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"Please don't boast about it anymore! I'm being serious here!" Luo said seriously.

"I'm being serious as well! Tomorrow, I will pose as Bao Linshuang and enter the tomb with you!" Chen said seriously. It didn't look like he was joking at all.

"How is this even possible?"

Luo continued to ask doubtfully, "You can imitate Bao's voice, but how are you going to presents his face to the others? Do you know some kind of Face Swapping Skills?"

"Hehe…I know everything about Face Swapping Skill! Actually, I'm a true master at face swapping! No one will be able to spot any flaws in it!" Chen raised his eyebrows and said confidently.

"Really! Can you stop your boasting?" Luo rolled her eyes at Chen. She did not believe Chen at all.

"I will turn into a puppy if I am lying to you!"

Chen grinned and asked, "Just don't worry about this small matter! I will take care of it! Tell me your whole plan now."

Luo nodded and said, "First, we need to terrify those small factions. This would prevent them from stealing things from the tomb. Next, we will enter the tomb and get the most important items that are related to the Murong Family! Lastly, we will hand over all those unrelated items to the government officials!"

Luo was thinking very clearly. In other words, those unrelated items will serve as items of evidence and those members from small factions will become the witnesses of this matter! What a perfect plan!

"So, this is the plan! We will depart early in the morning tomorrow! Then, we should be able to arrive at the tomb in the evening!"

After that, Luo wanted to leave, but Chen's mom insisted that she stay back to have dinner with them. So, she went into the kitchen to help Chen's mom prepare dinner.

On the other hand, Chen was hiding inside the room. He took out the Spirit Cage and asked Wenyuan to use her Art of Disguise to create Bao Linshuang's face! Chen showed her the picture of Bao's selfie from Bao's cellphone. Then, Wenyuan quickly started to work on the mask after seeing the picture. Wenyuan's cultivation was pretty high right now. Thus, she should be able to complete making the mask next day in the morning. Masks created with the Art of Disguise is practically flawless. Now, Chen had nothing to worry about.

After dinner, Chen's mom asked him to send Luo back to her house. On his way home, Chen saw someone standing and blocking him in the middle of the road.

"What the hell?"

Chen was shocked. He was forced to slow down his car.

"Something is not right…There is not a single person along this road…I don't think that this person can do anything to me…" Chen thought for a while and realized that something bad might be happening to him soon.

He took a good look at the person and smiled evilly, "Eh? Why is she here?"

Chen parked his car at the roadside and walked towards to the person happily, "Little Fox, it's only a day, are you thinking of servicing me again?"

A sexy woman was standing in the middle of the road quietly. She was none other than the Demonic Fox from Hundred Beasts Faction!

"Why are you not talking? I can see the way your mouth is moving! It seems like you are thinking of giving me another blowjob, right? Hehehe…" Chen was really excited when he thought of how Demonic Fox had given him the blowjobs. That was comparable to Japanese porn!


The sound of toad could be heard from the bush at the side of the road!

"What the hell! Toads shouldn't be this loud!"

Chen was shocked. The turned around curiously to take a look, and he was stunned by what he saw.


Chen can feel a strong wind brushing against his face. A huge thing jumped out of nowhere with extreme speed. Chen couldn't identify the thing due to its speed. All he felt was a small mountain crashing towards him!

He had to dodge it with Lightning Step! Within a split second, Chen had moved one meter away from where he stood earlier!


That small mountain grazed Chen's nose tip while landing on the ground.

"That is some powerful shit!"

Chen wasn't hit but the wind managed to send him three steps back. He had to use some strength to stabilize his footing to prevent himself from falling.

"Copper Toad! You lunatic! Are you planning to kill me as well?!" Demonic shouted shockingly and angrily.

On the other hand, the strong wind made Demonic Fox fell on the ground. Her face turned pale due to the terrifying encounter. She was really close to that object as well. She would definitely have been crushed if the small mountain had landed on her. It was no wonder she was so angry about it!


At the same time, that small mountain landed on the street across them. A giant hole was formed. It was like a cannonball had struck the ground. Cracks started to spread on the road from where the small mountain landed. It was pretty terrifying!

"Copper Toad?!"

Chen frowned and took a look at the small mountain. He saw someone slowly standing up at the huge hole. That person was around two meters tall! He was abundant in girth! By the looks of him, he had to weigh at least five hundred pounds! He is practically a small mountain!

"I'm Copper Toad! This is my first time meeting you, but I have to kill you today!" Copper Toad grinned and looked at Chen viciously.

"This is weird!"

Chen looked him in the eyes and said in a deep voice, "The purpose of The Hundred Beasts Faction traveling for a long distance to come to Green Vine City is based on what Wen Tiandou told you guys, right?"

"What if the answer is yes?" Copper Toad asked rhetorically.

"If you kill me now, all the secrets will be buried with me and this trip will be a complete waste!" Chen said.

"Hehe…First, I don't care about the secret at all! You killed my brother earlier! I will avenge him today!"

Copper Toad smiled coldly and continued to say, "The secret that you talked about is widespread in Jianghu now! Everyone knows that Emperor Yan's tomb location is at the ravine at Chen Village! You are of no use to us now! You can die in peace now!"

"What? It's an open secret now? How is that possible?" Chen was shocked. Then, he quickly analyzed this matter. The only people who would know about this secret would be himself, Murong Xiaoyao, Luo Puti and the chief inspector of Six Doors Organization! Also, Luo had only disclosed this secret to the small factions around Green Vine City only. They would definitely keep this secret to themselves since they believed that they would be able to take possession of whatever that was inside the tomb!

In other words, the chief inspector was the one that spread this secret to the whole Jianghu! That guy is under the control of Poseidon! The purpose of him spreading this secret to the Jianghu is to trigger a massive internal war within Jianghu! Chen's fast thinking figured out the conspiracy behind it instantly. Things are not going to be pretty if war happens!

"Kid! Do you feel like all hope has been lost? Die now!"

Copper Toad grinned and charged at Chen with his wok-sized fists! Chen did not underestimate his enemy. He activated his Netherspirit Battlescouter to check out the enemy.



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