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"Mr Shanben! You are so damn powerful! Thank the gods that he is the leader of the Mid-Level Ninjas of Meichuan organization!"

"That powerful skill with the combination of Tierce Tear will definitely cut that kid in half!"

"Of course! That Katana can slice metal like butter!"

"Look at how Mr. Shanben uses the Katana! What a scene to enjoy! Cool! Awesome!"

The bodyguards around were impressed by Shanben's combat skill.

"This slash…is so powerful that not even three Copper Toads stacked up together can withstand it! Chen Xiaobei is going to die this time…" Demonic Fox sighed.

"Chen Xiaobei! F*cking die!"

Meichuan laughed viciously and said, "Not only do I want to kill your parents, Murong Xiaoyao and Lin Xiang! I'm going to rape them before I kill them! Then, I will pass them on to my bodyguards to gang rape them! After that, I will f*cking kill them! Hahaha…"

Demonic Fox frowned and gave him a disgusted look.

"Eh? Why is this kid not dodging my attack?"

At the same time, Shanben was puzzled by Chen's move. Tierce Tear was really close to Chen, and Chen had no intention of dodging the attack at all! Was Chen going to kill himself? Shanben could not understand Chen's motive.


Chen was not going to kill himself. He had already activated his Dragon Force. He was going to give Shanben a surprise attack!


The Dragon Force awoke when Chen shouted.


The roaring of the Dragon echoed in the sky. A Black Dragon rushed out from Chen's palm. Its powerful presence petrified every single person!

"That…What the hell is that thing?"

"Dragon! It's Black Dragon…God…I must be dreaming…!"

"This is so real…It's cooler than those CGI effects!"

At that moment, everyone had their eyes fixed on the dragon. It was something that they had never seen before!

"Such terrifying Sword Qi! What the hell is happening?"

Shanben felt like a mad dragon was charging at him. The level of fear that he experienced was more than any other person because he was the closest to the dragon! The fear was real! Shanben's pupils contracted, his heart was going crazy, even his breath was no longer smooth.


The Black Dragon tore the sky open and charged at Shanben with lightning speed.

"Too fast! I have to block its attack!"

Shanben's heart skipped a beat. He was going to use all his force to block this attack. He decided that he will give up on attacking Chen for now. He turned around and blocked the dragon with his Katana!


Shanebn held the Katana with both of his hands and slashed the dragon's head with all his might. The sound of metal colliding was heard clearly.

"Eh? This dragon was not as powerful as I expected it to be!"

Shanben put on an elated look and shouted arrogantly, "What kind of garbage is this? Waste of my time! Die now!"

Shanben pushed his combat power all the way up to eight thousand!


An immense strength was added to the Katana, and the Black Dragon was obliterated! The blood red Chaos Sword Essence was exposed in the air. It could not block Tierce Tear's attack either. Then, it disappeared into the darkness.

"Garbage! Do you really think this kind of stupid skill could kill me?! What a joke!"

Shanben held the Katana with both of his hands. Then, he put on an arrogant look.

"Awesome! That's our Mr. Shanben for you! Too cool!"

"One slash and the stupid Chinese dragon is dead! Glory to our Japan! F*cking awesome!"

"Legendary Katana like this can only be paired with a hero like Mr. Shanben! Mr. Shanben, from today onwards, you are my idol!"

Those security guards shouted like lunatics in the asylum.

"Mr Shanben is really powerful! Tierce Tear definitely played a huge part in defeating that dragon as well! That slash is just too damn beautiful!" Demonic Fox complimented the slashed in awe.

"Hahaha! Mr. Shanben, you did not disappoint me at all! What an awesome and cool guy!"

Meichuan was laughing happily at the sidelines.

"With Mr. Shanben here, that Chen Xiaobei is just a useless bastard! Garbage! A piece of shit! Chen Xiaobei! Kneel in front of me right now! Hahaha…"

"Chen Xiaobei?! Where the hell is Chen Xiaobei?!"

Shanben was stunned. He was indulging in his prideful moment just now. He totally forgot about the existence of Chen. At the same time, everyone at the scene was completely stunned as well. They were focusing on complimenting Shanben. None of them had paid any attention to Chen.

"I don't know how to kneel in front of you! Do you mind teaching me?"

A stone-cold voice could be heard right behind Meichuan.

"Oh my God…"

Meichuan's anus contracted, and his body was shaking uncontrollably. That person was none other than Chen!

"Chen Xiaobei! Don't hurt my master! If not, I will chop you into thousands of pieces!" Shanben did not expect the Black Dragon to distract him. Chen's target was not him, but Meichuan!

"Hehe…It seems like you are not too clear about your current circumstance!"

Chen laughed coldly and ignored Shanben's threat. On the contrary, Chen threatened them and said, "Meichuan's head will roll if you take another step near me!"

Meichuan shouted hysterically after hearing Chen's threat, "Shanben! You are not allowed to come near me! Back off! My father will kill your entire family if you cause my death!"


Shanben was shocked. He did not dare to take another step. After all, he was just a servant of Meichuan Family. Meichuan Neiku was the future leader of the Meichuan Fmaily. The whole family had high hopes on him. If Meichuan Neiku dies, Shanben will be the one to be blamed. Also, Meichuan Family was famous for their merciless ways of doing things. Killing Shanben's entire family was definitely not a joke!

"Chen Xiaobei! Don't hurt Meichuan Master! Let's talk!" Shanben put his Katana back into his sheath and retreated.

"Hehe…Why should I not hurt him when you told me not to hurt him? Am I your dog?"

Chen grinned and put on a vicious smile.


Demonic Fox quickly realized that Chen was going to something bad! That was the exact same look that Chen put on when he did bad things to her.


Chen moved his right leg back and aimed it at Meichuan's crotch. Then, he landed a kick on his manhood!



Meichuan flew into the starry sky. All the men tightened their thighs reflexively!

What a painful moment!

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