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"Damn! Who is that guy? He is so powerful! He just defeated the digging machine with a single kick!"

"The way he speaks makes him sound like an inspector from the Six Doors Organization!" 

"Six Doors Organization is the organization formed by the government to govern Jianghu. The people who work for this organization is just mysterious!"

"What a strategy! The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind! I don't think that the Hundred Beasts Faction can get anything from the tomb this time!"

"Things might change. The leader of the Hundred Beasts Faction is not the type of man who succumbs to authority. Seems like, they are going to put on a show."

Those five factions were discussing the matter. At the same time, they were smart enough to play as the audience. None of them dared to get involved.

"Motherf*cker! Who attacked me?!"

Savage Cow jumped up. By the looks of his movement, he was not hurt by the attack. He charged at Chen while growling.


Old Tortoise shouted. Savage Cow then quickly stopped his attack. It was obvious that the position of the Old Tortoise was high in Hundred Beasts Faction.

Long squinted and asked, "Old Tortoise, do you know this inspector?"

"I don't really know him! I have seen his picture from the intel given by Sky Pigeon."

Old Tortoise lowered his voice and went on, "The name of this person is Bao Linshuang. He is a junior inspector from Six Doors Organization. He just reached the early phase of Qi refining stage not too long ago. His combat power is around five thousand!"

Long put on an arrogant look after hearing the intel that was told by Old Tortoise. He said condescendingly, "Only a garbage with five thousand combat power! Do not even try to act tough in front of me! Watch me kill him!"

"Master! He is not worthy to be your opponent! Let me kill him!" Savage Cow rubbed his fist against his palm. He was ready to attack Chen.

"Do not make any rash moves!"

Old Tortoise was very cautious. He reminded, "Bao is not a threat to us! We will be in trouble if there are other inspectors around here!"

"Old Tortoise, you worry too much!"

Long shook his head and said, "We are in Green Vine province now. We rushed here once we received news of the tomb! I don't think that the guys from Six Doors Organization would have already arrived here!"

"That is true…"

Old Tortoise nodded and said, "According to the intel from Sky Pigeon, people from Six Doors Organization departed from Dragon City today. They will only arrive tomorrow!"

"It was obvious that Bas was around here by coincidence! He was giving out false news. Looks like, he wants to take possession of all the treasure in the tomb!"

Long glared and said coldly, "I bet that there are no other inspectors around here! Savage Cow! Go and kill that garbage!"

"With pleasure!"

Savage Cow smiled and nodded, before charging at Chen. 

"What the hell is going on now? Members of Hundred Beasts Faction are attacking the inspector from Six Doors Organization! What a bold move!"

"They are pretty arrogant! Authorities from the Six Doors Organization have the privilege to kill first before talking! Normal folks like us definitely do not have the guts to taunt them!"

"That means that the digging machine is pretty confident about his combat power! He truly intends to kill that inspector!"

"Here comes the good show! Hehehe!"

Members of the five factions were rubbing their hands and getting ready to enjoy a good show. They would be really happy if they had popcorn and coke with them right now.

"Garbage! Die now!"

At the same time, the battle finally began. The Savage Cow put all his strength in to attack Chen. The attack was more powerful than his previous attacks on the mountain wall. The ground cracked, and dust was brought up into the air! His posture in the fight was that of a tank itself!

"Damn! It seems like you have balls of steel! How dare you attack the authority of Six Doors Organization publicly?" Bao pursed his lips condescendingly.


[Cultivation: Early phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 5000. Combat power: 6000!]

Chen's Netherspirit Battlescouter was activated, and the combat power of Savage Cow was revealed to Chen. Needless to say, the Bao Linshuang's true identity was none other than Chen. At then, anyone with Six thousand combat power was nothing to Chen.


Savage Cow was charging at Chen at full speed. It could crush and destroy a normal human being easily! But, Savage Cow was completely put to stop when he reached Chen. He was held stationary. 

"Damn son! That inspector from Six Doors Organization is so damn powerful! He just stopped the digging machine with one hand!"

"Indeed! That digging machine just used his Eight Edges Mountain Breaking Dash to put a hole into the five-meter-thick mountain wall! But, he can't break through that inspector's hand!"

"I feel like something really bad is going to happen to the digging machine!"

Everyone had their attention placed on Chen. Chen then grabbed hold of Savage Cow's neck and asked, "Do you know the meaning of my name?"

"No… I don't know…"

Savage Cow flinched. He could not free himself from Chen. Yet even if he could, he did not dare to do so. He knew clearly that Chen's strength could stop his attack and break his neck like a toothpick.

"Hehe… You don't know? Let me tell you!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and said, "My name is Bao Linshuang! It means that I can guarantee your satisfaction!"




Chen lifted up his hands and started to slap Savage Cow non-stop before he could react to it. Chen had five thousand and seven hundred combat power. But, his combat power had increased to seven thousand and six hundred after activating the Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training! To Chen, Savage Cow was just another chicken for him to squash!

"Ouch… Ouch… Master, please save me! Old Tortoise…Please save me…"

Soon, Savage Cow's face was completely swollen up. His broken teeth were all over the floor. He was shouting out for help, while puking blood.

"Old Tortoise! I thought that you told me this Bao guy only has five thousand combat power? Why is he so much stronger than Savage Cow?" Long frowned and said.

"I'm not clear about it either! I got that from the intel of Sky Pigeon…" Old Tortoise was baffled as well. He quickly pushed the blame to Sky Pigeon.

"Hmph! Sky Pigeon's intel is not accurate at all! I will punish that fool when I return!"

Long said with his stone-cold voice. He shouted arrogantly, "Bao Linshuang! Let Savage Cow go right now!"

Chen ignored Long and looked at Savage Cow with a smile and asked, "How was it? Was it satisfying?"

"F*ck you! My master will f*cking kill you later!" Savage Cow roared.

"Damn! I'm so scared!"

Chen glared at Savage Cow and pulled him close to himself.


Chen landed a powerful knee hit on Savage Cow's stomach!

"Ah… You… How dare you destroy my cultivation…?"


Savage Cow screamed in agony and puked out another mouthful of blood. The place that Chen had struck was the storage of True Qi! All the True Qi will be dispersed when the vessel was broken! Ten plus years of training would be reduced to zero! It was a fate worse than death for Jianghu members.

"Is it satisfying now?"

Chen tapped Savage Cow's face and coldly said, "It seems like you are not quite satisfied with my service! In that case, I will have to use my ultimate skill on you!"

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