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An extremely sexy woman was working on something in the kitchen. She had tied her hair into a ponytail. Her voluptuous body was wrapped in a tight, black outfit. Looking at the shape of her back, one can quickly figure out the identity of this beauty.

"*sshole! Bastard! Since I can't defeat you, I shall make sure you spend the rest of your days in the toilet!"

The woman gritted and said with her husky voice. It was a really seductive voice. She was holding a bottle and pouring some kind of white power into the various dishes in the fridge. It was pretty apparent that she was trying to poison Chen!

"Hehe! This is the super laxative poison that is concocted by Poison Rat! Chen Xiaobei will spend a long time in the toilet if he takes in this poison!"

The woman smiled and continued to say, "I can prove to Long Aotian that I'm innocent if I capture him alive! It is not easy to get myself into Hundred Beasts Faction! Also, my plan is just beginning!"

This woman is none other than the Demonic Fox.

"Damn! I'm so hungry! Let me get something to eat!"

Chen's voice could be heard from the direction of the stairs.

"Such a coincidence? I want to see you suffer in agony!" Demonic Fox was thrilled. Then, she quickly hid in a dark corner with her graceful moves. She believed that her plan would work perfectly this time. But, she didn't know that Chen had already used Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes to watch her every move.

"Eh? The way this lady moves looks really familiar…I think I've seen it somewhere…" Chen thought. But, his face was still acting as if he did not know of her evil plan. Then, Chen opened the fridge and brought out the sweet and sour pork ribs. He heated it up with the microwave. After that, he sat beside the table and ate it.

"*sshole! Bastard! Die!"

Demonic Fox was hiding in the dark corner and watching Chen eat the pork ribs. She felt really satisfied when she saw Chen taking in the poison. Soon, she thought Chen would definitely rush into the toilet and have a neverending diarrhea!

However, ten minutes later, Chen had already finished eating half of the sweet and sour pork ribs on his plate. Nothing had happened to him!

"What the hell is going on? Why is the poison not working? Could it be that the heat from the microwave has destroyed the composition of the poison?" Demonic Fox was baffled. She couldn't figure what was wrong with the poison.

"I'm so full! Time to sleep!" Chen tapped on his stomach and left the kitchen.

"This…" Demonic Fox quickly ran to the kitchen counter and checked out the sweet and sour pork ribs.

"What the hell is going on here? Why is the poison not working?" She lifted up the plate to take a good look at it and sniffed it as well. In order to solve the question that she had in her mind, she put a small piece of the pork rib into her mouth.


The reaction on her face changed the next second. She could feel the disaster inside her stomach. This proved that the poison was working well!

"Damn it! I've been set up by Chen again!" Demonic Fox grumbled. Initially, she was planning to leave the place. But, she couldn't allow a beauty like herself to shit in her pants. She quickly rushed to the toilet. She was stunned when she opened the toilet door.

"Hello! Gorgeous! What happened to you? You don't look too good!"

Chen was sitting on the toilet with his legs crossed. There was an evil smile on his face.

"You *sshole! You set me up again…" Demonic Fox said frustratingly.

She couldn't bother arguing with Chen anymore. All she wanted to do right now was to neutralize the disaster in her stomach.

She cried out, "Go away! I can't hold it in any longer…Quick…"

"This is my toilet…Why should I let you use it? Pay me if you want to use it!" Chen pursed his lips and said mockingly.

"I will pay you! The standard price of using a public toilet is twenty cents! I will pay you two hundred! Get lost now!" Demonic Fox frowned and said. Her pretty face turned red from holding in her diarrhea.

"Nonono! It costs two billion to use my toilet! Of course, you can pay me in dollars if you want to!" Chen smiled evilly and said.


Demonic Fox almost vomited blood.

"Two billion for using the toilet? In dollars? This must be some kind of joke! Even the richest person on this earth will face bankruptcy for using your toilet!" Demonic Fox thought.

"Chen Xiaobei…I beg you now…I can't hold it any longer…After all, I'm still a woman…Can't you act like a gentleman…?" Demonic Fox begged. She had almost reached her limit.

"I will act more like a gentleman if you are my friend or even a stranger! Unfortunately, you are my enemy! Showing mercy to the enemy is like torturing myself! I would have been captured by you right now if I did not foresee your evil plan! I will have ended up getting killed by Long Aotian!"

"It's…It's my fault…" Demonic Fox cried and said. She pressed on her stomach, and she couldn't even stand properly anymore.

"Don't try to act pitiful in front of me! Your seductive skill is useless to me! Two billion! No more no less!"

Chen grinned and continued to say, "I don't mind using your body if you don't have two billion with you!"

"Pay with my body…You…" Demonic Fox's face was already as red as a tomato. Now, her face had turned bloody red.

"You did it to me last time…I think you should be pretty familiar with it by now! So, you don't have to feel embarrassed by it…" Chen said happily.

"You…" Demonic Fox wanted to cry, but no tears were coming out from her tear ducts. She felt that she will not die from holding on to her diarrhea but being angry with Chen! She was so embarrassed by what she did to Chen last time. It was no doubt that she was going to live with that traumatic experience until the end of her life.

"Come here!"

Chen pulled Demonic Fox to him. Now, she was on Chen's lap. Then, Chen proceeded to unzip her right outfit.

"What are you trying to do?! No…"

Demonic Fox was shocked. She did not expect that Chen would take advantage of her as the pain paralyzed her.

"Don't move if you want the antidote!"

Chen put her hands into her tight outfit and landed his palms on her flat stomach. Then, Chen applied a very special massage on her.

"Eh? The pain is gone…"

Demonic Fox couldn't help but moan when she felt a flow of warm Qi flowing into her stomach.

"Here, take a deep breath now!"

Chen took out the Seven Treasury Fragrant Pouch and let Demonic Fox take a sniff from it. The fragrant pouch was really effective against poison that has just entered one's body. Soon, all the poison had been purged out of her body.

"I feel so good right now…"

Demonic Fox could finally relax when all the pain is gone. However, her face turned red again the next second. Her heart was beating really rapidly as well! Chen's hands were moving lower down her stomach. Soon, Chen's hands landed on her forbidden area.

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