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"People will die for money, and birds will die for food!"

Luo went on to say sternly, "You have to give up all the treasure in the tomb if you want Six Doors Organization to turn away from you!"

"Is that your perfect solution? Please don't kid around with me!"

Chen rolled his eyes and said, "Let's not talk about the treasure inside the tomb first! The things inside the tomb are the heirloom of Murong Family! What are they going to think of me if I tell them that I'm going to give up on this task of helping them?!"

Needless to ask, Chen had put so much effort into this task to prove himself to the Murong Family. He didn't want to disappoint them with the trust that they had placed in him. Besides that, Chen could still clearly remember what Murong Tian said before the monks kidnaped him; Chen might be a nobody now, but he will definitely be the kind of person that can cause a stir in Jianghu in the future!

He will never forget the stare of Murong Tian when he said those things. Murong Tian had such high hopes on Chen. Thus, Chen will never give up on this task!

"Then, what's your plan?" Luo looked at Chen and asked.

"I'm planning to get whatever that is inside the tomb as soon as possible! Then, nobody will be interested in the tomb anymore!"

"I thought you are smarter than that! Do you really think that they will stop looking for the thing inside the tomb once they find out that the tomb is empty?"

Luo frowned and continued to say seriously, "Basically, you are telling everyone that you have everything in the tomb if you follow your plan! By that time, Six Doors Organization and the whole Jianghu will come after your *ss! They will try all kind of methods to force to give them what you found in the tomb! The worst part is that no one will know exactly what's inside the tomb! They will not stop torturing you, even after you give them everything! Also, they will come after your family and friends!"

Luo saw the whole picture clearly. Within few minutes, Luo had managed to point out all the flaws of Chen's plan.

"Damn! The one who is in the game is blind, while a bystander sees everything! Luckily, I came and discussed this matter with you first! If not, I would have already executed this stupid plan!"

"I'm glad that you understand the risk of your plan!"

Luo continued to say, "Now, you should give up on your task first. Let me take over this matter. Then, I will assign some officials to deal with this matter! After that, the whole Jianghu will know that you do not have the treasure with you! I don't think that anyone in the Jianghu would have the balls to take it from the country! In the end, you do not have to worry about this matter anymore."

"I have to say that this is one perfect plan! But, a promise is a promise! I will not break the promise that I made because of some mess! This is my principle!" Chen nodded and said.

"What a dumb ass!"

Luo stared at Chen and went on to say, "Didn't I just tell you that no one knows what's inside the tomb?!"


Chen was dumb. He finally knew Luo's true plan, "I got it! You want me to take possession of the most important thing in the tomb while handing over all the other useless items to the government! After all, no one knows what's inside the tomb! Great! What a great plan! You should have told me that just now!"

"*Cough!* I didn't come up with this evil plan! You are the one who came up with this evil plan! I'm a government servant! I will not teach others to do bad things!" Luo said seriously.

"Oh…My goddess! You are so adorable!"

Chen continued to say happily, "Thank you so much for your help! I'm willing to offer myself to you as a form of gratitude!"

"Hold on!"

Luo stared at Chen and said coldly, "You rescued me from Bao last time! I'm paying back the favor to you now! So, you don't have to show me any gratitude!"

"My Luo Goddess! Honestly speaking, I'm getting more and more fond of your character! You might be an Ice Demon Queen, but I know your heart is actually warm! You are so full of justice! Also, you are very loyal to your friends!"

"Stop licking my boots! I will not be affected by it!"

Luo continued to say, "Back to other serious business! Now that we have a plan, next, we need some witnesses to make your deception look real to others!"

"Now, you are teaching me to do bad things!" Chen smiled and said evilly.

"I thought you said that I'm a good friend!" Luo said.

"Hehe! It seems that my bootlicking is pretty effective!" Chen grinned.

"Do you want to hear me out? If not, I shall go back to my sleep!" Luo said.

"I'm all ears! Please teach me, Luo Master!" Chen said.

Luo continued to say, "There are five to six small factions in Green Vine City! They will be the witnesses! I want them to witness me taking charge of this tomb matter! Now, we have witnesses and things from the tomb as well! The whole thing will be set in stone! There will be no more changes!"

"Damn! My sister! You are awesome!" Chen said shockingly.

"Okay…The plan is now set in stone since you agree to it! I will spread the news in two to three days time! I will inform you once I get everything done!"

Chen gave Luo a thumbs up and complimented, "I'm pretty sure you are the smartest woman among all those good-looking ladies! You must be the most beautiful woman among all those smart women!"

"This is no big deal!"

Luo raised her chin and said proudly, "You wouldn't be so shocked if you know my nickname in Dragon City!"

"Your nickname? What will that be? What will that be?" Chen asked curiously.

"Luo Puti; The Brainiac!"

After that, Luo got up and walked to her bedroom. With the way she walked, she definitely looked like some kind of master!

Chen sat stunned there for some time. Then, he smacked his thighs and said, "Damn! Who gave you that nickname?! That is so cool!"


The door of Luo's bedroom slammed shut.

"This woman is almost perfect! It's just sometimes she can be really cold towards others!"

Chen pursed his lips and smiled evilly, "The Almighty Luo Puti, I will conquer you someday!"

The path of conquering Luo Puti is going to be long and tough. After that, Chen went home to have a good rest as well. It was a long night; thus, Chen woke up in the afternoon. He decided to get on with his training with the Qi that he acquired yesterday after cleaning himself.

Suddenly, Chen's cell phone rang. It was Jing Fei. Chen was shocked after hearing what Jing Fei told him.

"Bro Bei! Come to the shop! Someone wants to buy our most expensive jade products!"

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