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Tongtian: Yes, the Demonic Dragon Apocalypse is not the completed product. When you reach a new level of cultivation in the future, I will help you upgrade this saber!

Chen: Demonic Dragon Apocalypse is extremely powerful, even though it's just a half-done product! It should be pretty enough for me handle most of the combat encounters for now. Sorry for troubling you so much, Sifu!

Tongtian: This is no trouble. But, you can modify the saber by yourself if you know how to do it.

Chen: Can I? Can you please tell me in details on how to modify Demonic Dragon Apocalypse? (Curious)

Tongtian: Do you still remember the Tongtian Sword Shaping Manual that I gave you earlier? The methods of modifying your weapon are recorded in this manual. It is applicable to sabers as well.

Chen: Alright! Thank you so much for your guidance, Sifu! There have not been many changes with my Chaos Sword Essence. Thus, I stopped reading the manual. I should totally pick it up again! (Smile)

Tongtian: Pay more attention to your Chaos Sword Essence. If I'm not mistaken, it should grow anytime soon!

Chen: Is that real? (surprise) That's great!

Tongtian: Yea! Just be careful! Opportunity and disaster are a pair!

Chen: Thank you so much for your reminder, Sifu!

Tongtian: Okay. I shall return to the Ancient Land if there is no other business. I might be able to bring you a present when I return from the Ancient Land.

Chen: Damn! Sifu! You are really helpful to me! Please take care! I will be here waiting for your big Red Envelope! (Hehehe…)

Tongtian: See you!

Chen closed the chat box. Needless to say, he was excited.

"Last time my Sifu brought me the Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training when he returned from the Ancient Land! I will be drowning in a euphoric state if he brings me another item that is as powerful as the Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement! Waahaha…"

"So, my Chaos Sword Essence is going to grow soon! I will be able to collect a total of three hundred thousand merit points! Good things just keep on coming to me!"

Chen thought. He felt really happy for a while. He then returned back to reality and told himself, "Sifu told me that opportunity and disaster coexist! I have to prepare myself properly before I head to the tomb tomorrow! I will kill those who try to stop me!"

After that, Chen mixed a bottle of powdered roofie, a bottle of Body Dissolving Poison, and a bottle of itchy power! He then proceeded to check his treasure chest. The items that could aid him in combat were four Monkey Furs of Prosperity, a bowl of Mengpo Soup, Nigthstalker Outfit, Silver Needle of Damnation, Chaos Sword Essence, and Demonic Dragon Apocalypse! Other than that, he still had one thousand bottles of Hundred Herbs Potions with him.

"I think that my ammunition is plenty enough for combat. I will teach those who have the balls to go against me a valuable life lesson! Hehehe…"

Chen grinned. He then went to sleep peacefully.

The second morning, Chen got Bao Linshuang's mask from Wenyuan! Everything was ready! Chen had also left Xiaobai and Sirius at home to safeguard his parents. He even added an extra layer of security by calling Yap over to keep an eye on his mansion. To ensure that everything was in place, Chen went to Luo's place in a cab. They then drove to Chen Village in a police car.

"Where is your disguise? Are you kidding me?"

Luo asked, infuriated when she got into the car. Luo was wearing her black skin-tight outfit. She looked just like Cat Woman from that movie. Her voluptuous body was tightly bundled up in the outfit. It was so seductive that no men in this world would pass on her. There was a dagger hidden at the side of the boots. It was Chen's first time seeing it. Looks like, Luo was fully prepared for today's operation. She will not let Chen mess with the plan.

"What if I told you that I'm not ready for the disguise? What are you going to about it?" Chen asked with a smile on his face.


Luo glared at Chen and said coldly, "I'm going to kick you out from this car if you are not ready for it!"

"Erm…What if I'm ready for it?" Chen asked again.

"Get on with it if you are ready!"

Luo rolled her eyes at Chen and said, "Do you not know how important this operation is? I'm not in the mood to kid around with you!"

"My art of disguising is going to shock the whole world! You must earn it if you want to see it!"

Chen grinned and continued to say, "Let's bet! Kiss me if you can't differentiate me from Bao Linshuang! What do you think about it?"

"*sshole! What if I can see the flaw in it?" Luo asked angrily.

"Simple! You have to kiss me!" Chen laughed.

"Get lost!"

Luo glared and rolled her eyes at Chen and said coldly, "Teach me Nine Dragon Acupuncture Skill if I can see flaws in it! What do you think about it?"

"Why do you want to learn this skill?" Chen asked curiously.

"Have I not told you that it is my grandfather's wish is to see this skill performed in front of him?" Luo said.

"Bring me to your grandfather, and I will show him!" Chen said.

"My grandfather is not ready to meet an outsider."

Luo went on to say, "I will travel back to Dragon City after I'm done with this operation! My grandfather will be pleased if I can perform this skill in front of him!"

"Such a filial granddaughter."

Chen shrugged and said, "It's not that I don't want to teach you. But this skill is not easy to learn at all! It's impossible for you to learn it in a short period of time!"

"Just say it! Do you agree with this bet or not? Don't act like an old woman!" Luo frowned. She was not happy with Chen's attitude.

"I can master it if a kid like you can master it! I'm the almighty Luo Puti, and I live it up to this title!" Luo thought.

"Sure! I agree with this bet!"

Chen grinned and took out the mask from his pocket. He then started applying it to his face. Wenyuan created this mask with her spiritual strength. It could be considered as a low-level item. Thus, there should not be any visible flaws in it.

"Hmph! Please don't come to me and tell me that I'm bullying you! Put it on properly! I'm an inspector! No tiny flaw can escape my eyes!"

"Done! Take a look now! Are you going to admit that you lose the bet? Hehe…"

Chen lifted up his head and changed his voice to Bao's voice. He grinned and smiled evilly.

"God…How is this even possible…?"

Luo was shocked. Her hands shook, and she almost crashed the car into the divider. She thought that Bao was back from his death. The facial expression and voice were flawless! The Art of Disguise was really something!

"I think you have lost this bet since you are so speechless."

Chen puckered his lips and moved closer to Luo.

"Come on! M'lady! Let's kiss!"

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