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"I'm not going kiss you, punk-ass! Do you believe that I will kick you out form this car?!" Luo glared at Chen and growled.

"You are breaking your promise!! You were happy when you made the bet just now! Now, you are a completely different woman!" Chen said sadly.

"Who…Who's the one who said I'm breaking the promise? We have to set our priorities right! This thing can wait! We will talk about it later!" Luo said. Actually, she had decided not to stick to her promise.

"Why wait? It only needs one second to be complete!"

Chen continued to say happily, "Don't you worry! I promise that I will just kiss you in an innocent way. I will not carry any bad thoughts with me!"

"Go to hell! Come near me if you have the balls!" Luo was like an angry lion. She steeled her decision.

"Don't be shy! It's not your first time anyway!"

Chen pursed his lips and continued to say, "Remember the time when you were drunk and poisoned? You were on fire! You literally kissed every single inch of my body!"

"Shut up or get lost!" Luo snarled. Her face was red.

That was her traumatic experience. She was the almighty Luo Puti! The prodigy in Dragon City! The inspector of Six Doors Organization! That dark and traumatic history of her should not even exist in the first place! She felt like Chen had completely ruined her reputation!

"Alright…I will shut up for now… For the sake of my ambition! I will endure!" Chen sighed and complained.

"Are you kidding me? I don't think an asshole like you would have an actual ambition!" Luo said.

"Of course, I have an ambition! I want to be able to protect you! I will not allow anyone hurt you!" Chen said proudly.

Luo was touched after hearing Chen's ambition. Still, her tone was still stone-cold. She said, "You? Don't be overconfident of yourself! I will be so glad if you don't mess anything up! Protect me? Are you trying to be funny?"

"I know that you are way more powerful than me! But, a woman always needs her man! For example, when you are in bed…" Chen said seriously.

"Shut up! asshole!"

"I'm talking about curing you on the bed! Why am I an asshole? Your way of thinking is too dirty! Damn!"

"Chen Xiaobei! I…I will jump out from this car right now if you don't shut your mouth!"

At the ravine of Chen Village, right beside Chen village. There were hundreds of people gathered there right now. Judging by their outfits, there should be around five to six factions here. Out of the factions that were gathered there, the strongest faction present had the least members; there were only eight members. 

A hunchback old man with white hair and beard was holding a Luopan to check out the Fengshui around this area. The old man was none other than the brain of the Hundred Beasts Faction; Old Tortoise! Other than his extraordinary wit, he was good at things that are related to Fengshui as well. He was the only one that had the skill to locate the tomb of Emperor Yan. Behind the old man, was Long Aotian in his trademark white shirt, pants and shoes, and six other members from Hundred Beasts Faction. There were also around five hundred people from five factions who closely followed them, by a gap of over ten meters.

It was obvious that they were not powerful, at all! Five hundred people were so afraid of eight members from the Hundred Beasts Faction! They were from the small factions around Green Vine City. According to Luo's plan, they will be acting as eyewitnesses today.

"Master! I found something!"

Old Tortoise stopped moving forward, all of a sudden. He pointed at the wall of the mountain and said, "The Fengshui here is perfect! This will be the best place to bury someone within hundreds of miles! The tomb of Emperor Yan is definitely here!"

"Behind this wall of mountains?" Long frowned and asked.

Old Tortoise stroked his beard and said wittily, "If I'm not mistaken, the thickness of this wall should be around five meters! This is the legendary Wall of Dragon Slayer! It was used to lock down a tomb!"

"Five meters thick?"

"Savage Cow! I will leave this to you." Long gave out an order nonchalantly.


A man with muscle mass that was comparable to Mr. Olympia walked forward and said, "Old Tortoise, please step back, I don't want to hurt you by accident."

Long and Old Tortoise moved back together.


Savage Cow blew out a blast of hot air and stomped on the ground with his feet. He crushed the rocks on the ground with ease. He then started to charge at the wall. Every step that he took left a deep footprint on the ground.


He used his rock-hard shoulder to tackle the wall. The flesh of only a human colliding with that of a solid mountain, yet he walked away unharmed. On the contrary, while the human did not suffer any visible damage, the mountain wall was cracking. There was a deep imprint along with cracks that spread on the wall where he had just tackled. He then took a few steps back and continued to charge at the same spot.




The crack got wider and deeper. It was just a matter of time before he destroys the five meters thick wall! Those five hundred people from five factions were awestruck by Savage Cow's strength.

"Oh, god! He must be some kind of monster! His physical strength was better than a digging machine!"

"You know nothing! It's not just pure physical strength! He is using a skill called Eight Edges Mountain Breaking Dash! He must have broken at least one hundred poles to get to where he is right now!"

"Damn! That sounds awesome! Factions from Dragon City are so much more powerful than us!"

"No doubt about that! They could kill all of us here easily if we offend them!"

"Seems like it's impossible for us to get anything from the Emperor Yan's tomb!"

Most of them were upset and frustrated, yet there was nothing they could do about it. In Jianghu, the strong prey on the weak! The weak will only be food for the strong! It was the only rule. 

*Stone falling*

Savage Cow had already destroyed the five meters thick wall by the time they had exchanged those few sentences. There was a big hole in the wall!

"Master! Old Tortoise!"

Savage Cow ran to them and said excitedly, "I saw the entrance of the tomb! There is nine dragons sculpture on it! It was truly grand! I'm pretty sure, that is Emperor Yan's tomb!"

"Great! This is great!"

Old Tortoise and Long looked at the other. Both of them were really certain about it.

"Old Tortoise, come and take a look. How should we open the door?" Savage Cow said excitedly.

"Excuse me! You guys are not allowed to enter the tomb!"

A stone-cold voice was heard.

"Who's that?"

Savage Cow looked to the side unconsciously. A shadow charged at Savage Cow with a unique movement skill.


A kick landed on Savage Cow before he could figure out who the person was. The immense strength from the kick sent Savage Cow several eight meters away! At the same time, the person that had landed a kick on Savage Cow stood at the entrance of the tomb and looked at the rest of the people in disdain.

With an arrogant tone in his voice, he said, "Six Doors Organization will take over from here! Non-authorized personnel is not allowed to interfere with our operation!"

Translator Note

1. Luopan: The luopan or geomantic compass is a Chinese magnetic compass, also known as a Feng Shui compass. It is used by a Feng Shui practitioner to determine the precise direction of a structure or other item. 

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