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Meichuan fell from ten meters high in the sky. He was spitting blood from his mouth, and his crotch was bleeding at the same time as well. He was practically half dead!

"Master! Master!"

Shanben and those security guards shouted at the same time. All of them were afraid that Meichuan would die from the injuries. Demonic Fox covered her mouth and slowly moved away from Chen. She did not dare to get close to Chen. Chen stood still, all the while ignoring the panic. 

"I think it's time for you to pay the debt!"

Chen bowed down and picked Meichuan up like a flopping piece of raw meat.


Meichuan was shaking uncontrollably. His eyes were filled with desperation. The pain from his balls being destroyed had robbed him of all his strength to even speak.




Chen ignored Meichuan's begging and proceeded to slap him with all his strength. Those loud explosive sounds broke through the silent atmosphere. Soon, Meichuan's face was completely swollen. Blood kept on flowing out from his mouth like a waterfall. His teeth were scattered all over the floor as well.

"You son of a bitch! Why did you break all the rules during friendly matches? You were lucky that I did not hold you responsible for your stupid moves! You should have returned peacefully to Japan! Why did you come back here to make me angry? You want to kill my parents, right? You want to rape my women, right? You shouldn't have said that! I will f*cking kill you even if lightning does not strike you!"

Chen slapped Meichuan and scolded him at the same time. Meichuan was in a very bad shape. All his teeth were completely gone, and his face was messed up as well. He was rolling his eyes the whole time. Also, Chen's slaps would repeatedly revive him whenever he was about to lose consciousness. 

The worst thing for Meichuan was not death. It was the feeling of wanting to end his own life, but he was not allowed to do so.

"That bastard to too brutal…Our master will definitely die if we don't stop him right now!"

"Don't worry…I don't think that the kid has the balls to kill Master Meichuan! After all, Master Meichuan is his only thing that keeping him alive so far! Mr. Shanben will definitely chop him into pieces if he kills Master Meichuan!"

"You are right! That kid will definitely not kill Master Meichuan with Mr. Shanben here! He will negotiate with us rationally after his anger is gone!"

The bodyguards were discussing this matter among themselves. On the other hand, Demonic Fox was staying far from them to observe the whole thing. Just like everyone else, she was looking forward to how Chen was going to deal with this matter. Shanben held the Katana in his hands tightly and threatened Chen, "Kid! I think you better stop now and return our master to us! If not…"

"If not, what?"

Chen looked at Shanben coldly. His commanding presence managed to make Shanben eat his own words.

"Such terrifying presence!"

Shanben gulped. He could not figure out how did Chen's stare make him feel like falling into some deep and endless pit! On the other hand, Chen was not paying him much attention. He continued to focus on slapping Meichuan.


Chen was counting, and then he shouted it out loud when it reached thirty hits. At the last slap, he paused for a while to imbue strength in his palm to deliver the final slap. 


Everyone was shocked when they saw what happened to Meichuan. His head flew off his body like a water balloon!


[You have killed a first-generation bad guy! You have received 10000 merit points!]


[Your current merit points are 230000. You will need another 70000 merit points to go to next level. (Charm: 23000, Luck: 23000)]

The Netherspirit Battlescouter showed Chen a notification of receiving merit points. Meichuan Neiku was still relatively young, but he was already a first-generation bad guy! Looks like he has done a lot of bad things before he crossed paths with Chen.

"Hey! Bastard! Here's your master! Take it!"

Chen grinned and tossed the headless body to Shanben.


Everyone was in extreme shock state at the moment. Their eyes and mouth were wide open. All of them thought that Chen would not have the balls to kill Meichuan. They did not expect Chen to kill Meichuan in such a brutal way!

"Chen Xiaobei! How dare you kill my master?! Aren't you afraid of me killing you?!" Shanben finally recovered from his shock state and he started to shout hysterically.

"This is not about fear. A man should have his principles!"

Chen looked at Shanben coldly and continued to say, "Those who cross my line will be killed by me no matter how powerful the person is!"

*Deep breath!"

Everyone took a deep breath after hearing Chen's claim. That statement was short, but it was filled with power. Chen will not care whether you are Meichuan Neiku or a king. Death will be their ending if they have the balls to cross Chen's drawn line. At that very moment, the way those bodyguards looked at Chen was like staring at a powerful and ruthless king! Blood will flow with the King's wrath. Their eyes were filled with fear. Most of them took a step back. There were few cowards' whose legs went soft, falling to the ground!

"This kid…He is too scary…"

Demonic Fox bit her lips, and she suddenly thought of something that Copper Toad had said earlier; if we don't kill Chen Xiaobei today, he would be a huge threat to all of us!

Demonic Fox clenched her fist and shouted, "Mr. Shanben! Quickly kill Chen Xiaobei! Do not let him live! If not, your Meichuan Family will face his wrath!"

"I don't need you to remind me about that!"

Shanben's stare turned ice-cold and said with a strong sense of killing, "No matter what, I will definitely kill this bastard today! If not, the head of Meichuan Family will kill my whole family!" He took out his Tierce Tear again, and the air around him froze.

"Everyone! Calm down! Mr. Shanben is going to kill that kid right now!"

"Right! Calm down! The combination of Tierce Tear and Mr. Shanben are basically invincible!"

"Mr. Shanben! Use your Tierce Tear to kill that asshole!"

Those bodyguards came to life again. To them, Shanben was the most powerful individual! Tierce Tear was a fine piece of weapon! Killing Chen will be an easy job! Actually, even Chen had to agree that Shanben was more powerful than him! Just now, Chaos Sword Essence had taken a hit from Tierce Tear. The Dragon Force that Chen used just now had consumed a large amount of True Qi from him as well! Thus, Chen had to think of something else to win this battle against Shanben.

Chen was really calm. He did not make any rash decisions. What he planned to do was to take out his cellphone and withdraw the Monkey Fur of Prosperity to help him in this battle. Coincidently, Chen's cellphone rang at the same time.


[Congratulations! You have received a Red Envelope from The Prime of Tongtian!]

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