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"I did not expect this trip to Green Vine City to be so fruitful! What a great surprise!" Elder Cao was smiling in the car. It was pretty obvious that he was in a good mood.

"Yea! I have to admit that kid is really generous for giving out the jade sculptures to you! There are not many people in this world who can do what he just did!" Cao Zhenyang frowned. He was not in a good mood, but he had to agree that Chen was really generous.

Elder Cao shook his head and said, "You have to take a look at the bigger picture! The fruits of the trip that I mentioned just now is not the jade sculptures that I received!"

"Then, what made this trip a fruitful trip?" Cao Zhenyang asked puzzledly.

"It the people that I meet! Four hundred million can buy those jade sculptures but it can never buy an extremely talented person!"

Elder Cao continued to say, "Chen Xiaobei is an extremely talented person! He has a good character and some really great talent! Also, I believe that his Sifu has to be one of the legendary figures! Chen Xiaobei can contribute a lot to our country if I can convince him to join Thunder Kirin!"

"Are…Are you serious?" Cao Zhenyang was shocked. He couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"We shall see. I'm not rushing anyway!" Elder Cao smiled. His eyes were shining with the radiance of enlightenment.


A crystal-clear sound echoed in the car. Then, Cao Zhenyang took out a unique cellphone. He took a look at it and said, "Grandad! Emergency! All the big and small factions in Jianghu have started to act out! I feel that something big is about to go down!"

"What did Six Doors Organization say about it?" Elder Cao asked.

"They are still investigating it. For now, they have no idea what's going on as well…" Cao Zhenyang said.

Elder Cao frowned and said painfully, "What the hell is going on here? For the past few months, Six Doors Organization has been getting more and more ineffective at investigating Jianghu matters! How can they not know a single thing about this?! They are not worthy of monitoring the Jianghu!"

"Do you want me to assign few of our guys to investigate this matter?" Cao Zhenyang asked.

"Go ahead!"

After that, Elder Cao remained silent for the rest of the journey after saying those last words.

Inside Beichen jewelry shop, Chen was playing with the Duskdawn. It was warm to touch, and its design was really simple and sophisticated. Chen grew fond of it. Also, there were flows of Golden Yang Attribute Spiritual Qi emitting from the ring. Based on Chen's rough estimation, the Spiritual Qi inside this ring is more than the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant and the incense burner!

But, Chen was now filled with the Spiritual Qi that he had absorbed from the incense burner that he found earlier. He will not be able to absorb more Spiritual Qi until he uses the Spiritual Qi to train himself. Thus, Duskdawn has managed to escape the fate of being drained for now. Chen kept it inside his treasure chest.

"Bro Bei, don't you feel a heartache for giving out all those precious jade sculptures?" Jing Fei couldn't help but ask.

"You dumbo! Technically speaking, I won those jade sculptures from Wenfeng. It did not cost me a single cent. Why should I feel any loss by gifting them out?"

Chen smiled and continued to say, "On the contrary, I should feel happy making friends with Elder Cao through those jade sculptures!"

"Makes sense…Elder Cao is a respectable person! He might be able to help us in the future!" Jing Fei nodded and said.

"Alright. Take good care of my shop. I shall get back to my training! I am filled with the Spiritual Qi that I had absorbed earlier. They are no use to me if I don't do something with it!" Chen smiled and left.

Chen locked himself inside the room once he got home. He did not want to waste any time anymore. He sat on the floor with his legs crossed and started to activate the Scripture of Heaven and Earth. Then, the Dragon Force started to move around in his body. At the same time, the Spiritual Qi stored inside Chen's body was carried by the Dragon Force to every single part of his body. Chen could feel himself getting more and more powerful. Besides that, the Dragon Force also grew stronger with the help of the Scripture of Heaven and Earth.

With Chen improving his cultivation, Chen will be able to store more Spiritual Qi and carry more True Qi! The truly powerful elite can store an unlimited amount of Spiritual Qi, and the source of their power is limitless as well. The powers that they possess can break open the mountain and split the ground apart. On the other hand, the weak one can only store a limited amount of Spiritual Qi in their bodies. Thus, the source of their strength is rather weak; Normally, they will not last long in any battle. So, that is the difference between an actual elite and a weakling!


Chen exhaled a cloud of white breath at one in the morning. The white breath penetrated the air like a bullet. Its afterimage lingered in the air for quite some time.


Chen opened up his eyes slowly. He was fresh, and he could see everything around him clearly. On the other hand, his pupils were dark and deep. It was just like an unending universe with all kinds of mystical phenomena in it. All the Spiritual Qi that he had absorbed from the incense burner had been completely transformed. His training will have to be put on hold for now.


[Cultivation: Early phase of Qi refining stage, Health: 5700, Combat power: 5700!]

Chen's Netherspirit Battlescouter showed him the latest update of himself. Twelve hours, and an increment of seven hundred combat power!

"Damn! The Scripture of Heaven and Earth is definitely the masterpiece created by my Sifu! This speed of my improvement is Godlike!" Chen complimented. After reaching the Qi refining stage, Chen finally knew how hard it was to improve his combat power. Without Spiritual Qi, Chen's improvement through various training was barely visible.

However, the combination of Spiritual Qi and the Scripture of Heaven and Earth really sped up the training process! Take a look at Yap Liangchen and Cao Zhenyang, they were practically growing up with Spiritual Qi. They had to spend twenty to thirty years to get to where they are right now!

This is the difference between training methods! In other words, in three to five days, Chen can surpass Yap and Cao with the help of the Scripture of Heaven and Earth and an unlimited supply of Spiritual Qi!


You heard me right!

It's not three years! It's not five months!

Three to five days, and Chen can surpass those who have trained for twenty to thirty years! How awesome is that?

With the help of Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training, his true combat power will increase by another thirty percent! Thus, his actual combat power is now seven thousand and six hundred!

"Spiritual Qi! Spiritual Qi! Spiritual Qi! The important things must be repeated at least three times! I must acquire more Spiritual Qi!" Chen thought to himself. Chen knew clearly that Spiritual Qi was the core of his training. The Scripture of Heaven and Earth was like a racing car! Spiritual Qi was its fuel! You must fill the racing car with fuel before you take it for a spin! Without Spiritual Qi, the training will not be able to proceed.


Chen's stomach was growling. After all, Chen is just an ordinary human; He still needs food and water to carry on with his life. A white object jumped into Chen's room from the window when Chen was getting to ready to drink the Potion of Hundred Herbs.

"Xiaobai? Why are you not asleep? Why are you here?" Chen asked puzzledly. 

"Someone is in the kitchen! Please deal with it! I'm going to sleep in your bed tonight!" Xiaobai said arrogantly.

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