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"Eh? Why did my Sifu suddenly send me a Red Envelope?" Chen was holding his cellphone, puzzled. Then, he got really excited over it. He could pretty much guess the item inside the Red Envelope.

"Son of the bitch! My Katana is out! How dare you play with your cell phone during the battle! Such arrogant piece of shit! I'm gonna kill you now!"

Shanben shouted from afar and charged at Chen with his Katana.


Shanben unleashed all of his eight thousand combat power! The sharpness of Tierce Tear was flickering in the dark. Shanben's extremely fast movement speeds turned Tierce Tear into a silver line!

"Damn it! Can't you just let me check on the Red Envelope first?"

Chen took a look at Shanben and used his Lightning Step to dodge the attack. At the same time, he tapped the Red Envelope as well.


[Congratulation! You have snatched a Red Envelope from The Prime of Tongtian! You have received a combat saber; Demonic Dragon Apocalypse! It has been stored inside your treasure chest!]

"Haha! My guess was correct! My Sifu has already transformed the Black Dragon Bone into a combat saber! Demonic Dragon Apocalypse! Man! What a powerful name!" Chen was really hyped up. The Black Dragon Bone came from the vault of the Pagoda Bearing King! Then, it was stolen by NeZha. He almost got punished for stealing it. Even the Jade Emperor was called to intervene the incident. It is pretty obvious that the Black Dragon Bone is something really precious in the heaven! The most important thing is that, The Prime of Tongtian is an extremely powerful deity and he volunteered to craft Black Dragon Bone into a saber for Chen! Needless to say, this saber is going to be the most powerful weapon of all three realms!

In other words, the ending of the battle between Chen and Shanben will be changed entirely, because of this saber! Chen was literally laughing out loud out of the happiness of receiving such powerful weapon.

"What the hell? Why is that kid laughing?!"

"Could it be that his fear towards Tierce Tear made him lost his mind?"

"It doesn't really matter anymore! That kid will surely die when Tierce Tear touches him!"

Those bodyguards were having their own discussion while looking forward to their boss slashing Chen in half!


Lightning Step was fast, but Tierce Tear was faster. Shanben waved the Katana with his two hands. A ray of silver light approached Chen. Chen's body was completely exposed to the sharp Katana, and there was no way he can dodge that attack.

However, Chen did not flinch. He was still playing with his cellphone. He completely ignored Tierce Tear.

"Son of the bitch! I will take your life since you don't want it anymore! Split in half now!" Shanben was taken over by his anger. He swung Tierce Tear with all his strength. He was going to land Tierce Tear on Chen's head to cut him in half.

"Chen Xiaobei…Are you really going to die now?" Demonic Fox sighed at Chen's last moment. Her mood was very complicated.


Tierce Tear was dropped, and everyone was extremely shocked. That extremely sharp Katana stopped right on top of Chen's head. It did not touch Chen at all. In other words, Chen was not hurt at all.

"How…How is this even possible?"

Everyone was trying really hard to figure out what that had just happened. They could not figure out how Tierce Tear had managed to cut Copper Toad in half, yet Chen remained scatheless. There should be at least some wounds even if Chen's skin was made of iron. Something was not right and it was spooky.

It was actually the act of the Ultimate Protective Puppet! Unfortunately, none of them had Yin Yang Eyes to see the truth. A more shocking move was revealed after that spooky moment. Chen pulled out a pitch black long saber out of nowhere. The length of the saber was around three meters. The saber was fully covered in dragon scales. The handle of the saber took the shape of a Black Dragon. The dragon's horn, claw, and teeth were so well crafted that it managed to stun everyone that laid their eyes on it.

"What the hell?! Is that kid a magician? How did he take out a saber out of nowhere?"

"The design of that pitch-black saber is so cool! That dragon sculpture is something out of this world!"

"Cool is useless at this moment! All the other swords, Katana, or saber are garbage in front of Tierce Tear!"

"You are right! Tierce Tear will be listed as one of the ten most powerful Divine Weapons in Japan! Its value is more than that stupid kid!"

"Mr. Shanben! Kill that kid! Avenge our Master Meichuan!"

"F*cking kill him!"

All those bodyguards were shouting excitedly.

Shanben was still really confident that he could surely defeat Chen. He laughed viciously, "Kid, is that a toy in your hand? Do you really think that you can defeat me with your saber skill?"

"I don't think so," Chen said.

Chen moved back for five meters and said calmly, "Actually, I don't really know any saber skills. But, I think that a good saber is more important than any skill!"

"What? You must be kidding me!"

Shanben laughed loudly and said, "You actually think that piece of broken toy in your hand is better than my Tierce Tear! Hahaha…This is the dumbest joke that I ever heard!"

The security guards around them laughed as well. To them, Tierce Tear was the most powerful Divine Weapon of all time. They thought that there was nothing special about Chen's saber, other than its cool design. Also, they could see that Chen's saber was not made of metal. It was no wonder that Shanben thought that the saber was a toy!

"I don't blame you for treating it as a toy. It probably needs some polishing. Wait until I use your blood as a polish, then, your mind will definitely change!" Chen shrugged and said calmly.

"Motherf*cker! Don't act like you can defeat me before your death! You are just a moron who doesn't know any saber skills with a piece of broken toy in your hand! You are humiliating me!" Shanben was so angry that he roared like a tiger.

"Mr Shanben! Do not underestimate Chen Xiaobei! His skill is rather unique! He's just blocked your attack twice! He is not that weak!" Demonic Fox reminded Shanben at the same time.

Chaos Sword Essence and Ultimate Protective Puppet were the skills that Chen had used just now to block Shanben's attack. Demonic Fox was really shocked by it. Her female instincts told her that there will be something different happening on the third strike.

"Ms Yinmu, don't worry! He won't able to block my third attack! After my third slash, Chen Xiaobei will disappear from this world forever and ever!" Shanben was still acting really confidently. But, he did not underestimate Chen at all. He directed all his True Qi to both of his arms. At the same time, his green True Qi surrounded Tierce Tear as well. It made Tierce Tear even more terrifying!

"This is going to be Mr. Shanben's most powerful final strike!"

Demonic Fox and those security guards held their breath and placed their attention on Chen!

Chen moved finally!

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