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"Damn! Am I dreaming? That kid took the initiative to attack us!"

"This is just like a moth flying towards fire! He knows he is going to die, but he still insists on attacking us!"

"Hehe… This is no moth flying towards fire! He is just another dumbass motherf*cker with a death wish! Hahaha…"

Members of Hundred Beasts Faction did not view Chen as a threat to them. All of them was undermining him as they kept on throwing words of mockery. 

"Stop laughing! Let's not waste our time on this piece of useless garbage! It's meaningless!"

Long drawled arrogantly, "Sky Monkey! Go and kill this son of the bitch! Then, we shall take turns ravaging Luo Puti! Hehehe…"

"Hehe… What an easy job! One hit, and he will go to hell!"

The man called Sky Monkey stepped forward and unloaded the iron rod on his back casually. The iron rod was unique. It looked just like the weapon of Monkey King! However, there were some differences. Both ends of his iron rod ended with small spikes. The small spikes could increase the destructive power of the iron rod! Undeniably, the Sky Monkey was an expert at using rods! That was how he had acquired that title.




He stepped further forward and showed off some really beautiful rod skills. The spinning speed of the iron rod was so fast that not even water could escape from it. Chen was an expert of the Ultimate Rod Skill of Luohan, but he had to admit that this guy was far more skilled than him!


[Cultivation: Middle phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 8000. Combat power: 8000!]

Through the Netherspirit Battlescouter, Chen knew how powerful his opponent was. Chen definitely would not win the battle against him if he did not try anything different. However, Chen had one advantage; Sky Monkey was underestimating him, for sure! Chen had to make use of this advantage and caught him by surprise!

Chen quickly channeled his Dragon Force to his arms. He was planning to defeat Sky Monkey with one powerful hit.

"Garbage! I'm going to turn your head to mush with my iron rod!" Sky Money laughed condescendingly and swung his iron with only one hand.


The iron rod was coming at Chen at lightning speed. Sky Monkey's power and speed were definitely superior to Chen's!

"Haha! One hit and he is dead! What a good feeling!"

"Are you stupid? Watching a garbage die in your hand is not satisfying at all! Luo Puti's body is the definition of satisfaction!"

"That's right! She is one of the most beautiful women in Dragon City! A lot of filthy rich men have tried to pursue her. But, all of them failed in the end! Today, we have her all to ourselves! This is definitely a blessing from God!"

"I'm going to use a hundred and eight positions to have sex with her eighteen times! Wahaha…"

"One minute per time?"

"Get lost!"

Members from Hundred Beasts Faction were acting more and more wildly! They even started to discuss how to "do" Luo. Luo would definitely kill them without a single doubt if she still had her strength! At this moment, Luo was not paying attention to them at all! She had placed all her attention on Chen!

"Idiot… You are not supposed to go at him face to face… Shit…"

From far, Luo was really worried about Chen. Her back and forehead were soaked in sweat. Initially, she thought that Chen had come up with some strategy of defeating this enemy. She never expected Chen to charge at his opponent without any plan! Thus, she held her dagger tightly and prepared to save Chen.

The next second, Luo and the members of Hundred Beats Faction were completely stunned. The way they reacted was no different from seeing a ghost flew past them!


The iron rod and the black saber collided with each other. The thing that shocked them the most was that the ultrthick iron rod had been sliced in half by the black saber like a piece of tofu!

"Oh my God… This black saber is too damn sharp…"

Obviously, Sky Monkey suffered the most shock among this faction members. He knew clearly that his iron rod was made of special titanium. Normal swords or sabers could never leave any mark on his iron rod, let alone slicing it in half! This whole scene was just so unbelievable for him. This was not what he had expected earlier.

On the other hand, it was all part of Chen's plan.


Next moment, Chen turned around and placed his Demonic Dragon Apocalypse on Sky Money's shoulder! It was also part of Chen's plan. His moves were really smooth.

"Mom… No…" Sky Money shouted.

There was no way for Sky Monkey to dodge this attack.


Sky Monkey's right arm flew off; completely detached. Blood started to spurt out like a fountain. Chen did not stop there. He took a big step and charged at the rest of the members of Hundred Beasts Faction! At the same time, Long and the rest of the members were still trying to recover from the shock earlier on. They did not expect Chen to attack them, right after taking off Sky Monkey's arm. They quickly raised their guards. They did not dare to simply attack without a plan. They were more worried about defending themselves for now. After all, the black saber in Chen's hands was just too damn scary!

"Old Tortoise, Poison Rat, step back!"

Long shouted. He stood in front of them to protect them. Honestly speaking, those members of the Hundred Beasts Faction were adept in close quarter combat. Their teamwork was almost flawless. Soon, three of the most powerful members were standing up front. Old Tortoise and Poison Rat had backed up to some safe corner. They had managed to come up with a perfect formation to take Chen's attack!

Chen would definitely lose the battle if he insisted on attacking them. He might even lose his life in the process. Naturally, Chen knew it better than anyone else! He would not be able to turn the tide around if he fails to kill Long with the hit. If that was the case, he would be better off not using his black saber to attack. It would be his one and only chance. He had to make the most of it!


Chen swung his arm, and some kind of white powder rained above them.

"This bastard tried to poison us! Hold your breath immediately!"

Poison Rat's response was the fastest among them. So, he quickly warned his faction members. The rest of the members' response was fast as well. They quickly held their breaths without question.

They were all Jianghu elites who had reached Qi refining stage. Thus, it was not a problem for them to hold their breath for over ten minutes! All of them laughed at Chen's stupid trick mockingly after they held their breaths successfully.

"A bunch of retards! Who told you that my poison is airborne? Enjoy my poison, bitches!"

Chen quickly stepped back. He was laughing like an evil person.

"Itchy! So damn itchy… What the hell is going on… Ah… Ah…"

In the next second, all the members of Hundred Beats Faction were screaming in agony.

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