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"*sshole Xiaobei! It's late at night, why the hell are you coming to my house? Are you going to do something bad to me?"

At the North Mountain Mansion, Xiaoyao looked at Chen angrily with her hands covering her chest. It was as if she was getting ready to fight off some perv.

"Stop being so narcissistic! I'm not interested in small buns!" Chen shrugged.

"What small buns?" Xiaoyao was baffled.

"Well! I think you should know that better than anyone else!" Chen held his laugh and looked pointedly at Xiaoyao's chest.

"*sshole! Who do you call small buns?! I'm going to kill you!" Xiaoyao got really angry. She lifted up her fists and charged at Chen.

"Stop! I will stop teasing you! There is something serious I want to talk to you!" Chen dodged and tried to calm her down.

"Psst! You are not even a serious person! I don't think that you would come up with anything serious!" Xiaoyao said.

She was still chasing after Chen.

"Damn it! This girl really wants to beat me up! I'm going to show her some real power!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and grabbed Xiaoyao's punches with his hands. Then, Chen twisted her arms behind her back.

"Eh? What just happened? Why are you so much stronger than me?"

Xiaoyao struggled, and she found that she couldn't swing Chen's hands off.

"Do you really think that you can defeat me after completing the breakthrough process? Girl, you are just too damn naïve! Wahahaha!" Chen laughed evilly. With the help of the Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training, Chen's combat power is always one thousand and five hundred more than Xiaoyao. Even though Chen and Xiaoyao had completed their breakthrough recently, Chen will always be more powerful than her.

"Let me go! I'm not afraid of you even if you are stronger than me!" Xiaoyao struggled angrily. She looked like a small angry lion.


Xiaoyao's face turned red immediately. She got even angrier.

"Chen Xiaobei! You f*cking asshole! How dare you spank my ass! I'm going to kill you!" Xiaoyao shouted angrily.




Chen held Xiaoyao's wrists and continued to spank her ass with the other hand.


Xiaoyao was moaning non-stop. The angry face was gone. It was now replaced with a shy face. At that moment, her face was as red as an overripe apple. She even started to perspire, and the smell of her fragrant body filled the air immediately. Her body went soft, and it was almost impossible for her to come up with any strength to free herself from Chen.

Chen smiled evilly while taking in all her fragrant body smell.

"How is it? Do you know that you are at fault now?"

"I know I'm at fault now…Please stop spanking me…" Xiaoyao bit her lips and begged. Not too long ago, her *ss was kissed by Chen. Now, Chen had spanked her *ss again! To top it all, she is being forced to apologize to Chen.

She thought, "God! What the hell happened to me?! Is Chen my Kryptonite?

"Be gentler to me next time! If not, I will spank you until you turn from a lion to a kitty!" Chen raised his eyebrows and said arrogantly.

"Okay…I know." Xiaoyao was frustrated, but there was nothing else that she could do except to nod her head.

"Back to serious business!"

Chen kept away his evil smile and put on a severe look, "I've come here to ask you to bring me to the Emperor Jade Seal!"

Xiaoyao replied shockingly, "Can't it wait until tomorrow morning?"

"No! We are being targeted by the Hundred Beasts Faction! I'm afraid that things might get out of control!"

"How did this happen?"

Xiaoyao said in surprise, "Other than you, me and dad, no one else should know about it! Why are we being targeted by a faction from Dragon City?"

"Wen Tiandou is the member of Hundred Beasts Faction! He should be the one who has told them about it!"

Chen continued to say, "Now, we need to retrieve the Emperor Jade Seal first. Then, we will reveal the secret of the tomb to ourselves! After that, we are free from all form of worries!"

"But…My period is still here…" Xiaoyao said embarrassingly.

"I don't care…You can wear a few more layers of pads in your underwear! Quick! I will wait for you here!" Chen hastened Xiaoyao.

"..." Xiaoyao was speechless. She wanted to use the pads to slap Chen for his indifference.

After that, both of them got on the journey to retrieve the Emperor Jade Seal. Actually, the location of the Emperor Jade Seal was not that far away from them. It was located at the top of North Mountain. Their journey was not as smooth as they thought it would be, because it was late at night and the paths were not easy to navigate.

"Eh? The Yin Qi here is so concentrated!"

Chen grew more cautious. They were walking in an old forest. Most of the trees were dead and crooked. There were not many leaves on those trees. They look like the shadows of monsters under the night sky. The rustling from the leaves could be heard when cold wind passed through those trees. It almost sounded like people crying and laughing.

Xiaoyao could feel goosebumps all over her body. She said nervously, "*sshole Xiaobei! Stop that! I'm afraid of ghosts!"

"I'm not talking shit! The Yin Qi is truly getting more and more concentrated as we get closer to the tomb!"

Chen said thoughtfully, "Where is the hiding location of the Emperor Jade Seal? Is it possible for us to use another way to get to it?"

"There's no other way. There's a grave about ten meters ahead of us. The Emperor Jade Seal is inside the grave…"

Xiaoyao was freaking out more and more out. The cold wind kept creeping into Xiaoyao shirt.

"Never mind. I think we should come during the day…" Chen maintained his calm and decided not to do anything rush. The Yin Qi ahead of them was more concentrated than the Yin Qi of the Hundred Ghosts Formation! The place in front of them might be the living place of some really powerful evil spirits. Without Pure Yang Items, they will be killed instantly!

"Are you guys trying to leave this place? Not so easy!"

The thing that Chen worried the most had come knocking at their doors. A creeping sound could be heard in front of them. After that, the trees around them started to shake violently. Through Netherspirit Battlescouter, Chen could see a stream of black Qi coming towards them. Then, it transformed into a pale white spirit.

This spirit was different from the black spirits that Chen had encountered last time. This pale evil spirit looked exactly like a woman! Her eyes were bloody red, and her fangs were so long that they grew outside her mouth. Her evil presence froze the air instantly. Even Chen was fearful of her!

"A pair of virgin couples! After ninety-nine years! Finally, I get to consume another pair of virgin couples! This is great! Hehehehe!"

The evils laughed. The sound of the laughter pierced through the frozen air around them.

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