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Chapter 280: Don’t Be Overconfident! If Not, You Will Be Buried


Hundreds of evil spirits came from all directions. Now, all of them had been released from the control of Great Priest Beans. They gathered around Chen in their spirit form.

"Hundred Ghosts Formation! Interconnected mysteriously! Five attributes and Ying and Yang! All are connected!"

Hundreds of evil spirits combined into a gigantic terrifying evil spirit. It was around five meters high. It was much stronger and terrifying than the gigantic evil spirit that Chen had defeated last time. Needless to say, its combat power would be much higher as well!

"So cold…Can you believe my body with three thousand health is feeling the cold right now?!"

"The atmosphere is not right! This is really spooky! I’m covered in goosebumps!"

"What the hell is going on? Is this connected to the Shaman that master mentioned earlier on?"

Luckily, those three survivors had cleared the area and were far away from the battle, but they were still affected by the dark presence of the gigantic evil spirit. However, they did not have YinYang Eyes. Thus, they did not know what that was going on behind Chen.

"Such a powerful dark presence! I knew it! Chen Xiaobei! You are a Shaman!"

Yap knew more things than those three survivors. Thus, he made the right conclusion.

"I will surely be

defeated if you are a four-star Shaman! Unfortunately, by the looks of it, you are only a three-star Shaman!"

Yap was not afraid at all. He even began to laugh, "You will be killed by me before your gigantic evil spirit sucks away my Qi!"

"Don’t be too confident! You will be covered in shame if you are wrong later!" Chen grinned and said casually.

"Covered in shame? Are you f*cking kidding me? What are you going to use to cover me in shame? I can kill garbage like you easily!"

Yap was now leaking a murderous aura. He shouted, "Die now! Phantom Flurry Slash!"


The rapid thrusting of the sword created hundreds of afterimages in the air! It was as if hundreds of leaves surrounded by sharp and indestructible Qi had fallen from the sky!

"So fast!"

Chen quickly commanded the gigantic evil spirit to charge forward.


The gigantic evil spirit was like a lion charging at a small rabbit. Its knife-like ethereal claws flew at Yap’s brain and heart. These are the two spots filled with Qi! It couldn’t hurt anyone physically, but it can drain away one’s Qi!

Technically speaking, the victory of this battle will fall to the one that is still standing in the end. It is either Chen falling to Yap’s swords first, or the gigantic

gigantic evil spirit draining away all of Yap’s Qi.

"I’m going to come at you with all that I have! I need to land a slash on this bastard first, even if that means that part of my Qi will be drained away!"

Yap was ready to risk his life in this battle. He ignored the gigantic evil spirit that was charging at him. He held his sword up high and aimed at Chen’s head.


The phantom claw went right through Yap’s body.

Through the Netherspirit Battlescouter, Chen could see two white puffs of smoke flying out from Yap’s body, with the gigantic evil spirit consuming it immediately.

"Oh God! Such a powerful evil spirit!"

Yap frowned and he got really nervous. The damage caused by the gigantic evil spirit was beyond his expectation. He felt dizzy, exhausted, cold, and even started to sweat non-stop! He felt seriously ill.


[Cultivation: Latter phase of Qi refining stage, Health: 10000, Combat power:7500!]

"Damn! This weakening effect is better than I expected! A quarter of his combat power is gone! One more hit and he is no longer a threat to me!"

Chen was really surprised. He could actually win this battle easily!

"Son of a bitch! You are distracted! Die now!"

At the same time, Yap’s sword had reached Chen. The wind generated by the force of the sword was so strong that it messed Chen’s hair up. Those hits were so close to shredding Chen into hundreds of pieces!

"Hehe…You might have been able to kill me if your speed was a little bit faster! Unfortunately, you are too slow for me!" Chen smiled calmly and used his Lightning Steps to dodge the attack! No ordinary human could do what Chen just did.

"What?! How is that even possible?"

Yap was completely freaking out right now. He was hoping that his attack would kill Chen after sacrificing part of his Qi. However, all he struck was air!

Now, he felt completely hopeless when he turned around frantically to locate his enemy!


The gigantic evil spirit landed another hit on Yap, and the same portion of Qi was drained out of his body.


He felt dizzy, exhausted, and started to sweat again. This time, he almost passed out there and then.

"Well, I did tell you just now not to be confident! Now, you are drowning in shame!"

At the same time, Chen dashed to Yap like a phantom. He used his left hand to grab hold of Yap’s throat and started to slap him continuously. Yap didn’t even have the energy to fight back. After a while, Yap’s face became so swollen that not even his parents would recognize him!

"Oh my God! Who the hell is that kid?!"

"I don’t care who is he! Run now if you want to live!"

Those three survivors screamed from far. Then, they started to run to their speedboat. They couldn’t care less about Yap anymore. Ten meters away from the shore, the one driving the speedboat turned off the engine all of a sudden.

"What the hell are you doing? Why did you stop the boat? Let’s go…"

He kicked the two survivors into the water. Then, he jumped into the water as well. All the snakes, crocodiles, and piranhas started to swim around them.


Their screams pierced through the silent night. A few seconds later, they had been completely erased from this earth. A cute little spirit flew back to the island while clapping the imaginary dust off her hands. That spirit was none other than Wenyuan.

"Open your mouth!" Chen said calmly.

"I will open…I will open…Please don’t slap me anymore…"

Yap opened his mouth, and a piece of biscuit was thrown into his mouth. It was crispy and yummy!

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