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"Son of the bitch! Do you know who I am? You should be happy about it when I decided to apologize to you! Don't get over your head!" Cao Zhenyang shouted angrily. He was not happy with Chen's attitude.

"Hehe…So, this is the son of Cao Family? Such pride! Why are you acting so arrogantly when you are not going to do what you promised earlier?! This is definitely something new for me!" Chen gave Cao a thumbs up and said.

"F*ck you! How dare you mock my family?! I want you…" Cao shouted and wanted to slap Chen again.

"Zhenyang! Shut up! Move aside!"

Elder Cao shouted, turned to Chen and said politely, "Mr. Chen, we have lost the bet! We are not trying to break the promise! But, Zhenyang is my eldest grandkid. Do you mind overlooking the promise that he made earlier?"

"Are you trying to say that your grandkid's life is more precious than my boss' life? Will you say what you are saying now if my boss is the one who loses his life in the bet just now?" Jing Fei shouted.

"Jing Fei! Where are your manners? I believe that Elder Cao is an understanding person!" Chen said calmly.

"He's an understanding person? That's he is a man of double standard! This is nor fair! He is bullying us! You almost lost your life just now! I was scared to death! It seems like he wants to resolve this issue with just a simple apology! It's not going to be that easy!"

"I'm at fault in this matter as well! Please allow me to apologize to you!"

Elder Cao put his hands together and bowed at Chen.

"Oh my God!"

Elder Han and Cao Zhenyang were shocked to death. They have not seen Elder Cao ever bowing at anyone before! Chen was just a teenager! It was hard to believe that Elder Cao would bow at a teenager! Both of them would not believe that it's real if they have not seen it with their naked eyes!

"I'm really impressed by your humility! Please get up. I'm not worthy of such manners from you, Elder Cao." Chen did not expect that influential people like Elder Cao would apologize to him. This was truly unbelievable! With what he is capable of doing, he could actually murder Chen and dismiss this matter. But, he decided to toss away his face and power to apologize to Chen sincerely. This act managed to make Jing Fei lose most of his anger in his heart.

"I cannot get up yet."

Elder Cao bowed down and continued to say, "Zhenyang is my grandkid. He is a rare prodigy in our family as well! Throughout hundreds of generations, I have not seen someone like him. Also, he is supposed to serve the country with all his heart! He is a soldier, and he is only allowed to die on the battlefield!"

Elder Cao said the last sentence loudly. Chen heard every single word loud and clear. Respect started to surface in his heart. This sense of respect was directed towards Elder Cao's humility and the heroes that are willing to sacrifice their lives to fight for the country!

"Elder Cao, please get up! I promise you that I will not kill your grandkid!" Chen used both of his hands to help Elder Cao up. Elder Cao's unyielding character and guts had managed to melt Chen's stubborn heart.

"Thank you, Mr. Chen!"

Elder Cao sighed in relief, turned around and shouted, "Zhenyang! Bring me the Duskdawn!"


Everyone was puzzled when Elder Cao mentioned this name. None of them know what was he talking about.

Cao Zhenyang frowned. It was as if Elder Cao intended to slice a piece of his flesh. Then, he said worryingly, "Grandad, what do you want to do with the Duskdawn? I have worn it for so many years!"

"Give it to me!"

Elder Cao's voice was firm and absolute. It was undeniable that Elder Cao is a very powerful and a person that cannot be shaken easily.


Cao Zhenyang put on a pity party face, took out his thumb ring and handed it to Elder Cao unwillingly. It was as if someone had kidnapped his wife. So, Duskdawn is the name of that thumb ring. It was no wonder that Cao Zhenyang was not willing to give it up.

"Mr Chen, this Duskdawn thumb ring is the heirloom of Cao Family! I'm going to give it to you now."

Elder Cao placed the thumbring in Chen's palm.


Chen was extremely shocked. He had been eyeing the thumb ring earlier. He would never expect this thumb ring to come under his possession.

"Mr Chen, please don't say no to me! This thumb ring will serve as my symbol gratitude for not killing my grandkid! I will feel awful if you don't accept this thumb ring." Elder Cao said politely.


"What is this? Am I receiving a gift from slapping one's face and acting cool? This is awesome!" Chen thought to himself. He was really excited and happy. Only an idiot will reject such a valuable gift.

"Since Elder Cao insisted that I should take this gift, then I should gladly accept it!" Chen said with a straight face. Actually, he was holding himself back from laughing.

"Damn this bastard…" Cao Zhenyang rolled his eyes at Chen. He really hated Chen right now. But, he can't disobey his grandad. Thus, he can only keep all those hatred to himself. He just wanted to kill himself right now as he witnessed the thumb ring that he wore all the time falling into Chen's hand.

"Alright. That should be it. We will say goodbye now! I'm really sorry for the inconvenience caused!" Elder Cao was getting ready to leave Chen's shop.

"Elder Cao, hold on."

Chen ordered, "Jing Fei, please wrap Fire Dragon in The Sky and Sky, Plum Blossoms, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum jade sculptures nicely and send them to Elder Cao's car!"

"Yes!" Jing Fei quickly did what Chen asked.

Elder Cao was shocked. He asked, "We have caused you so much trouble! Why are you still willing to sell us the jade sculptures?"

"I'm not selling it!"

Chen smiled and said calmly, "These are my gifts to you."

"This…This does not sound right…Those jade sculptures are too precious. It's not right for me to take it!"

Even Cao Zhenyang and Elder Han were in awe. Everyone knew that the total selling price of those jade sculptures was four hundred million! Nobody would have thought that Chen would give it away for free! This was beyond terrifying!

"Elder Cao, please don't say no to me! I know you are a jade lover. Also, you have traveled a great distance from Dragon City to my jewelry shop! I cannot let you return to Dragon City empty-handed!"

Chen continued, "The thing that we went through today is not exactly a pleasant experience, but I truly respect you. You can see those jade sculptures as a bonding gift. We will still be friends when we meet next time!"'

In other words, Elder Cao did not plan to make friends with Chen, if he still refuses to accept the gift.

"Alright, from today onwards, you are my good friend! I will take these jade sculptures! Our friendship will not change until the end of my life!" Elder Cao nodded and said.

"I will see you in Jianghu!" Chen smiled and said.

"See you in Jianghu!" Elder Cao smiled and left the place with Cao Zhenyang.

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