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[Cultivation: Early phase of Qi refining stage, Health: 10000. Combat power: 7500!]

"This guy's combat power is close to mine, but his health is insane!"

Chen was shocked when he found out how much health the Copper Clam had.


At the same time, Copper Clam landed close Chen. His huge body was like a tank! His arms were as thick as a normal person's thighs! They looked exactly like cannon barrels; powerful enough to destroy a fortress!

"Son of the bitch! I'm going to smash open your f*cking head! Hahaha…" Copper Clam was confident about his combat power. Chen saw Yellow Qi gathering around his fists. Those fists looked like copper hammers. A normal person would definitely be turned into minced meat if he/she took a punch from him.

"Chen Xiaobei! You get what you deserve today! Die!"

On the other hand, Demonic Fox was filled with murderous intent. She felt relieved, oddly, at the same time. She was sure that Chen was going to be killed by Copper Clam that day. If that was true, she will be freed from Chen's shadow. Her face would turn red without fail whenever she recalls the blowjobs that she had given to Chen. It was not something she would want to remember with for the rest of her life.

"This fat Clam is quite powerful. But, he won't be able to kill me!" Chen thought.

During the critical moment, Chen lifted up his fists to face Copper Clam's punches. Chen's combat power had reached five thousand and seven hundred after the training that he did last time. Plus, Chen activated the power that he received from the Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training as well. All in all, an additional of thirty percent combat power would be added unto him. It all adds up to a total of one thousand nine hundred combat power! Right then, Chen's combat power was as high as seven thousand and six hundred! His current combat power was slightly higher than Copper Clam's.


Both of their punches collided. The shockwave from it caused the dust on the ground to fly around them. Demonic Fox was standing few meters away from them, but the shockwave still managed to cause her hair and clothes to fly up and down. Her gorgeous face had turned completely pale. She was shocked that they are so much stronger than her.

However, it was more shocking for her to find out that Chen was still alive! He had even forced Copper Clam to stagger back!

"Oh my God! This…This is not possible! Is there something wrong with my eyes?" Demonic Fox rubbed her eyes unconsciously. There was nothing wrong with her eyes!

"This is not possible…Absolutely not possible…"

Copper Clam took three steps back but Chen was still standing at where he stood earlier. He had delivered quite a blow to Copper Clam's state of mind! He never dreamt that the kid that he was so confident of smashing to possess this kind of power!

Copper Clam did not rush to land another hit on Chen. He squinted and took a good look at Chen.

"How old is this kid? I guess that he's only over twenty years old! How could he possess such huge power? Our leader; Long Aotian was not even as powerful as him when he was his age! This kid is definitely a prodigy! His future is going to be great if he possesses such destructive power at such young age!" Copper Clam thought.

Before all this, Copper Clam had not even bothered to take a good look at Chen. After this exchange, Copper Clam had a completely different view on Chen.

"Demonic Fox! Don't just stand there! Look for an opportunity to attack this son of a bitch! He is extremely talented! He is going to be a threat to us if we don't kill him today!" Copper Clam was an experienced guy in Jianghu. He could see the bigger picture than most people.

He will use any means necessary to reach his goal! Thus, he planned to work together with Demonic Fox to kill Chen. Only experienced people like then could make such decisions.

"This is not good…"

Chen did not feel good about his current circumstance at all. His combat power was slightly higher than Copper Clam but his health was much lower than him. Chen's punch managed to force Copper Clam three steps back, and Chen did not move at all. In reality, his fists were swollen and painful. His arms were almost paralyzed from the attack.

It was impossible for him to win this battle. That, and the fact that the Demonic Fox was going to attack him as well.

"Copper Clam! Just attack him! I will look for a good opportunity to attack this son of the bitch!"

Demonic Fox took out two Shurikens and locked on to Chen. She wat itching to kill Chen.

"Eh? The way she holds the Shuriken is really familiar!"

Chen recalled something...

"I remember now! That's how the ninjas from Japan hold their Shuriken! The way that this woman moved last night is similar to how a ninja moves as well! It seems like, this woman is more complicated than I thought!"

"Son of the bitch! How dare you get distracted when you are battling with me?!"

Copper Clam shouted. "You will pay the price if you underestimate me!"



Copper Clam put his hands and feet on the ground. He inhaled and exhaled the air around him. It looked exactly like the Ultimate Clam Skill from the movie. Soon, his stomach got bigger and bigger like a giant balloon.

"Thunder Strike!" Copper Clam shouted.

He directed all his strength to his arms and feet. Four holes were formed under his arms and feet. Next, he charged at Chen with all his strength. It was as fast as lightning. That skill was powerful enough to destroy everything in his path!

"Such a terrifying burst!"

Demonic Fox swallowed her fears in. She could feel the shockwave few meters away. She would be disintegrated if she stands in his path.

"God Strength King Kong Kick!"

Chen did not panic. He directed all his Dragon Force to his right leg! It is a special skill designed by God Chejiao! The user's leg will become as hard as steel, and not even bullets can pierce through it!

That would make up for Chen's lower health. A stream of golden True Qi could be seen around Chen's legs.


Chen landed a strategic kick on Copper Clam's head. It was like Mars colliding with Earth. The explosive sound echoed through in the air. The kick managed to send Copper Clam flying some distance away. A crater was formed at where he landed.

"Is my attack finally working on him?" Chen got excited. The kick was used to destroy a mid-level ninja's leg! In other words, this kick was extremely powerful!

*Rock sliding…*

Copper Clam stood up with no injuries on his body!

"Kid! Your kicking skill is really unique! Unfortunately, it failed to break my defense! Your skill is utterly useless on me!"

Copper Clam started to laugh arrogantly, "You can't hurt my iron skin! That means I'm invincible to you! I want to see how are you going to fight with me when you use up your True Qi! Hahaha…"

"Shit…I will lose this battle…" Chen frowned.



With speed, Demonic Fox threw out two shuriken. She was aiming at Chen. 

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