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The mansion of Wen Family had been empty for quite some time. Few days ago, a special man had moved into this mansion. A man with a white shirt, pants and shoes was sitting on the sofa in the well decorated and luxurious common area. He looked incredibly arrogant as well. And, this man is none other than Long Aotian a.k.a Cocky Dragon!

He has learned all kind of martial arts ever since he was a kid. Because of his position as the leader of Hundred Beasts Faction, he became more and more arrogant. Eight men were standing at the left and right-hand side of Cocky Dragon. All of them were the elites of the Hundred Beasts Faction.

"Demonic Fox, how was your performance today?" Cocky Dragon narrowed his gaze and started to smile.

"Master! Please don't get angry at me! I was useless! I couldn't complete the task that you assigned for me! I'm willing to accept all form of punishment!" Demonic Fox's body shook unconsciously. She knew that this is the look that he showed others whenever he wants to see blood flowing! Thus, the fear.

"What kind of punishment are you expecting? Death penalty?" Long asked coldly.

"Master, why that punishment? I know that I have failed, but I don't think death should be my punishment…" Demonic Fox's heart was jumping up and down. Sweat started to flow down her forehead.

A fatty stood up and shouted before Long said anything, "Hmph! Failing a mission should not be punished with death! But, you betrayed our leader! So, you need to be punished by death!"

"Copper Clamp! What do you mean by that?"

Demonic Fox defended herself, "I'm loyal to the leader! Since when did I betray him?"

"You told us just now that you had your blade placed at Chen's throat! Why didn't you kill him?" The fatty shouted angrily.

"I've said it to you just now! My blade couldn't hurt this Chen Xiaobei at all! In the end, I was defeated by him!" Demonic Fox said.


The Copper Clamp was very worked up. He said, "Your blade is made of Darksteel! It can slice open metal! How is it possible for Chen Xiaobei to remain unhurt? Do you really think that we are some stupid fools?"

"I'm not lying! I'm telling the truth here!" Demonic Fox was very frustrated, because no one believed in her claims.

"Okay! Let's say that you are telling the truth! Why didn't he kill you after he defeated you?"

Copper Clamp gritted his teeth and continued to say, "My brother; Ghost Frog was killed by him! I couldn't even locate his body! How did you come back without any harm? Why?!"

This fatty was Ghost Frog's brother. That is why he was so angry and biased against Demonic Fox's circumstances.


"I don't know why! Chen Xiaobei decided not to kill me! Should I beg him to kill me instead?" Demonic Fox said frustratingly.

"Hmph! Stop your acting! Look at Blood Dove, Mad Eagle, Killer Bee, Mad Lion! They were all killed by Chen Xiaobei after messing around with him! Tell me! How did you come back here without any wounds on your body? That is more than enough to prove that you had betrayed our leader! You are working with Chen Xiaobei now!"

"This is not true! I can swear to God! I did not betray our leader!" Demonic Fox said nervously. She was actually intelligent and witty. But, she felt that her defense was going poorly at the moment.

"Shut up!"

Long shouted, turned around, and asked, "Old Tortoise, what are your thoughts on this matter?"

This old man is the only person that Long would ask for a different opinion. It was pretty obvious that this guy is the think tank of this faction. He was highly valued by Long.

He is a hunchback old man with head full of white hair. Then, he walked forward, squinted his eyes and said, "I don't see any solid evidence in this matter. But, I will not eliminate the possibility that Demonic Fox has betrayed us. Also, this might be the strategy that Chen Xiaobei has used to divide us!"

"Divide us? I understand now!"

Demonic Fox had come to a realization.

"Chen Xiaobei did not let me go because he was merciful! He intended to tear us apart and mess up with our plan! This bastard is so mean! He totally set me up!" Demonic Fox said angrily. The worst part was that she had to do something so embarrassing before Chen had let her go. Her face turned red and hot whenever she replays the scene in her mind. She hated herself for believing in Chen. All she ever wanted to do right now is to destroy Chen along with herself.

Still, she was the only one that knew the truth. People around still did not believe a word she says.

"Demonic Fox, since the Old Tortoise said that this might be one of Chen's tricks, I'm willing to give you another chance to prove yourself! You have three days to bring Chen's head back here! I will kill you if you fail this task again!" Long said coldly.

"Three…Three days?"

Demonic Fox got nervous and started to beg, "Boss, please give me more time to finish this task…This Chen Xiaobei is much more powerful than me! It's impossible for me to defeat him! Also, he has seen my face! It's going to be even harder to kill him!"

"Do you want to die now instead?" Long said mercilessly.

"Boss! Let me kill her!"

Copper Clamp said quickly, "This woman has joined us for less than a year. I don't think she is loyal to us at all! I'm pretty sure that she has betrayed us!"

"No! Please don't kill me! I will take the task!"

The Demonic Fox knew how powerful Copper Clamp was. She had no choice but to accept this mission impossible.

"Leave!" Long waved his hand at Demonic Fox impatiently.

"Yes…" Demonic Fox quickly left the place.

"Copper Clamp! I want you to monitor her! Kill her if she behaves weirdly!" Long ordered.

"Yes!" Copper Clamp's eyes were filled with murder. Then, he quickly followed Demonic Fox.

"Old Tortoise, do you think that Demonic Fox will betray us?" Long squinted and asked.

"I can't tell…After so many years, Chen Xiaobei is the only enemy that I have failed to analyze completely. He is one hell of an enemy!" Old Tortoise shook his head and said.


Long was shocked. Then, he said, "Old Tortoise, you just said that Chen Xiaobei is one hell of an enemy! This is rare!"

"Ghost Frog's Hundred Ghosts Formation was useless against Chen…And, the seduction skill from Demonic Fox was useless against him as well…In other words, this guy is more powerful than we expected!"

Old Tortoise paused for a while and said, "The scariest part is his strategy is that, regardless of Demonic Fox's loyalty, he just managed to waste three days of our time!"

"Damn it! I will go and kill that bastard in broad daylight if Six Door Organization is not monitoring us!" Long said angrily.

"Master, please calm down."

Old Tortoise consoled and said, "We are here for the tomb of the Yan Emperor. According to my intel, Six Doors Organization is looking into this matter as well. We will not get anything that can benefit us if they interfere with our plan!"

"I know!"

Long gritted, "I can crush this Chen Xiaobei easily if Six Doors Organization just stays out of my business!"

At the same time, Chen called Xiaoyao immediately when he got home.

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