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This is going to be insane! The Fire Dragon in The Sky costs two hundred and fifty million. On the other hand, Sky, Plum Blossoms, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum cost one hundred fifty million! That's a total of four hundred million! Currently, Chen had five hundred and fifty-nine million in his bank account. This four hundred million is more than two thirds of his total wealth!

He never expected someone to actually buy it. This buyer is no ordinary person! Lan Family and Wu Family had a total wealth of five billion each. That is the value of their real estate and businesses. None of them had four hundred million dollars in cash with them!

In other words, the buyer who is capable of digging out four hundred million in cash is definitely insanely rich. Also, his/her status in the society must be very high up and respectable. Chen prepared himself mentally before he headed to the jewelry shop, but he was still shocked by what he saw.

There were three Audi cars in front of his shop. Also, four muscular body guards were standing outside his shop.


[Cultivation: Early phase of Qi refining stage, Health: 5000, Combat power: 5000!]

"What the hell! Elites like this are working as bodyguards?"

Chen couldn't believe what he just saw. All these bodyguards are as powerful as Murong Tian and the Mid-Level Ninjas in Japan! There's only one Murong Tian in Green Vine City! There are only three Mid-Level Ninja in Meichuan Family!

Now, four five-thousand combat power bodyguards were standing in front of Chen's shop! Is this some kind of joke?

"There will always be someone more powerful than us! Green Vine City is still too small for me to unleash my full potential…" Chen thought and sighed. Then, he calmed himself down and walked towards the front entrance of his shop.

Those four bodyguards stopped Chen from entering his shop. After informing the buyers, Jing Fei came out and brought Chen into his shop.

"Who the hell is the buyer? The whole thing makes me think that the emperor is paying a visit to my shop!" Chen asked in a soft voice. He was not happy with the treatment that he had received earlier.

"I'm not too sure as well…I know that the buyer came all the way from Dragon City! There's a high chance that the buyer is some kind of high-ranking military personnel!" Jing Fei said softly.

"Where is the buyer? Bring me there." Chen frowned and said.

"He's in the VIP room…" Jing Fei said.

"Mr. Chen! We met again!"

An old man that looked familiar smiled at Chen once Chen stepped into the VIP room.

"Elder Han? It's you!" Chen said shockingly. He never expected that he would see the well-respected politician; Han Xiannian in his shop!

"Mr. Chen, please don't get me wrong. I'm not the buyer. I'm here to keep the buyer company. This is the real buyer…"

Han bowed down slightly and opened up his palm to introduce the old man that sat on the sofa.

"This is Elder Cao! He comes from Dragon City! He is the buyer who wants to buy all your jade sculptures!"

"Good day, Elder Cao!" Chen was acting really politely. Then, he took a quick look at this old man. There was not much hair on his head. It was all white. Besides that, he looked really old. He was wearing a set of black traditional Chinese clothes. It looked as if he had been weighed down by his age. Other than that, he looked really humble and peaceful. There was absolutely no sense of pressure from a high-ranking personnel coming out from him.

There was really nothing special about his physical appearance. Even an idiot will know that he is some kind of important and powerful person from they way Elder Han treated him and the kind of bodyguards that he hired!

"Mr. Chen, good day to you too." He nodded at Chen. This Elder Cao did not put on any bureaucratic airs. 

"Grandad! Emergency!"

A young man came into the VIP room and handed a special cell phone to Elder Cao. He took a look at the screen of the cell. But, there were no emotional changes on his face. Elder Han paid attention to Elder Cao and knew that he didn't want to talk about whatever that he saw on the cell phone screen.

"Mr. Chen, allow me to introduce this young man to you. He is the eldest grandkid of Elder Cao; Cao Zhenyang." Elder Han quickly changed the topic.

Mr. Cao, nice to meet you." Chen greeted him politely and observed him at the same time. As compared to Elder Cao, this young man gave out an entirely different sense of presence. He was sharp and dominant. The pride of being high-ranking personnel was oozing out form him. Besides that, he was wearing a set of black Chinese traditional clothes with him as well. The only difference was that he had an incredibly precious jade thumb ring with him. Through the Eight Diagram Qi Observation Skill, Chen can see this thumb ring was surrounded by golden purple Qi. In other words, the item was an extremely valuable antique! Also, through Netherspirit Battlescouter, Chen could see that this thumb ring was emitting golden light! This is the unique characteristic of a Pure Yang Item!

Most people would have kept this kind of item in a very safe place. But, this young man chose to wear it on him. Chen was really impressed by it.

"Zhenyang, let me introduce this young man to you. This is…"

Elder Han was interrupted by Cao Zhenyang while pointing at Chen.

"Save it. I will not remember this kind of small-timer anyway." Cao Zhenyang said. He didn't even look at Chen.

On the other hand, Elder Han was placed in a very awkward position. He didn't even know what to say anymore. Chen and Jing Fei were very unhappy with his attitude as well. Both of them wanted to slap him really hard.

In the end, Elder Cao decided to say something to melt the awkward situation. He said in a deep voice, "Zhenyang! Where are your manners?! This is Mr. Chen; the owner of this jewelry shop!"

Cao Zhengyang was stunned. He did not dare to upset his grandad. Thus, he was forced to say, "Mr. Chen! Nice to meet you!"

"Let's get back to business!"

Chen suppressed his frustration and said earnestly, "Elder Cao, are you really planning to purchase my Fire Dragon in The Sky and Sky, Plum Blossoms, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum jade sculptures?"

"What do you mean by that?! My grandad is a busy man! Do you really think that he will waste his time to come here to fool around with you?" Cao Zhenyang shouted.

"I didn't mean that…" Chen explained himself.

Then, Cao Zhenyang interrupted him, "Do you really think that the Cao Family can't come up with four hundred million?! Are you planning to raise the price now? Don't you dare try to con my grandad!"

"Can you let me finish the thing that I want to say? Do you know how to respect others?" Chen retorted.

Once again, Chen was interrupted by him again, "Respect? Garbage like you is not worthy of any respect! You should feel honored that we came to your shop to purchase your jade sculptures! You are talking all kinds of shit here! Where is your gratitude? It seems like, you are not interested in this trade anymore!"

"You are right! I'm not going to sell these jade sculptures to you guys anymore!" Chen exploded. Everyone was shocked inside the VIP room after hearing Chen's decision.

What…What did you just say?!" Cao Zhenyang said shockingly. He couldn't believe what he just heard.

"Jing Fei, please escort our guests to the exit!" Chen chased them out without reasoning with them any further.

"Son of the bitch! Such an arrogant attitude! No one ever treated us the way in Dragon City!" Cao Zhenyang gritted his teeth and said angrily.

"I don't know about Dragon City! But, this is Green Vine City! Whatever I say is going to be set in stone!" Chen said arrogantly. 

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