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"You can let me go now. It's so hard to walk when you hug me this tight!"

Chen tried to free his hands, but Xiaoyao refused to let them go.

"I will not let go! You just said that there is some kind of Yin Item ahead, right?" Xiaoyao was like a koala bear. She was practically clinging onto Chen. Also, her eyes were filled with cautious. It was pretty obvious she was still in fear.

"I'm speechless…"

Chen sighed and said, "Normally, you are pretty violent. Why are you acting like a scared kitty today?"

"I'm a girl! It's totally okay for me to be a scared kitty!"

Xiaoyao hastened, "Just go and get the jade seal! I don't want to stay at this creepy place any longer!"

Both of them sped up, and they arrived at the tomb within minutes.

"Stop! There is a Yin Item here!"

Chen's face turned serious.

"What happened? Please don't scare me again…" Xiaoyao was getting really afraid. Then, she proceeded to hug Chen even tighter now. Without Yin Yang Eyes, Xiaoyao couldn't even see the spooky scene in front of her. There was an incense burner under the tomb. It was surrounded by dark green light. So, this is the source of the concentrated Yin Qi that Chen had felt earlier. Also, there's a high chance that this incense burner is the source of strength for that evil spirit just now.

Although Xiaoyao did not have Yin Yang eyes, her current cultivation allowed her to feel the flow of Qi around her. Soon, she felt that something was not right.

"I can feel there is Qi around us! It's very concentrated and cold…"

"That incense burner is a Pure Yin Spiritual Item!"

Chen already knew what was going on. He explained, "This incense burner contains a stream of concentrated Yin Qi! Unfortunately, ordinary humans can't utilize this Yin Qi to train themselves. The person might lose control of himself/herself if this stream of Yin Qi enters his/her body."

"Pure Yin Spiritual Item?"

Xiaoyao was very nervous. Then, she said weakly, "Don't touch that thing…Let's retrieve the jade seal and leave this place for good…"

"No way I'm going to leave this incense burner here."

Chen pursed his lips and said, "The amount of Qi inside this incense burner is no less than that of the Yap Family's Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant! I have to take this with me!"

Then, Chen walked towards the incense burner.

"*sshole Xiaobei! Please be careful!" Xiaoyao clenched her fists and said. She did not have the guts to get close to the incense burner.

"Why do I not feel the coldness of this Yin Qi?"

He squatted in front of the incense burner and thought to himself, "Last time, I did not feel the hotness of Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant when I absorbed its Qi! It was a fire attribute item…Should I try to absorb some of its Yin Qi?"

After that, Chen started to absorb the Yin Qi into his body. The next second, Chen could feel the Yin Qi flowing into his body!

"Eh? The Yin Qi did not stay in my body, thanks to the Scripture of Heaven and Earth!" Chen found something out after he quietened himself down to feel the changes in his body. The Yin Qi had filtered out by the Dragon Force. Only pure and clean Qi is allowed to remain inside his body.

"Item from The Prime of Tongtian is the best! Now, I can absorb all kind of Qi since the Scripture of Heaven and Earth can help me filter out the elements that might cause harm to my body! This is awesome!" Chen was really excited. Then, he proceeded to drain on the Yin Qi from the incense burner.

After that, he could feel his body being filled with Qi. Chen used the Qi that he had absorbed last time to work on Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training. This time, he planned to use this Qi to work on his cultivation. His combat power will increase tremendously if he fully utilizes it!

"Flatboard! I'm done here!"

Chen turned around and asked, "How are we going to retrieve the jade seal?

"I will kill you if you call me flatboard again!" Xiaoyao stared at Chen angrily. Unfortunately, she couldn't defeat Chen. If not, she would have definitely beaten him up right now!

"Take out the sandalwood rosary beads that my dad gave you earlier!" Xiaoyao said.

"I have it with me!" Chen took it out from his pocket.

"There's a slot for you to put in the rosary beads behind the tomb. Put it in and turn it in the clockwise direction!" Xiaoyao said.

Chen nodded and did it immediately. There was a circular slot behind the tomb. It looked like it had been formed naturally. However, the rosary beads managed to slide into the slot perfectly. After that, Chen pressed on the rosary beads and started to turn it in a clockwise direction.


The sound of the cogs grinding could be heard. Then, a hidden compartment was unlocked behind the tomb. There lay the Yan Dynasty Emperor Jade Seal!

"That's awesome! The hidden compartment is really well-designed! I don't think those experts at unlocking stuff can unlock this hidden compartment!" Chen was shocked. Then, he took the jade seal.

"Of course!"

Xiaoyao pursed her lips and said, "The thing in your hand can cause hundreds and thousands of lives to be lost! It must be kept in a place that can't be unlocked easily!"

"Let's leave this place and figure out the secret within it! People will not fight for it when they find that the good stuff inside the tomb is gone!" Chen said.


Xiaoyao nodded. After that, they went straight into Murong Tian's reading room. Xiaoyao turned off the ceiling lamp and turned on the desk lamp.

"Hand me the jade seal and the Green Jade Safety Pendant." Xiaoyao opened up her palm. Then, Chen handed her the two items that she requested. The desk lamp might look ordinary. But, the light could penetrate those two items that were made of jade. Something magical happened the next second. Just like a projector, a map was displayed on the wall when the light penetrated those two items.

"Damn! This is so magical!" Chen was shocked. Xiaoyao quickly took a map of Green Vine City and started to examine it. She had known this secret since she was a kid. Thus, she was fully prepared for this important day.

"This is the location of the tomb of Emperor Yan!"

Xiaoyao combined the modern map in her hand and the ancient map that was being projected on the wall. Then, she circled the location of the tomb.

"Chen Village?"

Chen was stunned. He did not expect the location of the tomb to be at the ravine near Chen Village. Nobody lived there, but the ravine is still under the jurisdiction of Chen Village.

"Do you know that place?" Xiaoyao asked seriously.

"Yes. I know that place. It's close to my hometown…"

Chen nodded. He felt like that something special was going to happen soon.

"Alright! Keep the jade seal and the safety pendant! We should go there as soon as possible!" Xiaoyao said.


Chen's cell phone vibrated all of a sudden. He was almost scared to death. 

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