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Shanben was like a tiger that charged at Chen, and Tierce Tear was like his claws! Everyone knew that he had put in everything he had in this final strike! On the other hand, Chen did not have too many movements in his attacking and defending maneuvers. All he did was holding the saber with his two hands and made a simple move to face Shanben's attack.

Chen was like a rabbit waiting for the tiger to charge at him.

"That kid is a piece of dead meat!"

Every single bodyguard took a deep breath. They were waiting to cheer in excitement after Tierce Tear kills Chen.

"Chen Xiaobei…Finally, I don't have to see your face anymore…You are a real man…Unfortunately…" Demonic Fox loosened up her closed lips and sighed.


The next second, Shanben finally landed Tierce Tear on Chen at lightning speed. Chen used his Demonic Dragon Apocalypse to block the attack from Shanben. The two weapons collided with each other and the crashing echo from both weapons was deafening. Chen was still standing his ground, but Shanben had managed to charge as far as five meters behind Chen.

"What is going on? Did Mr. Shanben manage to kill that kid?"

"Both of them are not moving…I think it's a draw…"

"What the f*ck! That kid is too good! A draw between him and Mr. Shanben with Tierce Tear!"

"He's more than powerful! He must be some kind of prodigy! Look at how young he is! Ten more years of training, he could have defeated Mr. Shanben easily!"

Those security guards were looking at Chen in awe. They did not expect the result of the battle to be a draw instead of Shanben defeating Chen.

"You guys are wrong…"

Demonic Fox continues to say in a shaky voice, "He doesn't need another ten years of training…Chen Xiaobei…has already won…"

"What? How is this even possible?"

All those security guards were stunned. They were all doubtful of what Demonic Fox just said. However, their bodies and emotions were completely petrified in the next second!


The Tierce Tear in Shanben's hand broke in half and fell on the floor pathetically. Nobody would have thought that the Divine Weapon would break in half. It took thirty-six years to craft this Katana, but it was completely destroyed in its first ever battle. The Katana was forced to retire before it could even create any legendary tales. Two seconds later, a red line appeared on Shanben's throat. Skin and flesh were exposed along that red line.


Shanben's head fell to the ground. His blood shot in the sky like a fountain. Shanben was dead! It was an atomic-bomb level of shocking truth for everyone, except Chen. There were no words that could describe how they felt right now! Rational was far beyond that they could think then. 

"What a good Demonic Dragon! Let me see your true colors!"

Chen spared no second to even glance at the other spectators. He raised the sword up high and only swung it down towards his side.


All the blood that was on the sword splattered on the ground. The moment the blood coated the sword, the pitch-black color was gone! A metallic luster that only belonged to metal shone from the Demonic Dragon Apocalypse! A powerful Sword Qi burst out! It was like the King of Demon himself had made his presence known in the human realm, looking at those puny humans with his merciless gaze! The Demonic Dragon Apocalypse had finally woken up after tasting blood from its enemy!

It was definitely on the same level with Tierce Tear! That was the true Divine Weapon!

"Oh my god! That is too scary…Run…It's better that a few of us stay alive than all of us getting killed by Chen…It's impossible for us to defeat him…" Demonic Fox shook uncontrollably. Then, she shouted, turned around and ran as fast as possible.


A bloody shadow came after Demonic Fox from far. It was aiming at her head!

"Ah!!!" Demonic Fox screamed in fear.

That bloody shadow was none other than Chen's Chaos Sword Essence! Sword Qi from the Black Dragon Saber had not fully gathered yet, but the speed and power of Chaos Sword Essence was enough to kill Demonic Fox easily. That was the moment for Demonic Fox to feel the death knocking at her door, truly. She felt as if she was one step away from hell. However, the Chaos Sword Essence did not kill Demonic Fox. It stopped half a meter in front of her.

"You mentioned something about not killing my friends and families. Thus, I shall spare you! Off you go…" Chen said calmly. Demonic Fox shook uncontrollably. She felt something sharp poking her heart. Then, she started to run like nobody business into the darkness. On the other hand, those security guards were not as lucky as her.


Those shrill cries and the mixture of begging voices echoed in the air. The security guards were reduced into pools of blood, one by one. All of them were killed by Chaos Sword Essence and Demonic Dragon Apocalypse.


[You have killed an evil guy. You have received 300 merit points!]


[You have killed a bad guy…]


[You have killed…]

Chen might seem brutal and cruel for killing all those security guards. The merit points that Chen received showed those security guards were not good people. In other words, Chen was doing the world a favor by killing all of them. In the end, Chen received a total of ten thousand merit points for killing all the security guards.


[Your current merit points are 240000. You will need another 60000 merit points to go to next level! (Charm: 24000, Luck: 24000)!]


Chen felt relieved. He calmed himself down eventually. 

"I'm getting closer to collecting three hundred thousand merit points! The days are getting closer for Brother Yu's spirit to transfer to a new body! I might be able to make it come true after returning from Emperor Tan's tomb!"

Chen smiled after thinking about all the good things that were going to happen. After that, Chen used the Body Dissolving Poison to destroy all the bodies. He kept all the SUVs into his treasure chest and returned home after that.

Upon returning home, Chen took a shower and lay on the bed. Before he slept, he took out his cellphone to give thanks to The Prime of Tongtian. If Chen had not received the Red Envelope in time, he might not have been able to win the battle against Shanben, even with the Monkey Fur of Prosperity.

A few seconds later, Tongtian replied Chen.

Tongtian: You are most welcome. I need to tell you something about this Demonic Dragon Apocalypse.

Chen Xiaobei: Okay. I wanted to ask you something as well. My treasure chest did not elaborate on the details of this item.

Tongtian: Actually, I know that you are still quite weak. It's impossible for you to use it even if I turn it into a Divine Weapon! Thus, all I forged was a normal saber. It does not have any abilities of its own!

Chen: After all that it could do, you're telling me that the Demonic Dragon Apocalypse is not a finished product?

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