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It was like a gust of wind flying past them. The person was simply too fast. Even Chen could not figure out the person was. All he saw was a white shadow.

"Long Aotian! Are you here to kill yourself? Do you really think that I was kidding?" Luo was beyond furious when she saw Long. She clenched her fist and charged at Long at full speed.

"It's Long Aotian?"

Chen was stunned. Then, he shouted, "Puti! Retreat! It's a trap!"


Luo was not dumb. She quickly realized Long was waiting for her to step into the trap. However, Long and Luo were traveling far too quickly for their own good. By next second, they were already within range. Retreating would leave herself open for him!

"Three Inches Icy Heart!"

Luo shouted and channeled her True Qi to her punch. The punch was not meant to hurt anyone. She was going to use the explosive energy from this punch to push Long away from her! It will grant her extra time to think of a strategy.


The punch landed on Long's chest. It sent Long one meter away from Luo.

"Luo Puti! You act like a smartass all the time! I did not think that you would expect this ending! Hahaha…"

Luo thought she was at the upper hand. But, Long jumped back up and laughed arrogantly. Except for Savage Cow, the rest of the six members of the Hundred Beasts Faction entered the arena as well. All of them had despicable looks on them.

"Luo Puti! You are such a retard! Hahaha…"

"I dare you to behave arrogantly in front of us! Motherf*cker! We will take turns raping you today!"

"Taking turns to rape is not interesting at all! We should all go together to rape her! Just like the Bangbros porno we watch! Hehehe…"

All of them looked at Luo lustfully. Their eyes were glued to the voluptuous body. They were drooling while indulging in Luo's body with their eyes. On the other hand, Chen was ignored entirely by them. To them, defeating Luo was everything. Chen was just another piece of garbage!

"Puti! Are you alright?"

Chen quickly ran to Luo, lifted up her fist and checked it out. He shouted angrily, "A bunch of assholes! How are you poison her?!"

Luo's fair hand had turned purple and black. The front side of her fist was riddled with small holes caused by sharp objects. Black and purplish blood kept flowing out from her wounds. It was terrifying to watch!

"How was it? How do you feel when True Qi is slowly leaking out of your body? Is it satisfying? Is it high? Hahaha…"

Long laughed coldly. He then took out a Hedgehog Armor from beneath his outfit! It was a unique piece of protective armor. Its surface was covered with sharp, metallic spikes. It was a despicable equipment used to attack others! The central portion of the armor had caved in. Blood dripped from the spikes at that area to the ground. It was the place that Luo had struck earlier on! Poison had been applied to it!

"This poison is very weird… It seems like it is consuming your True Qi… Hold on to this! Breathe in!"

Chen checked out Luo's heartbeat through her wrist. Then, he quickly took out the Seven Treasury Fragrant Pouch and handed it to Luo. After that, he withdrew two bottles of Hundred Herbs Potion from his treasure chest to clean her wounds.

"Do not waste your time treating her!"

Poison Rat stepped forward, laughed coldly and said, "Luo Puti has fallen victim to the poison called, Endless Dried Sea! I'm the only one who possesses the antidote! No one can drive out the poison from her body except for me!"

Chen ignored him completely. He continued to diagnose Luo. Actually, the Hundred Herbs Potion and Seven Treasury Fragrant Pouch were already starting to counteract against the poison. But, her body had already been damaged by it. It would still take two to three days to completely clear out the poison from her body with Seven Treasury Fragrant Pouch. Getting the antidote would be the quickest way for her to recover from the poison!

"You should leave first… I can still stall them before I lose all my True Qi!" Luo narrowed her eyes and stared at Chen.

"What do you mean by that? Do I look like someone who would ditch a lady behind and run off alone?"

Chen raised his eyebrows and said evenly, "I have promised you that I will protect you! This pile of garbage is nothing to me! I will not leave you behind even if the most powerful king is here!"

Luo bit her lips. She was touched by the things that Chen had just said to her. But, she still did not want to drag Chen down to the grave with her.

"Asshole! This is not the time to act tough! Get out of here! I will defeat them! I will catch up!"

"Do you really think I'm an idiot? It's impossible for you to defeat them after I leave!"

Chen was really focused. Luo could see a powerful, domineering sense of presence deep inside Chen's eyes.

"Not everything is negotiable! This is one of it! You are my elder sister! Now, I'm your Bro Bei! You have to listen to me!"


Luo was stunned. It was as if she would need time to know Chen again. He was not the man she once knew. The greedy pervert Chen was gone. At then, he was a confident and domineering guy! She knew that Chen was weaker than her, but she truly felt that she would be able to rely on Chen during the life-threatening situation. As long as Chen was with her, she was safe.

However, members of Hundred Beasts Faction had a different view on Chen.

"Son of a bitch! Where is your brain? Did you leave it at home? You are so damn weak! Don't even dream of protecting Luo Puti! That tough guy act is so damn pathetic!"

"You are right! Without Luo Puti, this kid is nothing!"

"Kid! Go kill yourself! We are too lazy to kill you!"

"You have three seconds to commit suicide! We will let you experience something that is worse than death if you choose not to commit suicide! Garbage should act like garbage! Understood?"

They were mocking Chen. None of them considered Chen as a worthy opponent. Luo was getting more and more worried after hearing their mockery towards Chen. She knew that Chen would never change his mind after making a decision. She could not imagine how Chen would take on the group of enemies all by himself.

Let's put aside the ten thousand combat power Long Aotian, Poison Rat, and Old Tortoise. The other four members were all more powerful than Chen! It would be impossible for Chen to defeat them!

"I don't think we can get out of this place for now! We have to go deeper into the tomb!"

Chen continued to say in a low volume, "Stay here. Do not move. I'm going to buy us some time!"

"What are you planning to do?" Luo asked nervously.

"I have my ways. Just wait here patiently!"

Chen said seriously. Then, he held the Black Dragon Apocalypse with one hand and charged at the members of the Hundred Beast Faction!

"Chen Xiaobei! Please don't die here!"

Luo held the Seven Treasury Fragrant Pouch in one of her hands and dagger in the other hand.

"I will die fighting if you die here!" 

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