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Chapter 281: Monkey Moonshine And Money Tree


Yap swallowed the Heavenly Dog Biscuit. He was now Chen’s loyal servant. After all, Yap is a Jianghu elite with ten thousand combat power. Also, he’s the son of the Yap Family. Thus, it was totally worth feeding him the last dog biscuit!

"Take this and drink it. You can use the second bottle on your wounds!"

Chen took two bottles of Hundred Herbs Potion and tossed it to Yap.

"Thank you, master!"

Yap was really grateful. He retreated to a safe spot after he bowed to Chen.


The wind was gone, and hundreds of evil spirits were gone too. They went back to the Great Priest Beans to clear the battlefield. They piled up all thirty plus bodies together. Then, Chen let out his Chaos Sword Essence to drain their essence. None of them were ordinary people. Thus, the quality of their essences was better than most. This is going to be an extremely nutritious meal for the Chaos Sword Essence.

Other than that, Chen also received some merit points for killing eight bad guys. After some calculations, the total points that Chen received was four thousand.


[Current merit points: 204000. You will need another 96000 merit points to proceed to the next level! (Charm: 20400, Luck: 20400)]

The rest of the merit points will be rewarded to evil spirits that are

involved in killing those bad guys. They can use the merit points to pay for all the bad deeds that they have committed in the past.

After that, all the bodies were dumped into the river to feed the crocodiles after the Chaos Blade Essence finished feeding off them. In a way, the water creatures were helping Chen to destroy crime scene evidence.

Chen started to order his soldiers to work on the wasteland to get ready to plant the peach trees.

"Since I’m still here, I should finish all the unfinished business in one go!"

Chen was not in a hurry to go home. He took out his cellphone and sent a text to his good brother; Monkey King. He was not asleep. Thus, Chen got an instant reply.

Monkey King: Hey brother! What’s up?

Chen: So, I plan to plant some peach trees here. I want to ask for some peach seeds from you.

Monkey King: Easy request! How many do you need? Just tell me!

Chen: I need around three thousand peach seeds…Is that okay with you?

Monkey King: Haha…Brother…You are being cute now…I have tens of thousands of monkeys here! I can get tens of thousands of peach seeds if all of they consume a peach at the same time. Three thousand peach seeds are nothing!

Chen: Hehe! Thank you, my brother!

Monkey King: You are most welcome, brother! Hold on, let me ask my monkeys to choose the best seeds for you!

Since Chen was waiting, he asked for another favor from Monkey King.

Chen: Right! Brother! Do you have any good alcohol with you? I need around three to five thousand bottles of it! I need them to marinate my Dragon Dick!

Monkey King: You asked the right person! Moonshine from Mount Huaguo is exceptionally famous in all three realms!

Chen: Monkey Moonshine? It sounds extraordinary!

Monkey King: My monkeys gathered all kind of fruits from the mountain and stored them inside the tree holes. Then, the fruit will start to ferment. This is how we make the Monkey Moonshine! It’s organic, non-polluted, and delicious! Everyone loves it!

"Damn! That is great!" Chen thought.

Chen was delighted. Then, he started to make plans, "Dragon Dick is one the most precious ingredients! I’m worried that the chemical substance from ordinary alcohol will ruin its nutritious value! Now, my worries will be gone if I choose to marinate it in the Monkey Moonshine! Also, the taste of the fruit can neutralize the unique flavor of the Dragon Dick as well! Okay! I have decided!

Chen: Brother, can I have some Monkey Moonshine as well?

Monkey King: Not a problem! But, you must let me have a taste of some Dragon Dick Alcohol after you brew it successfully.

Chen: Of course! Good things must always be shared with brothers!

Monkey King: Hehe! That’s the plan! Alright! Get ready to receive my Red Envelopes!


[Congratulations! You have snatched a Red Envelope from the Monkey King! You have received an alcohol gourd flask! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]


[Congratulations! You have snatched a Red Envelope from the Monkey King! You have received five thousand peach seeds! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]

After that, Chen said goodbye to Monkey King, Then, he quickly ran to the basement.

"Let me pour the moonshine into the urn first. First, Chen opened up the lid of the urn. Then, he took out the alcohol gourd flask from his treasure chest. After a flash, an alcohol gourd flask with red skin appeared in Chen’s hand. It was not that heavy. After a few shakes, Chen realized that it was only half filled.

"That’s weird! There’s only so little alcohol inside this flask! Well, let me try to pour it in first! I don’t think that Money King will con me!" Chen pulled off the cork of the flask and started pour the alcohol into the urn.


The moonshine was amber in color. It cascaded into the urn like a waterfall. Within a while, the gigantic china was completely filled!

"Damn! This is some good shit!"

Chen was shocked. He shook the flask and found out that the moonshine inside it did not lessen at all!

This is awesome!

The amount of moonshine that Monkey King had given Chen was more than three to five thousand bottles! Chen can use the rest of the moonshine to refill the urn from time to time.

"My brother is too good! I will send him a big Red Envelope after my Dragon Dick Alcohol is ready!"

All the good surprises just keep coming to Chen non-stop! It is a good thing to have such good brothers!

After that, Chen put the lid back on the urn and went back to the ground. The soldiers were almost done with the wasteland. A hole was dug every five meters on the island. There was a total of three thousand holes in the entire island. After all, the soldiers would never tire. Thus, it was the ideal job for them to dig thirty holes each.

Then, Chen commanded the soldiers to plant one peach seed in each hole. Then, he used the ten packets of Fairy Fertilizers that he had received earlier. According to the experience that Chen got from planting three peach trees in his house, all three thousand peach trees will bear fruits the next morning!

"It’s late now. I should just stay here for the night. Also, I will be able to witness the fruits of the hard work that I meted out today!" Chen grinned.

After that, Chen drank a bottle of Hundred Herbs Potion and started to take out the Scripture of Heaven and Earth to train himself. Last time, Chen could just consume a God of War Body Strengthening Pill to increase his combat power tremendously in a short period. Now, Chen had to train hard to get the improvement that he wanted. Thus, he did not dare waste any time at all.

Time flew, and it was soon the next morning. As expected, the whole island was covered by peach trees! All those peach trees were so well grown that they covered the entire island like a big umbrella! The whole island had been fully transformed! The most exciting part was the big and juicy peaches in between the leaves and branches! They were like a pearl under the sunlight. The peach was so fragrant that it would trigger the appetite of a person! Chen was really excited, because he knew the true value of these peaches.

"So, a peach can be sold for 998 Yuan! There are hundreds of peaches on a single peach tree! That’s 100,000 Yuan! I can receive a total profit of 300,000,000 from three thousand peach trees! They are no longer peach trees! They are money trees! Wahahaha…"

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