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Blood was spilling out of Sky Monkey like a fountain once more. The excruciating pain and the loss of blood made him weak. No sooner, he collapsed to the ground. There was no way for him to continue fighting anymore! Everyone was shocked when they saw what happened to Sky Monkey. It was certain that Chen's surprise attack was flawless. He took care of Sky Monkey within seconds!

However, Chen's back was now completely exposed to Mad Owl!

"You son of the bitch! How dare you ignore me?"

Mad Owl was consumed by a murderous aura. He shouted angrily, "Since you have the ball to turn your back on me! You should die now!"

The gimlet penetrated Chen's back like the fangs of an anaconda!


Luo screamed hysterically. The Ice Demon Queen's eyes were watery. Drops of tears started to roll down from her eyes. She had never cried ever since she attained adulthood. But, at that very moment, she could not stop crying.

"Nice! Good kill! Hahaha… Mad Owl! Search that son of the bitch for the antidote! Quick! It's so damn itchy… Hahaha…"

The members of Hundred Beasts Factions started to laugh together with Long. Although the itch was not gone, they were extremely relieved and satisfied when Mad Owl killed Chen.

"Mad Owl! Don't just stand there! Search for the antidote…" Long shouted impatiently.


Chen landed another slash on Mad Owl before Long could finish his sentence. Chen had aimed at Mad Owl's throat. All of them saw Chen slashing Mad Owl's throat from one end to the other end with his black saber!



Before they could figure out what was going on, Mad Owl's head had dropped on the ground. The blood spewed higher than a natural hot spring. Long's right arm; Mad Owl, who had nine thousand combat power was officially dead! 

Luo was extremely excited and happy. She felt as if she had just climbed out from hell and ascended to heaven. All the lost hope had been regained. It was sunshine all over again! On the other hand, the rest of the members of Hundred Beasts Faction were experiencing extreme shock.

A moment ago, they were just laughing happily. They had almost choked on their own saliva. Unbelievably, they found out that Chen was not hurt by the gimlet at all! There was not even a hole on his shirt. They felt something was amiss. 

They would never be able to explain what that had just happened in front of them. Chen possessed an item that did not belong in this world! It was the Ultimate Protective Puppet that had taken the attack for Chen just now!

Mad Owl's decapitated head remained frozen in a shocked gaze. His eyes were wide open; his pupils were contracted, and his mouth was gaping. It was as if he saw a ghost flew past him. It was that petrified moment that had cost him his life!

Undeniably, it was part of Chen's plan as well. One slash on Sky Monkey and another slash on Mad Owl! Everything had been executed perfectly. It was as if Chen had rehearsed it hundreds of times! He did not show mercy to his opponents at all.

"I told you that you guys would suffer a great deal if you have the balls to come after me!"

Chen looked ruthless. He turned around and stepped on Sky Monkey's face.

"Mercy… Spare my life… Brother… Boss… I'm a cripple now… I'm no longer a threat to you…" Sky-Monkey was shaking uncontrollably. He could feel the pressure from Chen. Unfortunately, both of his arms were gone. He could not defend himself anymore. Other than begging, there was nothing else that he could do!

"Bao Linshuang! Do not kill Sky Monkey! We will retreat now! We will not come after you anymore! I swear! Me, Long Aotian swear!" Long shouted from afar. His decision and determination had been shaken down to their roots. His fear came from the fear of the unknown. He could not understand Chen at all! He was supposed to be weaker than his faction members. Yet somehow, he managed to deliver shocking outcomes to him again and again!

In other words, Long was afraid of Chen.


Demonic Dragon Apocalypse extinguished Sky Monkey's existence before Long could finish his sentence.


Sky Monkey was decapitated!

"Bao Linshuang! How dare you…"

Long's face was twisted. He screamed hysterically, "I just told you that we are going to retreat!! Why did you have to kill Sky Monkey??!! Why??!!"

Long's shouting did not shake Chen at all. He asked rhetorically, "Did I ask you to retreat from here? Or, did you really think that retreating from here is a way of showing me mercy? Should I be grateful about that? Should I attend to all your needs?"

"Isn't that right? The way you fight is rather unique! But, in terms of combat power, you are still at the short end! You will surely die if I come at you with everything that I have!" Long shouted angrily.

"The way you said it almost sounds like you really mean it! Hehe…"

Chen laughed condescendingly and continued.

"You would have attacked me yourself instead of sending Mad Owl to fight with me if you are confident enough to defeat me!"

"I…" Long was speechless. He thought that he could terrify Chen. However, Chen had already understood his intentions.

"Long Aotian! Listen carefully! As a junior inspector, I'm giving you a chance to get lost from here in ten seconds! If not, I will kill all of you here!" Chen said coldly.

"Motherf*cker! Only a junior inspector! How dare you speak to me like that!" Long was furious. His pride would not have it. He would not allow himself to be mocked by others. 

"You can keep your sense of superiority in your pocket! In my eyes, you are just another piece of shit!" Chen glared at him and shouted loudly.

A powerful blast of domineering aura was unleashed onto the fractions. That sort of aura was not something that came out of thin air. It was the result of winning battles; the experience from it had given him the stature of the strong. The aura that came from deep within his bones. Like a king that was meant to dominate the heavens; standing on the peak, unparalleled.

*Deep breath*

Members of the Hundred Beasts Faction took a deep breath. Their determination had already been shaken earlier on. They were almost scared to death! Long would definitely fight with Chen if he was some kind of weak ass. But, Chen's state of mind was stronger than he thought. He was truly afraid of Chen right now.

The rest of the four faction members advised him not to go against Chen as well.

"Let's leave! Quick!"

Long gritted his teeth and brought his people with him and left the arena.

Then, Chen turned around, dashed to Luo, held her hands and ran to the hidden stairs that led to the underground part of the tomb.

"Slow down! Why are you rushing?" Luo frowned and said.

"We need to run as fast as possible after I acted tough in front of them! This is so exciting…Wahaha…" Chen grinned evilly.

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