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"Ouch… I'm going to die from this itch… F*ck! Why the hell is it so damn itchy? Ouch…"

Every single member of Hundred Beasts Faction was scratching all over their bodies to stop the itch. They felt like thousands of ants were crawling on their bodies and biting them at the same time. They wished that they had the balls to tear off their own skins right now.

"Poison Rat… What kind of poison is this… Ah… Antidote… Bring out the antidote!!"

Long shouted furiously. His handsome face was filled with bloody, scratching marks!

"This is Itchy Powder!"

Poison Rat was in an even worse state. His face had been completely disfigured. He forced the words out through his pain, "This is just a low-level poison… It is not supposed to cause any harm to our bodies… I stopped bringing the antidote for this poison a long time ago… Ah…"

"You f*cking dumbass! I'm dying from this itch soon… How dare you say it's not effective…" Long scolded angrily.

He is the leader of Hundred Beats Faction. He had never been in such bad shape before! It was a great humiliation for him!

"This itchy power is super effective towards us… This kid's knowledge of poison is better than me…I'm impressed by his itchy powder…" Poison Rat said fearfully.

"Motherf*cker! Why are you saying this kind of thing right now… Antidote! Think of some ways to take the itch away!" Long shouted.

"Antidote… We can't take it anymore… We are going to die if there's no antidote!"

The itch made all of them suffer a great deal of agony. Especially Old Tortoise, he was rolling on the floor. He seemed closest to death.

"God… I must be dreaming…"

On the other hand, Luo was completely shocked. She had her mouth wide opened and said in shock, "Poison Rat is known as the expert at poison in Dragon City… He just mentioned that Chen's knowledge towards poison is better than him… This is crazy… This kid… He is good at medical skill, martial art, and business… Now, he's good at using poison… Looks like, he is some kind of prodigy who knows everything! He is a monster!"

Luo was standing there petrified. Suddenly, she realized that she did not know Chen that well anymore. She could not imagine what kind of once-in-lifetime opportunity did this village boy encounter to get to where he is today! It was unbelievable!

"Bao Linshuang! Hand us the antidote now! You should know clearly that I can bite down on the itch and chomp you down in that instance!" Long shouted madly.

"Yes. I admit that itchy powder is not enough to defeat you guys, but I can promise you guys that all of you here will suffer more if you come after Luo and me!" Chen nodded and said.

"F*ck you! Do not even try to threaten us!"

Long's face was almost unrecognizable. Then, he shouted angrily, "Mad Owl! Are you confident enough to kill that bastard?!"

"Of course!"

A guy with straight eyebrows and white hair stepped forward. Although he felt extremely itchy, he did not scratch as much as other did. Clearly, he must be very powerful since he could hold on to the itch, he would be the best person to kill Chen!

"Sky Monkey was careless earlier! That's why he lost to that kid! I will not make the same mistake! I will go at him with everything that I have!" Mad Owl gritted his teeth and said with determination.

"You… You have to remember… To dodge the attack from his saber… Attack his vulnerable part…Then, you should be able to trounce him…" Old Tortoise reminded Mad Owl while scratching himself.

"Don't you worry! I can do it!" Mad Owl glared at Chen and charged at him.

"Be careful!"

At the same time, Luo reminded Chen, "This guy is the right hand of Long Aotian! He is more powerful than Sky Monkey!"


[Cultivation: Middle phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 9000. Combat power: 9000!]

Of course, Chen would not underestimate his opponent. He used his Netherspirit Battlescouter to check on his opponent immediately. Just like what Luo told him, this guy was powerful! But, Chen was not afraid of him at all. All he did was to take a few steps back slowly to a very strategic spot. He was now close to Sky Monkey.

"Divine Owl Gimlet!"

At the same time, Mad Owl closed in on Chen. He was holding some kind of stick like a metal gimlet in his hands! His red True Qi was visible to the naked eye. A red afterimage that looked like a bright red anaconda was shown when he charged at Chen. The sharp gimlet looked like the fangs of the anaconda! A hole would definitely form in Chen's body if the gimlet penetrated his body, successfully!

"Son of the bitch! This time, you will not be able to dodge my attack! I will destroy your heart!" Mad Owl shouted, and he had his eyes fixed on Chen's heart.

Ten meters!

Five meters!

Three meters!

The sound of sharp wind blowing could be heard all of a sudden when Mad Owl's gimlet was one meter away from Chen.

"Son of the bitch! Die now! I will kill you for chopping off my arm!" Sky-Monkey jumped up suddenly. His right arm was gone, and his combat power had dropped significantly, but he still had the strength to destroy Chen's head!

"Be careful of your back!!!"

Luo screamed from far. At this moment, Chen was placed in a fatal position! Two enemies were really close to killing him! Chen's fate will be decided the next second. Luo was pretty sure that not even she could get out from that kind of fatal situation!

"Sky Monkey! Nice one! That bastard will surely die now! Hahaha…"

Long and the rest of his faction members were really excited. They were pretty sure that Chen would not be able to survive the attacks. Logically speaking, their deductions were not wrong at all. Unfortunately, Chen was not the kind of person that could be predicted easily! Thus, logic could not be used to define Chen!


Chen turned around all of a sudden at this critical moment. He channeled all his strength into both of his arms and swung his Demonic Dragon Apocalypse at Sky Monkey!

"Oh my god! This guy must be insane!"

Sky Monkey was extremely shocked. He never thought that Chen would actually turn around and attack him.


Chen's black saber landed on Sky Monkey's left arm and bent it at an almost impossible angle! The only thing Sky Monkey thought about just now was killing Chen; thus, he did not leave anything behind to defend himself!


Sky Monkey's left arm flew off his shoulder!

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