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"Keep everything and let's head out!"

Chen put away the safety pendant and jade seal and pulled Xiaoyao outside quickly. At the same time, Chen placed his finger in front of his lips and to indicate Xiaoyao not to make any noise. Both of them ran to the garden immediately.

Then, Chen let go of Xiaoyao and answered the call. It was pretty obvious that the cellphone did not belong to Chen. It belonged to the junior officer of Xia Door Organization; Bao Linshuang! They didn't know that Bao was already dead. Thus, Chen has to carry this cellphone with him all the time. His cellphone rang right after they had talked about the location of the tomb. Thus, Chen suspected that there were bugs inside Xiaoyao Tian's reading room.

Six Door Organization is a special organization that was formed to deal with Jianghu matters. Thus, it's not surprising that they have used different kind of methods to get the intel that they want. Planting bugs would be one of the best methods of collecting intel without people knowing it.

"What took you so long to pick up the call?"

A stern voice could be heard from the other side of the cellphone. It was Bao's boss!

"I'm really sorry for keeping you waiting…" Chen transformed his voice to Bao's voice. This was the first time for Xiaoyao to see Chen transforming his voice. She was really shocked. Luckily, this girl knew the call was really serious. Thus, she did not make a single noise at all.

"Listen carefully! I have a brand-new mission for you! You have to do this with Luo Puti!"

The chief inspector said, "I want you to get the Yan Dynasty Jade Seal and Wen Family's Green Jade Safety Pendant from Chen Xiaobei and Murong Xiaoyao! You are allowed to kill in this mission! I will not tolerate any failure!"

"I understand!" Chen answered loudly. At the same time, Chen's face became really grave. His guess was correct. Murong Tian would have never expected his reading room to be bugged by Six Doors Organization. This misstep could ruin Chen's plans completely. Luckily, Chen was here to save the world. It was a mistake for the chief inspector to assign the mission to Bao and Luo.

Luo had already decided to leave Six Doors Organization long time ago, and Bao was in hell right now. In other words, no one is going to execute this mission! On the other hand, Chen and Xiaoyao will have enough to prepare themselves for the attack of their enemies. After that, Chen told everything to Xiaoyao.

"My dad asked me to follow whatever you say before he left me…So, what should we do now?" Xiaoyao pursed her lips and looked at Chen reliably.

"First, you have to stay in the school hostel. Second, it's better that we don't talk about the tomb over our cellphones!"

"Okay…" Xiaoyao nodded.

"That should be all for now…I want to discuss the rest of the matter with Luo Puti as well!" Chen said.

At Six Doors Organization, the chief inspector received an unusual call.

"Why did you disobey me?" A modified, machinic voice could be heard from the other side of the call.

"Why did you say so? Mr. Poseidon." The chief inspector gulped. His eyes were filled with fear.

"You are the one that gave the order just now! Don't ask me stupid questions! Have you forgotten I'm watching and listening to you all the time?" Poseidon said.

"Of course, I remember that!"

The chief inspector was stunned. Then, he said weakly, "I thought that it was your will to get our hands on the Yan Dynasty Emperor Jade Seal and the Green Jade Safety Pendant?"

"Fool! How dare you assume my thoughts!" Poseidon shouted.

"I'm really sorry…Please forgive me…Please tell me how to deal with this matter," The chief inspector asked fearfully. His voice was shaking.

After a short pause, Poseidon said coldly, "I want you to tell the location of the tomb to everyone! Let the whole Jianghu know about it!"

"May…May I ask, why?"

The chief inspector said fearfully, "Everyone will come to Green Vine City once they know about the location of the tomb! A lot of people will die because of it!"

"That is exactly my plan!"

Poseidon laughed coldly and said, "I will be most delighted when I see you Chinese monkeys die in front of me! Especially those guys from Jianghu! It will be perfect if all of them die!"

The chief inspector was speechless after hearing Poseidon's reply. This mysterious Poseidon person is from another country. His evil plans were threatening the security of China!

"I will send a name list to you later."

Poseidon continues to say, "I will give you the names of those fools who always disobey me in Six Doors Organization! Send all these guys to fight the Jianghu people during the war for the tomb! I want all of them to die! Then, I will send some of my people to fill the empty positions!"

"Yes…I understand!" The chief inspector was getting more and more freaked out. This Poseidon is really vicious. He was always one step ahead of his enemies. It's really hard to neutralize his plans all at once. If the war for the tomb happens according to Poseidon's plan, the whole Jianghu and Six Doors Organization would suffer catastrophic damage.

Six Doors Organization would take the heavier blow! Poseidon will have full control of Six Doors Organization when all the patriotic youngsters are killed in the war! Sooner or later, the whole country will start to fall apart, piece by piece.

It was late at night, but it didn't stop Chen from going to Luo's place. She couldn't fall back to sleep after taking the mission from the chief inspector. All kinds of thoughts started to creep into her mind. She was so deep in thought to the point that she forgot to change her clothes. She quickly opened the door for Chen when Chen knocked on her door.

Her hair was messy. Also, she was wearing a light purple, silky, semi transparent pajama. Her boobies were half shown. It was enough to make every man go crazy!

"My lady…Why are you seducing me? I don't think this is appropriate!" Chen scratched his nose tip. He could feel his whole body burning hot. It was as if his nose was going to bleed anytime soon!

"*sshole! Come in!"

Luo took a look at Chen and quickly went back to her room to put on a jacket. That beautiful scenery was gone now!

"You know why I'm here, right? We are on the same line right now! I would like to know your opinion on this matter!" Chen said directly.

"I've thought of a perfect solution!" Luo said confidently. 

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