple him!" The blonde guy covered his face while shouting hysterically.

A dozen of gangsters surrounded Chen once the blonde guy commanded. All of them put on their vicious looks. It seemed like they were about to beat Chen up!

"A pile of garbage! I'm going to let you know my true identity today!" Chen ready his palm and charged at the person at the frontline.


One more loud slap and the gangster was sent flying to the tar road. His face became completely swollen. The excruciating pain caused him to roll on the floor. He could not even get up and fight anymore!

"Son of the bitch! You are too damn arrogant! You can't beat up the members of Black Tiger Gang just like that!"

The rest of the gangsters charged at Chen without a second thought.

"What? You guys are from Black Tiger Gang? Xiaobei! Don't fight them anymore! We are going to get ourselves in deep shit if we go against the Black Tiger Gang!"

"Black Tiger Gang? Hehe…" Chen laughed condescendingly. To a normal Green Vine City citizen, Black Tiger Gang was extremely terrifying. However, Chen already knew that the Fire Boss controlled most of the Black Tiger Gang, except for the Black Tiger Gang at the east side of the city.

Chen could have destroyed all of them with one call! Basically, the matters of life and death of the Black Tiger Gang were in Chen's hands right now! Obviously, the bunch of gangsters was looking the tickets to enter hell!


Chen landed a punch on the gangster's chest that stood closest to Chen. His rib cage was destroyed instantly. Chen then jumped into mid-air and extended both of his legs to the faces of another two gangsters. Their noses were bleeding, and it was impossible for them to battle anymore. The rest of the gangsters were extremely shocked after seeing the way Chen defeated their gang members. However, Chen did not wait for them to react and think. He went into full battle mode and defeated all of them.

"Listen carefully! You have one hour to send two hundred thousand protection fees to me! If not, you are going to bear the consequences!" Chen shrugged and said in a powerful tone.

Other than the pain on those gangsters' bodies, they were extremely frustrated as well. That was the first time someone was collecting protection fees from them. Chen was asking for two hundred thousand on top of that! It was not the kind of astronomical figure that they expected.

"Blonde hair boss! What are we supposed to do now?" A gangster with his face swollen asked.

"Needless to say! We need to go back to ask more people to help us! This kid is so arrogant that he has the balls to cause trouble in our territory! Does he really think that Black Tiger Gang is the kind of gang that he should mess with? I'm going to show him the color of his own blood!" The blonde guy said furiously. After that, all those gangsters helped each other escape the scene quickly.

"Xiaobei! Let's go now! We are going to be in trouble if they send more people here!" Wu said nervously.

"Hehe…" Chen smiled. It seemed like he had everything under his control. 

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