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The blade slashed through Chen's throat! All of a sudden, that woman's thin arm produced three thousand combat power! For a mere mortal, the person would have been decapitated by that slash.

"I thought that this Chen Xiaobei was really powerful! In the end, he is just a useless piece of garbage!"

The woman looked at Chen coldly. She raised her flaming red lips, and an arrogant smile could be seen on her face. But, she was completely stunned by what she saw the next second. Nobody would have thought that the blade did not even hurt Chen a little! Not even a red scratch!

"How…How is this possible?"

The woman had her eyes and mouth wide open. How did Chen survive the attack? With her strength, she should be able to create a deep wound, even if Chen's neck was made of steel! Is Chen some kind of superhuman that is made of titanium? This is just weird!

Well, Chen is not a superhuman. He is just an ordinary human who can feel pain and will bleed from slashing. Truth is that, the new function of Netherspirit Battlescouter; Ultimate Protective Puppet had allowed him to survive that fatal attack. If the woman possessed Yin Yang Eyes, she would have been able to see a blue phantom blocking the attack for Chen.

This is what the Ultimate Protective Puppet can do! Undeniably, this is the best item that one to cheat death! However, this item has two limitations; it can be only used once a day, and it cannot block any Yang attribute attacks! But, these two limitations were not applicable right now!


Chen attacked the woman while she was still in a shocked state. He used his left hand to clamp down on the woman's wrist. The strength was so great that the woman could feel her bones getting crushed anytime!


The woman screamed, but she did not dare to move at all. She was afraid that moving might bring more damage to her wrist. Next, Chen took the blade with his right hand and placed it on the woman's throat.

"You made me take off my clothes to make sure that I'm not carrying any weapons! You made out with me to let down my guard! Your plan sounded perfect, but you really shouldn't underestimate me!"

Chen stared at the woman and said coldly.

"You…How did you survive my attack? Why did my blade fail to hurt you?"

At this moment, Chen was like a monster to her. Three thousand combat power, and an extremely sharp blade couldn't hurt Chen at all! What is Chen, if not a monster?

"You have no right to ask me any questions!"

Chen continued to say condescendingly, "You wouldn't even have had the chance to take out the blade and slash my throat if I did not permit it! I let you do as you wish, all because I wanted to test my new ability!"

"What…You knew my plan all along?!" The woman looked at Chen in shock and her heart was filled with fear immediately.

"Hehe…I'm way smarter than you think!"

Chen said in disdain, "A normal woman will not completely ignore Wu Junfan! Do you really think I was so crazy about you that I did not notice this huge flaw in your plan?!"

This…" The woman was stunned. She is always proud of how she looked. Plus, she had spent a lot of time, working on her seduction skills. Normal men would have lost their minds when they take a look at her. But, she did not expect Chen to remain so calm after talking to her.

"Tell me now. Who are you? Why did you want to kill me?" Chen asked.

"I am not allowed to tell you that!" The woman shook her head. A distressed look could be seen on her pretty face. She was trying to soften Chen's heart.

"You better not seduce me anymore! It's bad for you if light my fire up again!" Chen applied pressure on the blade. A line of blood appeared on her neck.

"I will tell you everything…I will tell you everything…"

The woman's body shook in fear. She never thought that Chen's state of mind to remain so sturdy. Her seduction skill did not work on him at all! Thus, she did not dare to challenge Chen's patience anymore.

She quickly said, "I'm Demonic Fox from Hundred Beasts Faction! I was sent by our leader; Long Aotian to kill you!"

"Hehe…I knew that you are from Hundred Beasts Faction!"

Chen smiled coldly. He was totally prepared for things like this happened to him.

"The Hundred Beasts Faction would have known that Ghost Frog is dead after my Treasure of Kidney started selling in the market! Well, they sent you to come here and kill me! What's the rush?!"

"Yes! You are right! These are orders from my leader!"

Demonic Fox bit her lips and begged him, "I was just following his orders…Please let me go…I beg you…I don't want to die…"

"Don't worry. I don't plan to kill you today…" Chen raised his eyebrows. It was pretty apparent that Chen had another plan for her.

"Really? This is great…Thank you…Thank you so much…" The Demonic Fox was so happy and excited.

"Don't thank me first! I'm not finished with you!"

Chen got up from the bathtub and sat at the edge of the bathtub. He pointed at his pride and said, "I can let you go, but I'm afraid that my manhood cannot let you go! Look at him! It's going to explode soon!"


Demonic Fox shouted reflexively when she saw Chen's manhood. Her face turned red immediately.

"Eh? Why are you so shy? Could it be that you are still a virgin?" Chen looked at Demonic Fox shockingly. One can act shy, but there's no way one can come up with a fake red face. Chen would never have thought that a woman like her would still be a virgin. An encounter like this is rarer than hitting the jackpot!

"Please let me go…my seduction arts will disappear if I'm no longer a virgin…They are my sweat and my blood…"

Demonic Fox's face was getting redder and redder. She was afraid that Chen might just take away her virginity by force. There was no way for her to fight him off.

"Hehe…You presume too much! I'm a virgin as well! I will not give it to you, even if you ask for it!" Chen said proudly.

"That's great…"

She pursed her lips and said, "I can use my hand to do it for you…"

"Hmph! You don't have the right to choose! You came here to assassinate me, and I have shown you mercy! You don't get to choose to use your hands!"

Chen stared at her and said dominantly, "Open your mouth! Open wide!"

After that, Chen's anger was quelled. He put on his clothes and headed home. On the other hand, Demonic Fox was distraught. She had been trained to seduce men! This was her very first mission! Other than giving out her first kiss, she was forced to give Chen a blowjob! This was definitely not the kind of ending that she had expected.


An arrogant voice could be heard from the other side of the phone, "Demonic Fox, how is it?"

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