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"Kneel down?"

Yap was shocked, and he didn't know what to think anymore. He is the son of the Yap Family. Kneeling down in front of a nobody will definitely hurt his high and mighty social status. However, Chen will definitely threaten him with the pendant if he refuses to kneel down in front of him.

He was worried that Chen might kill himself with the pendant on him. Then, his plans will be ruined completely. He will lose his precious pendant, and he can't use Chen to threaten Luo anymore. This is the worst circumstance for him!

"Alright! I will kneel down in front of you!" Yap gritted. He didn't dare to risk his entire future. His priority was getting back the pendant to secure his position as the inheritor of his family. Other than this grandfather, he has never kneeled down in front of anyone! Not even his parents!


Yap put his sword aside and knelt down in front of Chen.

"Oh my God! Our master just knelt down in front of that punk!"

"He doesn't have many options with him anyway! That guy has the thing that our master really wants!"

"This is a great shame for our master! He will definitely kill Chen after he gets back his pendant!"

The three survivors hid at a safe spot, far away from Chen and Yap. They were looking at Chen with hatred. However, all three of them had underestimated Chen.

"Crawl here!" Chen said.

"What?!" Yap's eye twitched. He was so furious that his eyes almost spat fire. At that very moment, he knew that Chen was trying to let him have a taste of what he did to him earlier.

"Okay! I will crawl!"

Yap gritted and started to crawl to Chen.


A slap landed on Yap's left face when he got to Chen. The three survivors rubbed their faces unconsciously when they saw Chen slapped Yap. It was just too painful to watch.


Yap was not ready for that at all! The force of the slap made him roll on the floor. His spotless face became swollen immediately. Blood and teeth clattered all over the floor when he opened his mouth.

"Come back here and show me your right face!" Chen waved his hands impatiently and ordered.


Those three survivors almost had their eyes rolling on the floor. And, their mouths were so wide open that a fist would fit right in it.

There were more slaps to come!

Oh my God!

This is so cruel!

It might be easier to watch, if Chen was doing this to a normal human being!

The person who Chen had just slapped was the Yap Liangchen!

The inheritor of Yap Family! An elite at the latter phase of the Qi refining stage!

Now, he looked like a dog in front of Chen!

Those three survivors would not believe this would ever happen to their master if they didn't witness it with their own eyes.

"Chen Xiaobei! Last slap! I will kill you if you refuse to return the pendant to me!"

Yap crawled back to Chen with his right face ready this time.

"Don't worry! I will not break my promise! You can have it back after this slap!"

Chen grinned and landed another slap on Yap's right face.


An explosive sound could be heard. This time, Yap was tossed into the air, rotating one thousand and eighty degrees, before finally landing on the floor!


Yap's face had been completely distorted. Blood and teeth littered the floor again when he opened his mouth.

"Ouch…It's so damn painful!"

Those three survivors took a few deep breaths and covered their faces with both of their hands.



Yap took a few deep breaths.

After mastering his pain, he snarled and said, "Return me my pendant, right now!"

"No problem!"

Chen shrugged and tossed the pendant to him.

"Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant! Finally! I have it back!"

Yap looked delighted when he received the pendant.

However, he changed completely the second, "Son of the bitch! You are going to die today! I swear that I will chop you up and feed your parts to the dogs!"

"You mentioned that you would not do anything to me after you get back your pendant! Why did you break your promise?" Chen said innocently.

"Not do anything to you?!

Yap laughed and said, "Hahaha…You are so naïve! Wait! You are one dumb *ss motherf*cker! Nobody asked you to believe me! I was fooling around with you!"

"I see now! You just lied to me!"

Chen shrugged and said mockingly, "Then, we are all good now!"

"All good? What do you mean by that?" Yap was stunned. He felt that something was not right.

"Don't you think that there is something wrong with the pendant?" Chen laughed evilly.


Yap froze immediately. He was too excited just now to pay attention to the pendant. Now, he realized that the pendant that he received was full of cracks!


Yap spat out a mouthful of warm blood when he took a look at the pendant. This is the real pendant, but the Qi inside it was completely dried up. It was no different from the stones on the roadside! It's useless now!

Kneeled down!

Crawled around!

Getting slapped!

All the things that Yap went through just now became utterly meaningless.

"You son of a bitch! How dare you toy around with me?!"

Yap was staring at Chen furiously. His eyes had turned red, and his bloody mouth was wide open as well. It looked as if he was going to eat Chen up!

"Yes! I am the one that fooled around with you!" Chen put away his smile and shouted powerfully.


Yap was so angry that he became speechless.

After some time, he roared, "I will make sure you have a taste of all kind of sufferings!"

"Come at me!"

Chen replied fearlessly.

At the same time, Yap dashed to his sword and picked it up.

"I, Yap Liangchen, swear in my family name that I will kill Chen Xiaobei today!"

Yap held the sword tight in front of him, and Qi started to channel around him. His Qi was really concentrated. The yellow Qi slowly flowed to the sword that he was holding.

All of a sudden, the stones and sand around him rose into the air! It was as if his powerful presence had frozen the time around him. Actually, Yap was truly a powerful Jianghu elite. A lot of people would respect him for that, if he didn't have such a nasty personality!

Most of the people will lose hope when they see him raising the sword.

"You are really powerful!"

Chen became really focused and raised both of his arms. Then, wind started to blow mysteriously around him.

"You should consider becoming my pet dog!"

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