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"I will lose? I think that you are dreaming!"

Cao Zhenyang raised his chin said confidently, "Let me tell you the truth! My cultivation is at the pinnacle phase of the Qi refining stage! You should be honored to be killed by me!"

"What? Pinnacle phase of Qi refining stage?" Jing Fei was shaking in fear after knowing Cao's cultivation. His legs and arms went soft. Sweat started rolling down his body as well. As a Jianghu guy, he knew the true meaning behind the pinnacle phase of the Qi refining stage! Powerful elites like him have already mastered how to utilize Qi. Other than that, he is a master of a different martial art as well!

In Dragon City, he can be considered as a compelling individual! Outside Dragon City, he is practically undefeatable!

"Boss…Please don't freak me out…What am I going to tell your parents if something bad happens to you?" Jing Fei said nervously. All he could do right now is use Chen's family to talk him out of this bet.

Elder Han was extremely worried as well. He advised Chen, "Mr. Chen. You should back down. Zhenyang will not do anything to you with me here. Don't just throw away your life like that!"

"Elder Han! Talk no more! I will not listen to you this time!"

Cao said, "This kid kept on pushing my limit! I cannot take it anymore! I will not let him go even if he kneels down in front of me and begs for my forgiveness!" Elder Han felt extremely embarrassed. Cao Zhenyang was practically slapping his face by disrespecting him. Now, he was really hoping that Chen wins this bet and avenges him.

On the other hand, it's easy to hope for something, but it's normally hard to achieve it in reality. To him, it was impossible for Chen to win in this bet. He is going to die today if he still refuses to listen to his advice.

However, Chen's state of mind was not shaken at all. He said impatiently, "Quick! I'm a busy man! I don't want to waste my time here!"


Jing Fei and Elder Han almost vomited blood after hearing Chen's words. In the end, Chen did not even listen to their advice. They were pretty sure that Chen was going to lose his life today. Elder Cao was looking forward to what Chen was going to do. He was pretty sure that Chen was not a suicidal idiot. Besides that, he wanted to find out how Chen is going to defend the attack from Cao Zhenyang.

"Bastard! It seems like you can't wait to enter hell! I shall grant your wish!"

At the same time, Cao Zhenyang was ready to slap Chen! This time, Cao Zhenyang was going to imbue Qi in his slap. The Qi from an elite with pinnacle phase of Qi refining stage is really potent and concentrated. Thus, others would see the Qi with their naked eyes. A stream of purple Qi surrounded Cao Zhenyang's hand like a snake.

"Oh God! What kind of speed is that?" Jing Fei and Elder Han shouted at the same time. In their eyes, Cao Zhenyang's slap was so fast that it had turned into a ray of purple light. It looked more like a hand knife than a slap!

"It seems like he was holding back before this…I don't think anyone outside of Dragon City can take this attack…"

Amateurs might not be able to see the power of this slap. But, experienced people like Elder Cao knew precisely how powerful was this slap. At the same time, he was looking forward to Chen's method of neutralizing this attack! Either this Chen Xiaobei was an idiot or the real deal!

"Die now!!! Haha…Eh?!"

Cao Zhenyang laughed hysterically when he saw his slap almost landing on Chen face. However, his laughter completely stopped the next second. He was stunned. The rest of the people in the room were completely stunned as well! A baffling scene was presented in front of them.

Pinnacle phase of Qi refining stage!

20000 combat power!

The power of that slap was equivalent to eight thousand pounds of pure force! Theoretically speaking, Chen should have been delivered to the wall beside him by the force of it. There should be hole in the wall as well! But, Chen was standing at where he stood earlier. Even his hair remained in its original position!

"How…How is this possible? Maybe Cao Zhenyang stopped his attack last second." Elder Han was just an amateur. Thus, he did know what that had just happened. The rest of the people in the room knew exactly what just happened a moment ago.

"No! Cao Zhenyang did not stop his attack! He used all his force to attack my boss!" Jing Fei said confidently.

"This is unbelievable…Unbelievable…" Elder Cao stood up from the sofa. Then, he pushed Cao Zhenyang aside and took a good look at Chen. He could not believe that Chen was not harmed by Cao Zhenyang's attack at all!

"Mr. Chen! How did you neutralize his attack?!"

"Was it the Golden Bell Iron Skin from the Golden Dragon Temple? How old are you? It's impossible for you to have mastered this skill!"

"Mr Chen! Which faction are you from? Who is your Sifu? Your Sifu must be some kind of legendary elite!"

"Mr. Chen! Are you interested in serving the country? People like you are rare gems! Just say yes, and our country will definitely train you with everything they have!"

Elder Cao was always a calm person. But, he could not stay calm for any longer after seeing Chen's performance. He was so impressed by Chen that he bombarded Chen a series of questions!

On the other hand, Chen felt like laughing after hearing those questions.

"There's no Golden Bell Iron Skin! It was Ultimate Protective Puppet that neutralized the attack! And, my Sifu is really a legendary, out of this world, powerful elite! But, I will not tell you who my Sifu is! Serving the country? I love my country. But, I don't like being restricted by the rules all the time! How can I enjoy my life if I have to follow orders all the time?" Chen thought to himself.

"Mr. Chen? Why are you smiling? Did you hear the questions that I asked you?" Elder Cao said desperately. He was looking forward to Chen's replies.

"I hear you, but I don't want to reply you."

Chen raised his eyebrows and said coldly, "Right now. I just want to solve the problem between Cao Zhenyang and me!"


Elder Cao was stunned for a while. Then, he shouted, "Zhenyang! Quickly apologize to Mr. Chen!"

"I'm…I'm coming…"

Cao Zhenyang gulped. It was as if he had not recovered from the shock. He never thought that his powerful slap would not injure Chen at all! Also, he had to follow his grandad's order.

He said softly, "Mr. Chen, I'm sor…"

Chen interrupted him before he can apologize adequately.

"I don't want your apology. What was the bet again? You said that you would chop off your head and let me kick it around like a ball, right?"

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