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Behind the stone door was a vast arena. The floor was made of white marble. The ends of each side of the floor were trimmed to make the whole arena octagonal. Without heavy machinery, architecture such as this could be considered a feat of wonder during the ancient times. However, what made Chen and Luo truly shocked was the eight hundred copper soldiers in this arena! They looked like the Terracotta Soldiers from the Qin Dynasty. It seemed like they had been buried together with the king.

Despite their ancient origin, their armor looked fairly new. Dried corpses were inside every set of copper armor. They looked just like those mummies from Egypt. Their skin and muscle tissue were all dried up, but their bodies had not gone through the decomposition process. The unique thing about these dried corpses was their skin! They were copper in color! Coppery, dried corpses!

"This is amazing!" Luo said shockingly.

"What? What did you find?" Chen asked curiously.

"Every single soldier here had trained in some sort of body enhancement skill before they died! Their health should be around ten thousand! Thus, their bodies did not decompose after they died!" Luo explained.

"Damn! This is awesome!"

Chen was lighted up. He said excitedly, "If all these soldiers are so powerful, can you imagine how powerful the king is?! He must be some kind of demigod! His martial arts could probably shake the world!"

"It's too early for you to think about that!"

Luo frowned and continued to say, "Take a look at this arena. Did you see any exits?"

"You are right…"

Chen took a look at the arena. He saw that it was a closed space with no exits at all. He did not see any objects that looked like coffins.

"Maybe, we need to solve some puzzles here to unlock the next door!" Chen guessed.

"If that's the case, you should stand guard here. I will go down and check things out!" Luo said. She then started to walk towards the arena.

"Let me help you," Chen said.

"It's not necessary! I will be really glad if you can stop tuning into my luggage!" Luo said. She did not even turn her head to look at Chen.

"F*ck! How dare she underestimate me? Do not come looking for me when you face any trouble!" Chen twitched his mouth, crossed his arms and watched Luo.


Something happened in the arena the moment Luo stepped into the arena in her high heels.


A cold wind came out of nowhere! The room temperature of the arena dropped significantly. Then, the cold wind started to enter the bodies of those copper dried corpses.



The next second, those soldiers who had died hundreds of years ago came to life! All of them took out their knives from their sheaths. Their weapons looked completely brand new! Just like their armor! The sharpness of the sword was enough to cut through metal.

On the other hand, there were also some special-looking copper soldiers among them. Their eyes were filled with blue flame. A piece of jade that looked like those puzzle pieces hung from the center of their helms.

"I should be able to unlock the next door after collecting these eight pieces of jades!"

Luo was, after all, the senior inspector of Six Door Organization; she had seen a lot of weird things throughout her career. That was why she was able to stay calm. She was not afraid of those copper soldiers. Other than that, she also managed to figure out the way to solve the puzzle in a very short period of time.

"Puti! Please be careful! Those copper soldiers are really powerful!"

Chen was standing outside the arena. He continued to remind Luo loudly, "Evils spirits possess those eight special copper soldiers! You must not be careless!"

A warm feeling entered Luo's body after Chen reminded her. But, she chose to flaunt her superiority and said, "Hmph! I don't need your reminder! Open your eyes and watch me solve this puzzle! Regarding combat power, I'm a million times stronger than you!"




Those eight hundred copper soldiers quickly surrounded Luo.

"Kiddy skill! Let me start with you!"

Luo's eyebrows moved, and she charged at the copper soldier that stood in front of her! At the same time, those copper soldiers started to charge at her with their swords. Their combat power was somewhat average. It was only around five thousand. But, Luo was using her flesh and blood to fight with these copper soldiers. Even though she possessed tonnes of power, she would still suffer some small injuries when the swords landed on her.

An army of ants can defeat an elephant! It would be lethal for Luo when she received hundreds of small injuries from them.


Luo was aware of the life-threatening situation. She quickly lowered her body and took out the dagger that she hid in her boots earlier. Then, a flow of white and ice-liked True Qi wrapped around the dagger. A beautiful curve was frozen in the air when Luo moved around with the dagger.




The sound of metal colliding with each other was echoing in the air. Hundreds of swords were repelled away.

"Damn! This True Qi is so concentrated! It is almost tangible!"

Chen said, shocked. Then, he paid more attention to the True Qi.

"It's Yang Ice attribute! No wonder, Xiaobai always sticks to Luo! They have the same attribute!"

"Eh? Where are the soldiers?"

At the same time, Luo kicked away all those swords around her. She then found that the leader of these copper soldiers that she locked on earlier had changed positions.

"It seems like these copper soldiers are not some brainless puppets! I have to put more effort into defeating them!"

Luo focused and swung her dagger at those copper soldiers that stood near her.


The dagger cut opened a copper soldier's stomach.



Luo jumped into the air and landed a kick on a copper soldier. After that, she used the soldier that she kicked as a leaping point. She landed another kick on the second copper soldier. Both of the soldiers were sent flying to the nearby soldiers like meteors. The force caused the group of copper soldiers to fall to the ground.

Luo was really powerful. She activated her rampage mode to destroy all the copper soldiers around her. Those copper soldiers were sent flying here and there. But, Luo was still anxious.

"This is weird… Why could those copper soldiers that I have defeated still be able to attack me…Also, leaders of the soldiers just keep moving around… It is tough for me to lock on to them…" Luo frowned and thought.

She had the upper hand of this battle, but those eight hundred soldiers were close to indestructible! They were not afraid of dying! They could still attack with their swords when their heads have already been sent flying off.

Scary, would not be a powerful adjective to describe the scene. After all, Luo's True Qi was limited. Sooner or later, her True Qi would run dry! Even if she had three heads and six arms, she would show her weak points eventually, in this long battle!




A dozen swords were coming at Luo. And, Luo managed to deal with it.

Suddenly, she shouted, "Shit! I can't dodge this attack!"

The weak point was her back! Copper soldiers were ready to slash her with their swords! She would definitely be hurt badly even if she managed to survive the attacks!

"Don't be afraid! I will protect you…! Hehe…"

A happy voice could be heard. Luo felt that she could finally lean on someone!

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