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"*sshole Xiaobei, what are you staring at? Let's go…"

Xiaoyao did not have Yin Yang Eyes, she did not know that there was a great deal of danger ahead of her. But, she did feel that something was not right. All she wanted to do right now was to leave this place.

"Go now! I will stay behind and hold her off!"

Chen looked in front of him and went into his hyper-alert mode.

"Don't even dream of leaving this place! I plan to consume the two of you together to get the maximum nutrients! Hehehe!"

The evil spirit made some ear-piercing laugh and charged at them.

"Let me start with this girl without Yin Yang Eyes!"


Black Qi surrounded both of the evil spirit's hands. Then, it transformed into a pair of sharp claws.


[Cultivation: Three-Stars Evil Spirit, Health: Three-Stars Spirit, Combat power: 8000!]


Chen was shocked. He quickly lifted Xiaoyao in his arms.

"What are you doing? Put me down!" Xiaoyao was shocked and embarrassed at the same time. She was not that afraid anymore after she felt Chen's body warmth.


Chen started to move at high speed. He used his Lightning Step to move to the side.


The ground cracked open after Chen moved away from where he stood just now. It was as if someone had used a giant samurai sword to cut open the ground. Obviously, the evil spirit was trying to take their lives. This evil spirit must have mastered a skill like Ennead Unholy Spirit Claw since she could cause physical harm to tangible objects. Plus, her eight thousand combat power is definitely not something that one should fool around with!

"God! What the hell just happened?" Xiaoyao was freaking out. She could not believe her eyes. The ground had just cracked open in front of her eyes, all of a sudden. Luckily, Chen had moved her away from where she stood just now. If not, her body would have been slashed into half!

"Eh? This kid's agility is really something! You are only at an early phase of Qi refining stage! You shouldn't possess speed like that! How did you dodge my attack?"

At the same time, the evil spirit was shocked by Chen's movement speed as well. She had thought that she could kill two of them with one hit.

"How dare you, evil spirit! You know my physique is excellent! I'm warning you, don't mess with me! If not, I will completely remove you from reality! You wouldn't even have the chance to go through the reincarnation process!" Chen tried his best to act as calm as possible. At the same time, he also decided to come up with a good strategy to defeat this evil spirit.

The evil spirit laughed after hearing Chen's threat.

"Hahaha…I'm not afraid of your threats! Garbage like you have no right to threaten me! What an arrogant, stupid asshole! If I were you, I would just stand there and let me consume you!"

"Don't be too confident! I might lose to you if you are a human! But, you are in spirit form. I still have a chance to take you down!" Chen said with determination. Actually, he had already come up with an idea to defeat this evil spirit. All he needed right now was a good opportunity!

"*sshole Xiaobei…Who are you talking to? Please don't try to scare me…" Xiaoyao pursed her lips. Her big and beautiful eyes were filled with fear. She leaned on Chen's chest unconsciously.

"Take off your pants now…Quick…" Chen hastened Xiaoyao. He did not have time to explain the situation to her.


Xiaoyao was stunned. Then, she screamed, "You *sshole!! How dare you ask me to take off my pants at this creepy place? You are insane!"

"It's a life and death situation! I don't have time to explain it to you! Take it off now!" Chen said nervously. Actually, Chen had the time to explain it to her, but he couldn't do it. The evil spirit will know Chen's plan if he says it out loud. Then, the whole plan would fall apart.

"Psst! What kind of life and death situation? I know that you want to have sex with me! I will definitely not take off my pants here!" Xiaoyao struggled.

"I'm sorry! But, you have to take it off now!"

There was not much time left. He pressed Xiaoyao on the ground to make sure that she couldn't run away from him. Xiaoyao was really freaking out. She thought Chen was going to force her to have sex with him. Also, she didn't have the strength to resist him!

"Xiaobei…Please don't do this…We can go home and do it! Or, even in the car…Why must you do it here?" Xiaoyao said in an upset tone.

"Damn! Can you not be so dirty? I'm not that kind of person!" Chen said seriously. Then, he put his hands inside Xiaoyao's pants.

"You are not that kind of person? You are an animal!" Xiaoyao's eyes turned red.

"Hehehe! Kid! What are you trying to do? Are you trying to lose your virginity before you die? Don't even try! I will not allow you to break your virginity! Die now!"

The evil spirit screamed and charged at Chen with her spirit claw. This time, her speed was far faster than her last hit. She opened up both of her arms, and the wingspan was two meters long! It managed to cover all the possible dodging areas. Needless to say, she wanted to make sure that she kills Chen this time.

However, she was stunned the next second. Chen did not even try to dodge. He stood his ground without moving an inch. Within that split second, Chen took out his secret weapon to defeat the evil spirit.


Chen slapped the evil spirit with the blood-soaked sanitary napkin.

"Ah!!! Ouch…Ouch…"

The evil spirit screamed in agony. Then, white smoke started to come out from her face. It was as if the sanitary napkin was soaked with acid, not blood. It corroded the head of the evil spirit really rapidly. She gave up her attack and tried to take away the sanitary napkin from her head, but it corroded her claw as well. She was literally rolling on the ground in excruciating pain.

"What…What the hell is going on? Why is my sanitary napkin flying around in the air? Is there an evil spirit here…?"

Xiaoyao's face turned pale when she saw what happened in front of her. She held on to Chen's arm unconsciously. 

"You are right…There was an evil spirit here that tried to kill us just now…But, I managed to kill her first! Soon, she will be obliterated!"

Chen sighed and explained, "Things like the pee of a male virgin and the blood of female virgins are the kryptonite of evil spirits! Luckily, you are still a virgin! If not, both of us would have been killed by her just now!"

"So, it's true…" Xiaoyao gulped, and she can feel the goosebumps growing on her again when she thought of the scene just now. After that, the cold wind stopped. But, the concentrated Yin Qi was still ahead of them!

"Perhaps, there is some kind of Pure Yin Item ahead of us!" Chen took a good look and saw some green light.

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