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Chen took a good look at them and found that most of them were weaklings with a few hundreds of combat power. Chen was not bothered by them. He placed all his attention on the guy named Shanben. He was around forty years old with a medium size body, white hair, and a cool face. He looked like one of those power-hungry CEOs from a large corporate.

"This guy's combat power and health are at eight thousand! He could cut Copper Toad that had ten thousand health into two with one single slash! I think more than half of the credit has to go to the Katana!" Chen figured it out pretty quickly. He took a look at the shiny Katana. There was no blood on it! There were some sword Qi surrounding the Katana. That was not the True Qi of Shanben. The sword itself was emitting its own Qi!

The Sword Qi, a material that was used to make the Katana, and the process of making it were all mysterious and unique. Earlier, Chen's God Strength King Kong Kick and the Shurikens could not even hurt Copper Toad at all! But, he was cut in half by the sword! Just like a hot knife through butter! Undeniably, the Katana must be some kind of a Divine Weapon!

"Ms. Yinmu… You are most welcome. It's my pleasure to protect you! You asked me why am I here, right? Please take a look at that!" Shanben sheathed his Katana and pointed at a certain direction. All the while, his attention never left Chen; like a python staring at its prey.

"Ms. Yinmu! It's so surprising to see you here!"

There was an SUV far away from Chen. A young gentleman placed his right palm on his chest and bowed at Demonic Fox. Looks like, he was pretty well-mannered. The true identity of Demonic Fox was not as simple as what Chen thought.

"Meichuan Neiku!"

Chen recognized that man immediately.

"Chen Xiaobei! I don't think that you expected my presence, right?" Meichuan laughed viciously.

"Yeap! I never expect that you are a man of your word! You owe me thirty slaps, and here you are, standing right there, waiting for me to slap you!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and said coldly, "Don't you worry! I will definitely give you some real good old satisfying slaps today!"

"Idiot! You bastard! Don't act like you are a boss here before you die!"

Meichuan shouted angrily, "I have purposely invited Mr. Shanben to come here to kill you! Don't even dream of slapping me!"

"Meichuan, you have some unsettled old score with this son of the bitch?" Demonic Fox asked.

"Yes! I'm here today to kill this bastard! It was a coincidence that we managed to save your life!"

Meichuan thought for a while and asked, "Are you close to that kid?"

"Not at all! Absolutely not! I want him to rot in hell as well!" Demonic Fox shook her head and screamed.

"Little Fox! You are one naughty dishonest girl!"

Chen grinned and said coldly, "We did interact with each other twice! How can you say that we are not close?"

"Chen Xiaobei! Stop your bullshit!"

Demonic Fox was so angry that her face turned red immediately. She opened up her eyes wide and said furiously, "Mr. Shanben! Please kill this bastard! I will reward you abundantly when we return to Japan!"

"Don't you worry, Ms. Yinmu!"

Shanben smiled calmly and held the Katana in his hand once again.

"That bastard will be another subject of sacrifice for my Tierce Tear! Killing him is easier than spreading peanut butter on my bread!"

"Tierce Tear?!"

Demonic Fox was shocked when she heard the name of the Katana. She couldn't help but ask, "That is the Katana that took our master swordsmith eighteen years to forge, right? The Tierce Tear!"

"You are right!"

Shanben nodded and said proudly, "This Katana took exact eighteen years to forge! It took another eighteen years to get ready to forge this Katana! This Tierce Tear took the effort of three generations of Shanben Family to forge! This is my dream Katana!"

"This Katana is really something! I'm pretty sure Tierce Tear will be listed as one of the ten most powerful and legendary Katana in Japan!" Demonic fox said seriously.

She sighed, "It would be an honor for Chen Xiaobei to be killed by this Katana!"

After hearing what Demonic Fox said, Shanben got even more arrogant. He said, "Today is the virgin battle of Tierce Tear! I need more than two person's blood to shower this Katana! Not only do I want to kill this kid, but I also want to kill everyone that is related to him as well!"

Meichuan laughed and said, "Right! Kill his parents! Kill that Murong Xiaoyao from Taekwondo Club as well! Lastly, kill that Lin Xiang from fencing competition! Kill! Kill! Kill! Hahaha…"

"Meichuan…Those people are innocent…I don't think we have to be so brutal and cruel…" Demonic Fox frowned. 

"Ms. Yinmu, you can stop convincing me! This is my style of revenge! If one bullies me, I will return the pain to the person by a hundredfold!" Meichuan said in a determined tone. It was pretty obvious that nothing can change his mind right now.

"What a statement!" Chen finally talked after a period of being silent. His face had turned ice-cold, and his murderous aura reflected from his eyes and filled the air instantly. Family and friends were the final straw for him. He will never allow anyone to hurt them. The things that Meichuan said had crossed Chen's limit. He will show no mercy to those who threatened his friends and families.

"Meichuan Organization!"

Chen continued to say, "I will definitely destroy your organization when I go to Japan! Those who try to stop me will be killed!"

Meichuan laughed after hearing Chen's claim.

"Kid! I think there is something wrong with your brain! You are going to die today! How are you going to Japan? Your spirit? What a joke! Hahaha…"

"Don't worry…you won't die of laughing at me…Because I will kill you today!" Chen shouted. His powerful presence filled the air immediately. He started charging at Meichuan.

"Shit…That is so scary…"

Meichuan trembled. He felt the things that charged at him was not a person, but a beast! That beast that was going to devour him anytime soon!

"Shan…Shanben! Stop him! Don't let him come near me!" Meichuan was scared to death. Even he, started to scream like a woman.

"Both of you…Don't worry…One slash and that bastard will be dead!"

Shanben was very confident about himself. His left hand was holding a sheath, and his right hand was holding the Katana. He too, charged at Chen with his extreme speed!


The Tierce Tear slashed open the starry sky. A silver phantom was charging at Chen. The power from the slash was three times more powerful than the slash that had killed Copper Toad earlier!

"Son of a bitch! You shall not pass!" Shanben roared. He turned into a bloodthirsty monster!

"You can't stop me! Meichuan must die today!"

Chen did not stop his attack. He faced Shanben's attack without any fear.

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