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Just as Chen expected, Luo had something important to discuss with Chen. It had something to do with the tomb. This matter was Chen's priority. He had no choice but to let go of Lin for now. Next time, Chen will definitely take away her virginity. Lin was not that kind of sticky girlfriend. She gave Chen a goodbye kiss and left the place without Chen.

Today, Luo went to Chen's house to apply acupuncture on Chen's dad. After that, she waited at Chen's house for Chen to come back. Although Chen was really good at medicinal skill and utilizing the true Qi, Luo was already so used to coming to Chen's house. Thus, she decided that she will finish the treatment personally.

"I'm back!"

Chen saw that Luo was eating more peaches again the moment he stepped into his house. Then, he couldn't help but teased her, "I have not seen a woman like you with such a huge appetite! I have three peach trees in my house! I'm not so sure anymore if it's enough for you!"

Four angry stares locked on at Chen before Luo said anything. Those angry stares came from Chen's mom, dad, Xiaobai and Sirius. All of them had criticizing looks on them.


Chen was now in an awkward situation. He had almost forgot that when Luo is here, he will always be treated like an outsider! Such a painful realization!

"No…Please don't misunderstand me…Let me finish what I want to say!"

Chen smiled and quickly modified his speech, "I mean I have not seen a woman with such a huge appetite but still maintain such a perfect figure! Look at that perfectly crafted face! That slim and huggable waist! Those women who have tried so hard to lose weight will be so envious of her!"

"That sounds more like it!"

The four angry stares finally calmed down. Luo opened up her mouth gently and took a bite of the peach. Her pair of elegant and soulful eyes were staring at Chen mockingly. She had been taken advantage of by Chen for God knows how many times. She was so happy to see that Chen was on the losing side this time.

"Puti, I thought that you had something to say to me, right? Let's go to my room." Chen said.

"Okay! Okay! Okay! Going to the room is good!"

Chen's mom spoke before Luo said anything.

"Go now! Don't rush! I can prepare the dinner on my own! It's not necessary for you guys to help me!" 

"Aunty…What are you thinking about…We are just going to talk…" Luo said, blushing.

"My daughter-in-law! We are family now! You don't have to be shy about it! Let me say what I want to say! Both of you must love each other more every day! Put more effort into making babies! Me and your dad are looking forward to having grandkids!"

Chen's dad did not say anything. All he did was to nod his head non-stop.

"No…No…" Luo was stunned. Her brain had gone haywire. She didn't know what to say anymore.

"Daughter-in-law, let's go upstairs!" Chen smiled evilly and wrapped his hands around Luo's waist. Through the thin and soft t-shirt, Chen's hands can feel the softness and smoothness of Luo's skin. Luo's fragrant body smell made Chen felt like he was in heaven.

On the other hand, Luo was really frustrated. She thought she could finally make Chen suffer this time, but Chen had managed to pull off yet another reversal. She couldn't push Chen away in front of his parents. Thus, she had no choice but to allow Chen to hug her while walking upstairs.


Luo slapped Chen's hand off once they got into Chen's room. She said embarrassingly and angrily, "I warned you! We are just fake couples! I will not come here again once I cure your dad! Don't even think about taking advantage of me again!"

"There is always different ending for stories! We might just become real couples someday!" Chen said happily.

"Psst! Dream on!" Luo said coldly.

"Tell me! What kind of man are you fond of? It seems like you are disgusted by men all the time! Are you a lesbian?" Chen asked curiously.

"Go to hell!"

Luo rolled her eyes on Chen, paused for a while and said, "I don't ask for the kind of man that stands at the top of the world! But, the man that I like must at least be a powerful and legendary hero!"

"Damn! I think that you are talking about me!" Chen grinned and said jokingly.

"You? You are far from it…"

Luo sighed. She didn't mean to mock Chen. She was just telling the truth.


[Cultivation: Pinnacle phase of Qi refining stage, Health: 20000, Combat power: 20000!]




Chen was extremely shocked when he took a look at Luo with the Netherspirit Battlescouter casually. Chen was almost scared to death. He always knew that Luo would be really powerful, but he didn't expect Luo to be this powerful! She is as powerful as Cao Zhenyang! But, she is much younger than Cao.

There were only two possible explanations.

Number one; Luo's talent is even better than that rare gem of the Cao Family!

Number two; The Pure Yang Item that she possesses is rarer and better than the Duskdawn!

Talent and Spiritual Qi are the core things that made who Luo is today! Without one of these two items, it would have been impossible for Luo to reach this level of cultivation! This woman is not simple at all!

"What happened to you? Are you hurt by what I said to you?" Luo asked.

"That's not possible! My heart is not made of glass! Such small matter can't hurt me!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and said in a powerful tone, "Just wait! Someday, you will admit that I'm the hero that you have been looking for all this while!"

Luo laughed after hearing Chen. She said, "What was that famous phrase of your fans club? I remember it now! The phrase is; Bro Bei has the thickest face on this earth!"

"You are wrong! They were talking about my powerful presence! Not my face!"

Then, Chen laughed and said, "Since when did the Ice Demon Queen know how to tell a joke? This is getting really interesting!"

"What did you just say?" Luo looked at Chen and asked.

"Cough…Cough…Nothing! Let's get back to business! Stop wasting time!" Chen scratched his nose tip and said.

Luo couldn't be bothered arguing with Chen. She said seriously, "I have finished preparing the plans on my side! Just as I expected, all the five factions around Green Vine City will be gathered at Chen Village tomorrow!"

"Are you trying to say that we should execute the plan tomorrow night?" Chen asked.

"Not us! Just me! By that time, I will announce to everyone that you have handed over the jade seal and the safety pendant to me. Then, you can walk out of this matter safely."

Luo went on to say, "Now, I have another big problem! What should we do with Bao Linshuang? The plan is not perfect without his presence! I'm afraid that someone might come after you!"

"Easy! That is not a problem at all!" Chen smiled and said.

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