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A black ray of light shot at Luo. It was unstoppable and powerful.




The swords that were aimed at Luo's back spun away. The swords that were closer to Luo were broken in half by Chen.

"Good saber!"

Luo quickly placed her attention on the black saber that just saved her life.

"What about me. I think the guy that used the saber to save your life is a good guy too!" Chen grinned and winked at Luo.

"Well, it is a good saber! There's no doubt about that! Its sharpness is probably on par with the Nine Swords of Domination! But, it is such a shame that an asshole like you is using this saber!"

Luo glared at Chen and said. She was going to thank Chen, but Chen had to ruin everything by winking at her. Luo could not tolerate his ego. Thus, she decided not to show her gratitude to Chen anymore!

"I deserve something better for saving your life!"

Chen twitched his mouth and continued to say, "Without an asshole like me, you would have been dead by now!"

"Alright. I don't want to argue with you anymore! You should retreat now! This battle is too dangerous for you! I do not have time to take care of you!"

"I know you are actually a sweet lady. But your tongue is just a little too sharp at times!"

Chen smiled. Then, he held Luo's hand and said with a smile, "This battle is really nothing to me! Follow me, let me show you how to win this battle!"

"Psst! Please don't act tough in front of me anymore! Even I can't win this battle! How are you going to win this battle?!"

Luo rolled her eyes at Chen and said coldly, "Let me go! Do not even think of taking advantage of me!"

"Dumbo Pumpkin! Your combat power is more powerful than me, but sometimes a smart brain is better than combat power!" Chen smiled and said.

"Are you saying that I'm stupid?" Luo glared at Chen coldly and snarled.

She was the well-known prodigy in Dragon City! The Almighty Luo Puti! Chen had just called her a Dumbo Pumpkin! Being embarassed like that, it was no wonder she would be mad at him. 

"The name of their battle formation is called the Eight Doors Golden Lock Formation! It was designed to destroy enemies from eight sides!"

Chen could not bother to argue with Luo. He held Luo's hands while moving around. He explained, "The Eight Doors are Rest, Life, Hurt, Block, Shadow, Death, Shock, and Open! Just like the Taichi Eight Diagram!"

"Eight Doors Golden Lock Formation? It was described in the Tales of Three Kingdom… I did not expect it to be a real thing!"

"Of course, it's real! Didn't you notice that those Copper Soldiers have stopped attacking us?" Chen smiled and said.

At the same time, Chen was using his Lightning Steps to move around the arena, according to the pattern of Eight Diagram while bringing Luo with him." Chen was the man with the skill called Eight Diagrams of Godly Prediction! However, Chen rarely used this skill in his life because he was afraid of incurring God's wrath! But, Chen had already figured out how it worked a long time ago. The secret of breaking this formation was within the Eight Diagram itself!

Soon, those eight hundred Copper Soldiers turned into a bunch of broken toys. They started to run around with zero sense of direction. Also, they stopped their attacks as well.

"This is unbelievable…"

Luo was stunned. She pursed her lips and said, "Are you confident enough to break this formation?"

"Of course! I'm not trying to praise myself! But, I'm a master when it comes to the mechanism of Eight Diagrams. Others are garbage!"

Chen laughed proudly and explained, "Within that Eight Doors, we will definitely be hurt if we enter the Hurt Door, Shock Door, and Rest Door! We will be dead if we enter Block Door and Death Door. Thus, Life Door, Shadow Door, and Open Door are the pathways!"

Chen put his hands inside his backpack while explaining the details to Luo. He took out a thumb jade ring and put on his left thumb.

"This… This is the Cao Family's Duskdawn! How did you acquire it?" Luo opened her eyes wide and stared at Chen.

"You are pretty knowledgeable…"

Chen smiled and continued to say, "This is a gift from Elder Cao. I didn't want to accept it at first, but he insisted that I should accept it."

"Do you really think I'm some kind of idiot?"

Luo rolled her eyes at Chen and continued to say, "Duskdawn is the inheritance of the Cao Family! It is priceless! How is it possible that he would give it to you as a gift? He insisted on it, on top of that? Do you really think that you are some kind of God he worships?"

"It's fine if you don't believe in me! I'm going to break the formation now!"

Chen laughed evilly and charged forward.

"Be careful! Watch your surroundings when you charge forward! There are Copper Soldiers around you!" Luo shouted worryingly.

"Don't worry! I have formed a hole in this formation! All I need to do right now is enter the Life Door in the south-east direction! This formation will be broken!" Chen said confidently.

Although there were a lot of Copper Soldiers in front of him, Chen had already figured out the whole thing. He used his Lightning Steps to avoid coming into contact with those Copper Soldiers. It was as if Chen had just entered a timeless zone! Finally, Chen ran past the defense, and the leader of the Copper Soldiers was completely exposed to Chen. It was Chen's final target!

"Break now!"

Chen shouted and swung the saber in his hand. Demonic Dragon Apocalypse made its presence, and it was unstoppable. It cut the Copper Soldier's leader in half! After that, a blue spirit flew out from the corpse. Chen was ready for it. He lifted up his left fist and charged at the blue spirit!

Through Netherspirit Battlescouter, Chen could see that his left fist was shining with golden light. The source of that golden light was coming from Duskdawn! It was Yang-Gold attribute! The nemesis of all evil spirits!


One punch and that evil spirit were erased from this world.

"Hehe… Such satisfying feeling! I just killed the leader in front of eight hundred Copper Soldiers! Chen stood on the ground and smiled proudly.



One hundred Copper Soldiers from this direction stopped their movements, turned around to face Chen and kneeled down in front of him!

"I've just solved it! Now, all eight doors are unlocked! I have solved this formation!" Chen raised his eyebrows and continued to charge at the next Copper Soldiers' leader. With one slash and one punch, another door was opened up!

Three minutes later, Chen used the same method to unlock the rest of the doors.

"This… This kid… He is pretty good…" Luo was extremely shocked. She never thought that Chen would break a formation that she failed to break earlier! To Chen, the formation was nothing! Luo was impressed by Chen.

"Dumb Pumpkin! Don't stand there like a deer! Come and collect the jade pieces!" Chen said with a smile on his face. After that, both of them collected all eight pieces of jade and put them together to form an octagonal jade plate.

*Gears clanking*

Chen put the jade plate in the middle of the arena, and he could hear the sound of something opening. A secret passage was revealed in front of them. There were stairs made of white marble that led underground.

"Who is that?"

Chen and Luo frowned at the same time. They saw a shadow coming at them!

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